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Tuesday's Best (On Wednesday!)

Hey all, 

It's con_riley here (AKA Conversed) stepping up for the awesome Naelany who's taking a  short personal break so that I can come visit with you all for a while. It's been too long!

So, if this post looks fugly, let's not mention my lack of blogging skillz, 'k? It can be our little secret. LOL

We have two AMAZING recs for you today, and some super-exciting information about everyone's favorite summer slash contest at the end of this post, so keep reading!

First up this week is a wonderful rec from Connie featuring one of my all-time favorite slash writers. I'm so excite to post this rec as this writer is a gift to the fandom, equally at home in her het or slash habitat. 

Please share some love for the multi-talented  BMango 


Let´s get kinky!!!! I'm happy to announce that this week story Ink Temptation has hit complete last Tuesday.

bmango writes about Peter, a very powerful politician with an Ink fetish. Is there anything hotter than tattooed guys? No, the correct answer is no. :)

I relax into the leather below me, the buzz the only thing I hear, and the light pressure of Leah's hand with the burn of the gun the only things I feel. My concentration is focused down to that singular point of pain. All my worries, all the things that keep me up at night, fade away. I can almost disappear when I'm getting inked.

When his regular tattoer has to cancel his appointment and reschedule with a colleague, the last thing Peter wants is to have a male tattoer.

"Well, well, Peter." He turns back to me, that same fire in his eyes that I saw earlier. "Does tattooing turn you on?"
I'm at a loss for words, never having had to admit this to anyone but myself. I feel my face heat, but I nod.
Jasper leans closer, his arm not-so-accidentally rubbing against my jeans. "Does me inking you turn you on?"
I close my eyes, both from pleasure and embarrassment, but I cannot deny it, cannot deny him. I nod again.
"Do I turn you on?”

What follows is some of the best UST I read in a while but not to worry ladies, it does not last forever.

"Hands on the chair," he whispers into my hair. "I'm going to fuck you over it."
My head snaps up, and I notice I'm looking straight into the full-length mirror. I can see him and all of his ink as he runs his warm hands down my spine. The heat, the ink, the high I still feel from the tattoo all blend together into this overwhelming ache. I have been missing more than just that chain in the last few months, and here he is willing and ready.
His hands never pause as he waits for a response, but they stroke harder, deeper into my muscles, and I arch my back in pleasure. He hisses when my ass rubs against his cock, and his fingers dig into my shoulders. He looks up at my reflection, and I can see the pleading in his eyes.
He wants this just as much as I do.
That look makes my answer easy. "Yes, please. Oh, fuck." The last word comes out like a groan as he thrusts his cock against me, and I feel the first smooth slide against my skin. "Please."

Hot guys? Check.
Ink? Check.
Mirrors? Check.
Looking for more than just a quickie? We have that too, but I'm going to let you enjoy that on your own.
Leave some love for the beautiful bmango while you are there.
See you next time.


Thank you Connie!

Next up is MizzDee's rec for Maureen Thomas


Hello my loves. Raise your hand…no, raise both hands with me if you’re ready for another great piece of work from the one and only, Maureen Thomas – a wonderful author whose stories of love pull at your heartstrings. And she’s done it again with Yesterdays , her amazing entry into The Summer It All Began contest. I can’t say enough about her or her work, so I won’t. Keep reading and find out for yourself.

A house full of pictures.

A mind and heart full of memories.

Edward and Jasper had a love that lasted a lifetime.  

But how did their story begin?

Was it love at first sight?

"I'm Jasper." His voice is so much softer than a few minutes ago. I look up and find myself staring into eyes as blue as the sky. I swallow and I feel something in me shift.

"Edward." I reply, and he smiles at me, showing me dimples that grace his beautiful face.

Was their life always easy?

"Jasper, someone might see us. I'm afraid."

"Edward, nobody's gonna find us. We only have your daddy's car for a few more hours. Please Edward, we've talked about this. We know how we both feel."

I look over to Jasper and smile.

He smiles back at me

Did they love each other enough to be together without fear?

"Jasper? Are you sure?" I ask, so ready for this but so uncertain at the same time.

"I love you, Edward. I'm ready, we're ready." He tells me with such determination.

"I love you too." I pull him to me, kissing him deeply

Allow Edward to answer these questions as he thinks back to the beginning of a love so pure and perfect that it lasts forever.


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Maureen Thomas is simply amazing. She can make you laugh. She can make you cry. She can make you so hot and bothered that you’re begging for more. If you haven’t read any of her work, you need to run and find out for yourself why I love her so much. And when you do, don’t forget to leave my girl some love. She’s worth every bit of it. Until next time…much love to you – D


So there you have it, two wonderful reads to help pass the hot summer days. :)

Now, last year I had the huge honor of helping out with the Slashbackslash 3.0 contest, and I'm delighted to reveal some details about this year's contest.

Here are the guidelines:

Slash/\BackSlash 4.0

Any Twilight male/male (or more males!) pairing

Any rating

Submissions Aug 1- Sept 3 

Voting period TBA

Fic entries must be between 2000 - 10,000 words, including header  
Lubrication or disqualification- men must slick it before they stick it!

Art entries:  1.) Artwork created using traditional (pen, paper, ink, pastel, paint, etc.) or digital media OR 2.) banners, photo-manipulations, and wallpapers.  
Note: No blinkies, gifs, or animations accepted.

Hosts: Avioleta and Capricorn75

Judges: Chicklette, Donnersun, Prassacut, and special art judge Ms.Ambrosia

Entries this year are ANONYMOUS! Only the hosts will have access to the identity of the writers!

Contest being hosted on LJ due to FFnet fail

For a complete list of rules and regulations, please visit our site at


Look at that, fandom!


Get your pencils out, or get typing, or do both. Your fandom needs your very best slash, and we're looking forward to reading and drooling over whatever you come up with!

Until next week,

Con x

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