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Tuesday's Best 8-14-2012

Good morning, my lovelies! Hope you're enjoying the summer weather and that you're not too warm. After all, it isn't likely that we'll be cooling you down after today's recs ;-). Speaking of, Connie and I have some great stories we'd love to share, so pull up a chair, get comfortable, and let's get to it.


Live from Las Vegas! Hello girls.

Today is going to be short and sweet.

Recently I’ve been reading a lot of Historical M/M Romance, and became quite a fan of the genre. So I decided to go looking for some Historical Twi Fic Slash.

Came across some great stories that were part ot the Age Of Edward contest. Though most of them are het I was able to find some slashy goodness for us.

The Shipyard by plummy is set in the 19th Century. Shall we go sailing?

At this time and in this place, everything leads to the sea. It is not yet a time of coal, and the oil that burns in the lamps is from a precious resource that none consider such, though it is dearly paid for and hard come by.

What I like the most about Historical fiction is that aside from enjoying a good story and some great smut, you get the insight into a different time. Your learn from the different era. And how love between men was dealt in the past.

So I truly enjoy reading this type of fiction.

Jasper is the son of the Captain, who refuses to let his son sail like a “common hand” but Jasper refuses to stay out of the way and will at least take part in meeting the crew.

By the time the last man in line steps up. Jasper feels himself being assessed. The boy stands as tall as he, and has a gaze, under heavy brows, that carries the weight of many things seen, but what causes him to take note is his voice. It is wary, but neither timid nor deferential, when he speaks his name.

"Edward Masen," he says, and extends his hand.

The story is told in third person which is always a challenge. But the game, the foreplay is so hot! In that time, their attraction is forbidden, not only for being both male but because Edward is just a hand in the boat and Jasper is the Captain’s son.

That would not come between the boys and their attraction.

Edward's lips whisper words Jasper cannot hear but imagines he understands. He can almost scent the desire, feel it as his own, and notes when the boy's cock stiffens until it no longer points downward but hugs his belly like a sword. The sight brings Jasper's to full steel.

Edward's hand wraps around his pale and lovely prick. His fingers, slender and strong – alternately squeeze and open with elegant control. Jasper is mesmerized by the way he catches the drops from the leaking tip then moves back up the shaft, adding slickness as he slides his palm back down toward the dark curls dusting his full balls.

Eyes closed, Edward groans low from the sensation. Jasper resents the uncomplicated satisfaction, as much as he wishes to cause the boy's abandon, but on the morrow he is to leave for Boston – and whatever this is, it is not for him.

I’m going to leave it here, you will need to read to get more of that ;)

While you are there don’t forget to leave some love for plummy who happens to have a new fan in me, as The Shipyard was my first time reading her stories and I absolutely love it!

See you all next time.



Another little gem from Slash/Backslash 2.0 called Stag, written by Stolenxsanity.

What’s a brother to do when his older brother is getting married and he has to provide one last hurrah? Why, when said older brother is Emmett, take him and his friends out for a stag night at a strip club, of course!

But what about Edward - the younger brother organizing the stag - you say? Yeah, the night isn’t gearing up to be a fun one, since strip clubs really aren’t his thing. Well, not regular strip clubs with scantily clad girls in them, at least. However, Edward grins and bears it for Emmett’s sake, because that’s just what a good brother does. Right?


"Jesus, Em," I stated as I opened the door. "Why don't you knock louder next time, I don't think you managed to wake the neighbors up." My voice was filled with biting sarcasm though the smile I wore took the edge off of the words. Jasper followed him into the house, as quiet as ever, and my eyes roamed his body unwittingly.

"Edward," he drawled out with a slight nod in my direction and a smirk on his face.
I swallowed thickly as I returned the gesture before turning to grab my jacket out of the hall closet. "Who else are we waiting for?" I asked, uncomfortable with even a moment of silence.

"Tyler, Mike, Eric, Ben, and Jake, and the rest of the guys from La Push," Emmett responded quickly, his tone one of excitement as he rocked back on his heels and clapped, loudly, once. "They should be here soon. I was in a rush to get here since Rose left with the girls about an hour ago."

"And I believe she left you with some very strict orders, too." A grin played across Jasper's face as he spoke, his eyes trained on his soon-to-be brother-in-law. "What were they now?"

I couldn't help but chuckle at the glare Emmett shot in Jasper's direction, the corners of his mouth turned down. "Look all you want, Emmett, but there better not be any fucking touching," he repeated his voice high and mocking. "And if you show up tomorrow hung over, I'll kick your ass and cut off your balls."

Oh, I didn’t mention that Jasper’d be coming along? Jasper, who’s Rose’s brother (and Rose, of course, is the bride-to-be). As you may have picked up on there, Edward has a bit of a... crush... on Jasper, but he firmly believes it’s one-way only. Jasper’s straight and going to be enjoying the strip club with the rest of the gang...

Or so Edward thinks. Whether he’s wrong or not, you’ll have to go read for yourselves.


There you have it, folks. Two great stories to sink your teeth into. Be sure to leave these wonderful authors some love, and check back next week to see what MizzDee and I have in store for you.

In the mean time, don't forget about the Slash/Backslash 4.0. There's still plenty of time to enter, and I just know there's a good story lurking in the depths of your brain somewhere. So come on and share it with us, it'll be fun :-)


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Hey you guys! I'm a huge fan of slash and history, so... I 'm really thrilled to that you included The Shipyard in your post.

Love, Plummy/Twanza

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You're welcome :-)