Monday, November 23, 2009

Slash Author Guest Rec - Musique

Hey guys! I am so so honoured to be here writing my guest rec for Twislash. There are so many amazing fics out there and so many talented authors in our fandom that I wish I could write about them all! I’ve chosen some of my favourite ones at the moment that make me drop everything as soon as I get that email stating there’s an update. If you haven’t read them I strongly suggest that you do!

Fourteen: by crimsonmarie

Summary: High school is brutal. It's even worse when you're not a size two. Worse than that? Having a major crush on the biggest, hottest jerk in high school. Even worse than that? Being paired up with him for a science project.

My Take: What started off as an idea for a one-shot has turned into one of my favourite high school Bella and Edward fics. You have to love a guy who tries to change for you and Edward is trying to do just that. crimsonmarie gets the emotion spot on and I highly recommend you reading this.

The Training: tara sue me

Summary: Sequel to The Submissive and The Dominant. Edward and Bella embark on their new relationship, but who’s training whom? EPOV and BPOV. AU/AH. D/s.

My Take: Right…now if you haven’t already read both ‘The Submissive’ and ‘The Dominant’ where have you been?? An amazing story filled with love, spankings and fellatio. tara sue me has definitely not disappointed with this follow up. Both Bella and Edward are learning and I can’t wait to see how our favourite couple ends up in this fic.

All I Ever Knew: manyafandom

Summary: Jasper finds something he has been is looking for in the most unexpected place. Friendship and Fluff and Romance. JasperxEdward. Rated M for subject matter and future chapters.

My take: I have a soft spot for Jasper, and obviously love me some Edward… so what can be better than having my two favourite boys together? Having them dry hump on a couch maybe? manyafandom brings our two boys together in such a way that I feel as though I’m Jasper when reading. Amazing writing, you experience all of his firsts with him and you can’t wait to experience more.

Teacher's Pet: Dizzygrl28

Summary: Carlisle re-thinks his teaching job when a new student walks into his class. Carlisle/Bella. Continued from the originally written one-shot entry to Kittenmischief's H.B contest. CONTAINS LEMONS! AU/AH

My Take: Never in a million years did I think that I would ever find Carlisle Cullen sexy but Dizzygrl28 has the ability to make my mouth water and girlie parts tingle. I actually wanted Bella to be with him and that’s just not normal for me! Humour, suspense and hot, hot sex scenes all combined together make this story a definite must read!

Ok so that’s them! I really hope that you enjoy reading them as much as I am! And if you haven’t already seen New Moon…I have no words for you lol it’s amazing! Take care and happy reading (**,)

Musique xx


Jessica Carleton said...

I searched for the dominant the submissive and the training by Tara sue me and I couldn't find them, are they on a different site?

Karin Pike said...

They've been pulled to publish. In fact, The Submissive came out only last month.