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Tuesday's Best~Nov 17th, 2009

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled

Tuesday's are for the best slash stories we can find and this Tuesday is no different. Naelany and I are here to present you with a few FUCKAWESOME tales that will get your heart to sing and your juices to flow.

LOL! I know, I know. I'm late again. I'm so sorry. *blushes* Hope y'all will forgive me for keeping you waiting.


Whitlock's Girl brings you...

by Domward's Mistress

Domward's Mistress is one of my favorite authors and when Landslide hit my inbox I jumped for glee. I love her stories. Her Edwards and Jaspers are so freaking hot and horny and Landslide's Jasper and Edward are no exception. Makes a girl, at least a girl like me, need to start the search for a clean towel and a new pair of panties.

Edward is in an 8 year long relationship with Jake when he meets the sexy, flirtaous and uberHOT Jasper. Jasper coins Edward as Mr. Perfection and is determined to have him, no matter what it takes.

With just the prologue and the first chapter posted, Landslide is just getting started, but having read Closer to God and Slow Seduction I know that Domward's Mistress will not disappoint.


Naelany brings you...

You know how sometimes you find a one shot that you just love so much, that you want to beg the author to continue it? Well, I found one. And huzzah, she's continuing it! What is it, you ask? It's

Comfort in Pain
by Darkira

It's about Jasper and Edward. It's well written, and difficult for me to really get into without giving away too much. Suffice it to say that they play in the same band. One of them is openly gay and has a crush on the other, who is straight. Cue heartfail? Heart ache, certainly, and you get front row seats to it. Trust me though, the tickets to that show are well worth the price ;-).

I inhaled, realised it was one of those shaky post-crying breaths I was so used to by now. That annoyed me. He didn't deserve my tears.

See, I had been doing this for years now. Our band was quite successful. We all made a living from it. It was five of us and two had a family back in the States. I was single and in love with our lead singer who was single and straight. The fifth guy was a womanizer.

We all loved each other, we had to if we meant to tour the world like this. Still I always felt like being the odd man out in the group. I was the only one who liked men, the others were all straight. We had all made a conscious decision to not hide ourselves. So I was openly gay to our fans and even though some of the fans who tried to get in to my pants were still girls, most of the fans were fine with it.

There was always the occasional fangirl who thought she'd turn me straight. I chuckled a bit bitterly at that idea. As if it was that easy. But no, I was in love with him. Only him. I wanted only him.

That's all I will say about it, because you seriously need to read it for yourself. It's sad, sweet and has a nice...heat... to it ;-). Enjoy it. I certainly have!


So, there you have it. Another Tuesday filled with TwiSlash Unveiled's picks of the week. Hope you remembered your towel. If not, don't send us the dry cleaning bill, we warned you.


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