Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday's Best 2-16-2010

So you know what today is. This is the day we bring you the very best we can find. Well, normally we do. Today it's just me, since poor Whitlock's Girl is sick, so send her some love and get well wishes.
I will not leave you hanging though. I have come prepared *snicker*, and you had better do so, too, and grab some towels. Here we go!


So I've been told by a few people now to go read The Bronze Prince by TwiBoy. I am so glad I did and I just had to pass this beauty along. It's TwiBoy's first story, and I desperately hope it won't be his last. In fact, I really, really want him to continue this one-shot.

Okay, I suppose I should get my ass in gear and actually tell you about the story, rather than just gushing about wanting more of it. That's what you're here for, after all. Right? Right. So on we go.

The Bronze Prince is - you guessed it - Edward. He isn't an actual Prince though (well, maybe he's someone's Prince Charming, if you will). No. Edward is...well, let's face it. He's a hooker. A sought after one, apparently. But with the job come certain risks, as I'm sure you all can understand.

What you might be surprised by is exactly what risk he takes when accepting a certain john. 

I raced through the dark alley, dank with neglect and the smell of rotten, discarded who-knows-what. My blood, laced with adrenaline and abject horror pounded through my veins and my lungs burned with the strain of trying to draw sufficient oxygen to keep me going. Lady Luck, as it were, seemed to be visiting someone else tonight as I tripped over what appeared to be a muffler.

“Shit!” I cursed as I tumbled to the damp cement.

Before I could fucking blink, he was on me, grinning, all gleaming white teeth and curved crimson lips as his inhuman strength pinned me to the ground before bringing his nose to my throat and inhaling my scent. Pulling back, he caressed my cheek with his frigid cold fingers, tracing my cheekbone and jawline as he fixed his horrifically beautiful smile on me.

“I do feel bad, my dear boy for misleading you. I only urged you to run because I love the thrill of the chase, not because I thought you had a fighting chance.” With a disturbing chuckle, he adds, “As if you could outrun me.”

Looking back, I should have known that there was no reason for this man to be on this side of town this late at night. I was a fool for not turning him away, but I just couldn’t help myself.

Ah, but who is Edward's attacker? And what, exactly, is he after? To answer that, you're going to have to read for yourself. Make sure to leave TwiBoy some love...and maybe a little plea to write more ;-) (TwiBoy, told you I wasn't above begging or using peer pressure ;-))

Okay, y'all still with me here? As you are probably aware, this story was rec'ed by Touchstone a couple of weeks ago. There are some drawbacks to being ahead on your recs, it seems ;-) However, I wanted to give you my take on it, too. It's a damn good story, after all.

That said, I didn't want to leave you with just another story that's recently been rec'ed. Lucky for me (and you), our dear TwiBoy wrote another little diddy! And it's suh gooooood! Beautiful Distraction is his entry for the Devirginizing Edward contest (voting going on now), and I have to say he did an amazing job.

Edward is a virgin by choice, not wanting to just go and hook up just for the sake of it. He's newly come out, and he's new to college life. Enter Seth. A gorgeous boy who is well aware of his own sensuality and oozes self-confidence. He knows what he wants, and what he wants is Edward. Will he be able to get our boy though?

I don’t hook up.

There. Decision made. Seth was an insanely attractive guy, but I just couldn’t justify jumping in bed with someone who I'd just met simply because of physical attraction.

I couldn’t bring myself to look at him after I sent off the last text, fearing that he might be angry. For the remainder of the almost lecture, he neither spoke to me, nor sent me any further messages. However, his knee remained pressed against mine, and I couldn’t decide whether it was a good or bad sign.

Whether is is a good or bad sign you will have to go read for yourself. All I can say is that I'm looking forward to seeing more good reads from TwiBoy. Keep 'em coming, cowboy ;-)

There you go, another week gone by, I hope you remembered your towels! I won't be held responsible for any messy clean ups, after all. 

Hey, now y'all know we're lovin' the boy-lovin' over at TU, right? So  I'm just going to go right out and beg. Yes, that's right, beg. Me. I know y'all can write some good stuff. I need for the rest of you to find that out, too, so come and give it your all and send us your slashy goodness. We have a contest going on, after all! Any boys will do! They all need some good lovin', and I would love to see them comin' our way ;-).
There's still 12 days to enter, so bring it! Gimme that lovin' feelin', y'all!

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