Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday's Best - Feb 23rd, 2010

So you know what today is. This is the day we bring you the very best we can find. Well, normally we do. Today is no different. We hope you've come prepared *snicker*! If not go grab some towels!

Whitlock's Girl's Pick of the Week...

Brand New Start
by Darkira
When an event rider and his horse go through a serious trauma, a "horse whisperer" is needed to try and get the horse back on track. But is the rider beyond any help? How about the whisperer himself? AU/AH/M/Slash/Jasper&Edward M for future lemons.
I just started this fic and I'm loving it. As an avid horse lover and a former eventer, I know the perils that Edward and Calla put themselves in for their sport and I have seen and been involved in similar accidents, though definitely nothing quite this severe. I also know how connected a horse and rider can become and the fact that these two are so intrinsically linked doesn't surprise me in the least.

The Horse Whisperer
is one of my favorite movies and I love the twist that Darkira has made on the movie and the Twilight boys. I can't wait to get completely caught up. I suggest you run and not walk to read this amazingly beautiful fic. You won't be sorry.

Check out Darkira's blog for Brand New Start and also her Outtakes.

FYI~For those of you with a better memory than me, YES, this story was rec'd by Nae about 2.5 months ago and it wasn't tagged and I didn't realize it had been rec'd cause it was during my involuntary internet hiatus. (My laptop had died!) Anyway, the story is so good, that one rec just wouldn't do. LOL! So, if you didn't read it the first time, I hope you'll give it a shot this time.

Naelany's Pick of the Week...

You know how for some people, their first time truly is one to remember because it is so sweet and tender and just everything a first should be?

Well, First by OnTheTurningAway is just that. It's her first fanfic, her first slash story and she tells of Edward and Jasper's first times. In everything. You truly get the feeling from Edward that he is loved and cherished, and the love he feels for Jasper is almost tangible. These boys have known each other for a long time, and are best friends before anything else.

Here's a little snippet to show you the love that's there (and I'm not talkin' about the sexual kind. If you want to get to that, you'll have to read).

Jasper and I were in high school, relying on and supporting each other as we tried to find our way in such an intimidating new setting. Having Jasper by my side made the transition much easier than I expected and I eventually settled into a routine, even managing to make a few new friends. Months passed and things went on as usual until my world came crashing down around me with the sudden passing of my mother.

Jasper was there for me then, as he had been so many times before, doing what no one else could. He soothed me. He sat with me in silence and held my hand. When even that became more than I could bear, he put his arm around me, pulling me close, as I rested my head on his shoulder. Jasper understood without a word that I wasn’t ready to talk, that I didn’t really have anything to say. I closed myself off to everyone but him. He stayed at my house night after night, without question. It was clear to everyone that I wouldn’t make it through this okay without Jasper, that I needed him.

Weeks later, when anger bubbled up through my overwhelming sadness, Jasper brought me to the batting cages, not to play but to throw and hit things, physically expelling my rage until all that was left was an exhausted teenage boy with tear-stained cheeks. When I screamed and sobbed about the unfairness of life, Jasper held me for what seemed like hours, never once shying away from my emotional outbursts, regardless of where they took place. It was almost as if he surrounded me in a protective bubble of friendship and love, absorbing the emotions pouring out of me and replacing them with calmness. Jasper instinctively knew what I needed and he gave it to me without question.

OnTheTurningAway has painted a very believable, very vivid picture of these two boys. I know I'm not alone when I say I would love to see more of them. They are endearing and will grab your heart and hold on tight.

Thanks for poppin' that cherry, OnTheTurningAway!


There you go, another week gone by, I hope you remembered your towels! I won't be held responsible for any messy clean ups, after all.


Hey, now y'all know we're lovin' the boy-lovin' over at TU, right? So I'm just going to go right out and beg. Yes, that's right, beg. Me. I know y'all can write some good stuff. I need for the rest of you to find that out, too, so come and give it your all and send us your slashy goodness. We have a contest going on, after all! Any boys will do! They all need some good lovin', and I would love to see them comin' our way ;-).

There's still 5 days to enter, so bring it! Gimme that lovin' feelin', y'all!

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OnTheTurningAway said...

Ladies, I am completely, and happily, stunned to see my little cherry-poppin' fic rec'd on this blog. I read Tuesday's Best religiously and have found many a new favorite thanks to you girls. Thank you so very much for selecting 'First' for one of this week's picks. I am a huge fan of Brand New Start and it makes it all the better to share this experience with Darkira.