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Slash Guest Author Rec - Ealasaid77

Okay, so this makes me more nervous than I ever thought I'd be.  Weird, huh?  No, not really, at least not according to nearly every other person.  I think they were all nervous.  Honestly, I feel like Bella did when she had to tell a little bit about herself in her class.  Yeah, I feel a bit like that right now... all nervous and shit.

Anyway, there are so many great stories I'd love to recommend, but most of them have already appeared on here once before, so narrowing it down has been challenging.  Naelany did tell me that I could rec things that weren't slash, but since I started writing it I honestly have trouble reading anything that isn't anymore. 

The newest story to capture my heart is Touchstone67 story If On A Winter's Night

Jasper and Edward make plans to celebrate their love on New Year's Eve, but that never happens.  Edward is hit head on, in a car crash, in his haste to see Jasper, and that one crash alters his life and that of Jasper's as well. This is only a few chapters in, but the story itself is beautiful and worth reading. 

Hard stone, cracked from attempts to break through their impenetrable protection, surrounded him.  His heart was safely locked behind the fortress, not even a drawbridge allowing visitors across the long dried up moat of emotions.
Only unlike a real fortress, this one hadn't taken years to construct.
It had only taken one night.
One horrific, terrifying night that left his eyes empty of light, hands empty of mine, legs empty of energy and life.
Watching from a distance, I stood quietly by a tree, desperately trying to recognize this new boy behind the walls, wondering if he still had my heart.

The story is heartwrenching, with a few breaks between to see the past relationship between the two so you don't become too overwhelmed.

My next recommendation is actually something written for me for my birthday. OCDJen wrote The Major's Pet for my birthday as a one shot that she's chosen to continue.  This one isn't sweet, sappy, or syrupy.  For Jen, it's one of the darkest things she's ever written and for that alone I love it because it's different. 

Edward becomes Jasper's 'pet' in this fic.  The Major seems to take a lot of enjoyment out of playing with his food.

"When the order is given you will stand and face front.  Your shoulders will be square and you will not attempt any form of contact with anyone else."  The female's voice was fearsome and strong, and demanding that we did as we were told.

The lighting came on, low enough that you could see, but not bright enough for it to hurt your eyes.  Looking around the room, I saw at least fifty men and women stripped down to their underwear, in the room.  I hadn't even realised I was in just my boxer shorts.  Maybe my mind hadn't fully processed all that was happening until the lights came on.

"Stand!"  The demand came from a male's voice.  Whimpers and cries continued to fill the room.  Fully grown men were reduced to tears, crying like babies over their fate.

The four figures slowly came into view.  The first was a woman with long brown, slightly wavy, hair that cascaded over her shoulders and down her back.  Her skin was pure white.  There was not a single blemish or marking.  She began to move first, almost floating down the lines of men and women studying them.  Next to walk down the rows was a man with shortish blond hair.  It came close to the bottom of his ears, falling in curls.  Again His skin, just the same as the woman's, was pure white.  He didn't seem to waste his time moving along the lines of men and women.  His light blue eyes looked at me before making a beeline for me.  I wondered if I had just sealed my fate by making eye contact with him.

"Perfect."  He drawled in my ear.  There was the faintest sound of a southern accent in his voice.  "Don't panic."  Was all I heard before a cloth was placed over my eyes.  Ice cold fingers brushed against my warm skin sending a shiver throughout me.

Fingers gripped my arm loosely, but not that loose that I could escape.  Fear washed over me as I was led away.  I could feel his cool breath on my arm as he led me down winding corridors and narrow paths.  My heart was beating like crazy in my chest, and I could hear its unsteady drum in my ears.

I'm going to die!  I thought as an almost crippling fear crashed through me.

The next story I'd like to offer isn't from a new author, but they are new to slash. Drizl's story When the Night Comes is also a Jasper/Edward fic.  Jasper hasn't been home in five years after Edward leaves him and has been running away from everyone, including his family, the entire time.  Now that Jasper's mother is sick and dying he returns home to be with her in her final days and all his old memories return of a time when he was happy and in love, and not broken.

"Mama, I'm sorry for not keeping in contact."

"You had your reasons and the past is just that...the past.  I can't change it, you can't change it, so let's move on.  I don't have a lot of time to be sorting through things that have already happened.  You're here now and that's what's important,"  she said giving me a small smile.  You don't need to tell me anything specific, Jasper, just talk to me.  I want to know you are going to be okay."

And so I started to talk.  I mustered up the courage and told her where I went after I left Forks, the interesting people I met and some of the jobs I held.  I edited heavily, until she put her hand on my arm.

"Jasper, just stop okay.  Did Rosalie tell you to fill me full of crap?  I'm not stupid.  I know way more than you give me credit for so please give me some truth here,"  she said.

My eyes widened.  "But Rosalie will have my head,"  I said.

"Now you listen to me.  I'm gonna lay it all out because like I said earlier, I don't have a lot of time left and I will not have my son painting a pretty picture because it's for the best.  I remember how broken you were,"  she paused and took a deep breath.  "I know why you left, Jasper."

She couldn't possibly know.  How could she know?  We had never talked about it.  Fuck I was going to have a panic attack in front of my mother and I didn't know how to stop it.  I wasn't ashamed of sleeping with guys, but it's not something I really wanted to talk about with my mother.  I cringed when she lifted my chin so I had to look in her eyes.

"Jasper, never be ashamed of loving anyone,"  she said fiercely.  "I never did go for labels.  Love is love.  Doesn't matter who you love, but that you did love."

"But...but,"  I stammered.  "Mama, I thought you would be angry or worse disgusted with me."

"What why would you think that?  You're my child, I love you.  I don't give a rat's ass who you love, only that they love you back and treat you right, because you my darling, are worth it."

At the moment, I didn't feel like I was worth anything, to anyone.

"Look baby, I knew about you and him.  You would have to blind not to see the love you held for that boy and the look in your eyes when you came home after that graduation party.  It broke my heart.  I don't need the details.  The look on your face haunted me for weeks.  You wear your emotions on your sleeve honey."  She brushed her hand against my cheek and I had to choke back a sob.

"I thought I hid it so well.  He didn't want anyone to know. I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid I would lose him if I said anything."

"And yet, you lost him anyway.  Keeping secrets is not a good way to live your life.  They eat at your insides until there's nothing left,"  she said quietly.  "I'm so sorry you had to suffer so, my beautiful golden boy."

All my muscles stiffened when those words came out of her mouth.  "Please don't call me that, Mama.  I will never live up to your expectations of me."

"Jasper, the only thing I expect from you is that you love me and that you try to be happy."

"I do love you Mama, and I would give anything to be happy again."


"Of course,"  I answered.

"Then you need to talk to Edward."

I flew out of bed.  "I am NOT talking to him...ever,"  I snarled.

Those are my rec's, I hope some of you give them a chance.  Not a single funny, or crack piece in the bunch, unusual for me as I tend to love those.

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