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Tuesday's Best 9-28-2010

Good morning, my lovelies! Hope this day finds you well, happy, and healthy. Captain Jezebel and I have found a couple of gems we're just dying to share with you, so grab your towels, fresh panties, and a box of Kleenex (just in case) and let's get to it!


*big hugs and kisses* Captain Jezebel here with another slasheriffic tale to offer up for your reading pleasure. Luckily for those of us who love fic of the slashy kind, there are many contests geared towards our favorite flavor. Whenever I see a slash contest I check it out immediately because I know I will find some brand new deliciousness. The Slash Backslash 2.0 contest did not disappoint this year bringing us a slew of lovely one shots. In fact I was happy to see some of my favorites place. This is why my next two recs shall be stories that I discovered while reading the many wonderful entries.

If you have been reading How to Turn a Straight Guy Gay, you will know that Lou-La is capable of writing a wonderful slash story. When I saw that she entered the SBS contest I knew Straight Edge would be a must read, it quickly became one of my favorites.

A tattooed, pierced, free spirited Edward Cullen moves to small town Alabama only to have his family become the victims of the small-minded community. The backlash of his outward appearance and care free attitude is so severe that many of the towns people instruct their children not to associate with Edward. His father, a doctor, is constantly asked why he and his wife would let Edward alter the body god gave him at only 16 years of age. Edward’s parent’s are supportive of his need to express himself in the form of body art.

Enter Jasper Whitlock the son of two ‘God-fearing’ parents, as he puts it; especially his mother whom he dubs as one of the most hypocritical in the town. Jasper’s mother has forbidden him to fraternize with the Cullen boy....then why is he so fascinated by him? Jasper often watches from afar, completely enthralled by the boy, taking in his movements, his demeanor, his...body as he swims naked. Edward’s nude body is something that Jasper finds incredibly spellbinding, even more so because of his ink. Why can’t he look away? What about this boy has him so mesmerized?

I'd seen boys naked before in the locker room, but I'd never ever been interested in watching or seeing them nude, but Edward was so different. I couldn't peel my eyes away from the lithe movement of his body—his lank, defined body. I noticed everything, I liked everything; from the way his hair sometimes seemed to have a red tint to it in the sunlight to the way his abs tightened and bunched when he laughed to the way his second toes were longer than his firsts. I especially noticed, and liked, the way he hung heavy and large between his legs, his uncircumcised penis swinging hypnotically as he laughingly waded into the water.


I watched as he swam and dove and played. All alone, he entertained himself, seemingly perfectly at ease and happy. He was amazing.

Will Jasper discover what is causing these feelings inside him? Will he have the courage to stand against the bigots within his town and his own family to befriend Edward? Deep down he can see that Edward is a good kid, not unlike himself, so why all the hate?

I have to say this one shot stirred something up in me. It was beautifully written and you can feel the sweetness of first discoveries flying off the screen. Maybe I identify with it, because I have dealt with many bigots, and small-minded people in my life *shrugs* but all I know is that you gotta read it...and I promise you will enjoy it very much. Check it out, and don’t forget to leave Lou-La some kind words if you do ;)

Good lord, fiberkitty’s done it again! What has she done, you ask? Why, written a fantabulous piece of fic, that’s what! We all know (and really, if you don’t by now, then where the hell have you been hiding?) that she’s awesome with slash, and has a particular knack for all things poly. Perfect Balance is, well, a perfect example of this.

Jake and Bella are married, love each other more than life - and are not monogamous. They’re in Chicago where they were supposed to surprise their boyfriend...only the surprise was on them. Deciding to make the most of things, they enjoyed the time in town. On their last full day in town, something unexpected happens.

Everything seemed to go fast from there. Edward was running late for an appointment, so we all stood up. And, he hugged me. Not some 'just met up with an old friend' type hug. One of those "honest-to-goodness, shoulder to hip, squeezing tight, I never want to let you go" hugs and I was in love. No, not love, as in "I love this man and want to marry him." I was in love with him. Butterflies, pins and needles up and down my arms and legs, and the dire need to somehow see him again. Staring me in the face was the fact that Edward lives in Chicago and we are a day and a half's drive from here in Seattle.

When Edward kissed Jake quickly after a hug similar to the one he had given me, a chaste kiss, but one nonetheless, I was both jealous and turned on. Holy fucking hell was I turned on. I processed the jealousy, tucking it into its place of "I wanted that kiss, dammit" pouting, and set about ignoring it. The arousal had no reset button. Now, I had seen Jake with James, and I'd even seen him kissing Seth, the first guy we had tried sharing, but this, this was just something else. Jake dwarfed Edward's tall but thin frame, and was easily twice his weight, maybe more. Hell, I think I was twice his weight. They were just beautiful together.

The bells above the door tinkled sadly as he departed, and I felt empty with the loss of his presence, and I really wanted to know why he had kissed Jake and not me. "He's gay, Bella." Jake pushed me back into the booth and scooted in next to me. "I've heard James mention the name 'Edward Cullen' before. It had something to do with giving The Nomads a shitty review. I think he had turned down James' advances. Edward is solely interested in men, Sweetie. Sorry crushing on the new guy isn't going to work at distracting you from a broken heart."

Is this it? A quick meeting, and all hope is lost? Or could there possibly be more? I would love to give you more, but then what would there be left for you to read? ;-) Check it out for yourselves, and be sure to leave kitty lots of love. 

And that's it for this week. Be sure to give these wonderful ladies some well-deserved love, and check back next week to see what Aradi and I have in store for you.

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