Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday's Best 9-7-2010

Good morning, my lovelies! Hope this day finds you all doing well. Happy, healthy, safe, and all that jazz. It's that time again. The Captain and I have delved into the fandom and found some more goodies to share, and as I'm sure y'all are curious as to what we have to offer... Well, let's get to it, alright?


Hello my sweet slashalistic peeps! Captain Jezebel here with my rec for this week. Now this is uncharted territory for me, it’s the first time that I am going to share...a BDSM fic. Don’t get me wrong it’s not like I haven’t read BDSM, I’ve just never had the chance to rec it before; this one is quite delicious I must say. Naelany put me on to it, and asked me to check it out, hoping I might like it...and boy did I...(note to self...huggle sweet Nae later).

I bet you’re wondering what the fic is, aren’t ya? Well my dears I am talking about All of Me by flibbins. Bella’s is the tale of a 24/7 consensual slave that only lives to serve her Master, and serve him well.  I must warn you, just as the author does, this story may not be for everyone; while it is extremely fascinating, and sexy it is a big adjustment to read about a slave not a submissive.

Bella does not have her own life, all decisions for her are made by her Master, but they are made in love and with an understanding that this is exactly what she needs and wants. I’ll admit I was a little iffy that I would enjoy this, my feminist side kept smacking me over the head with The Feminine Mystique, but the author never leaves you with this feeling for very long. Master/Edward, and Isabella often remind us that Bella does have a voice and a say in everything they do, as it is her choice to have all decisions made for her. She craves it, she thrives under his control, she becomes the canvas for the artistry of his mastery.  TOWEL WARNING!!!
“I’ve been thinking of fucking you ever since I put this belt on you.  And look at your pussy, just aching for me to fill it.”

“Yes, please, Master.”  My pussy was spread wide from the belt I’d been wearing and weeping for want of him.  He filled me with one long thrust and I mewled as he pressed into me and rubbed against the plug in my ass.  I felt like I might burst, I was so full.  Master grabbed my hips and pumped into me, the rough fabric of his jeans rubbing against my sensitive bits.  All afternoon, I’d been building to this point.  I was desperate, on edge and with a few more thrusts, I began begging.

“Master, please, may your slave come?”  My plea was breathy and stuttered as he pounded into me.

His only answer was to continue to thrust his cock into my pussy.  I was so close to the edge, I could hardly hold myself back.  “Please,” I whimpered.

“Don’t you dare, Isabella,” Master snarled, as he stroked harder and faster.  I concentrated on the disorientation of my body rocking while I was bent upside down, thinking of anything but the sensation of his cock hitting every sweet spot inside of me, of his pants rubbing my clit relentlessly, of his toy stretching and filling me.

With a few more strokes, Master growled and reached a hand around to pinch my clit.  “Now, slave,” he gritted out and my body convulsed around him in sync with his final thrusts.  Sensation overwhelmed me, escaping my body in an involuntary scream.  A moment later, I felt his body shudder with his release as well, and his hot cum was shot deep into me.

*fans self* And there is sooo much more where that came from. This Edward is extremely hot; he’s in control and mindful of his slave’s needs, all while being a respectful man. Oh there is so much more to this story than meets the eye....like an old best friend of Edward’s....some sexy guy named Jasper stopping by for a visit. He is past dabbler in the lifestyle and gets more than eyeful of Edward and Bella’s arrangement while he stays with them, helping him to get past some issues he had. There are also many scary outside forces threatening their private way of life, things that may expose Edward and Bella to a society that would never understand.

And of course there are a lot of sexy, steamy, squirm worthy, lip biting, grab your Sham-Wow, or your nearest vibrator and lock yourself in your bedroom moments. I’m really enjoying this because we get a different take on a BDSM couple that hasn’t truly been explored in fic, a 24/7 couple that love each other, and a story line that is so much more than a playroom. The fic is 25 chapters in at the moment, and we are just reaching the ‘oh shit’ moment so I’m sure there is so much more this author has to give. Stop by and give it a look, and don’t forget to leave some love if ya do ;)


Randomly diving around the fandom does at times find you something nice. On my latest dive, I came across Burnt Marshmellows, by TwistedforTwilight. It’s currently three chapters long, and estimated to be around six or seven. Sweet!

I will admit that the first chapter, I had a cringe-moment when Jasper pops Edward’s cherry...sans lube (or adequate, rather). This, however, is made up for quite well in the next chapters. I know I’m not the only one who’s very much in the “lube, and plenty of it”-camp, but trust me. You want to hang in there!


Because TwistedforTwilight gives us a very vivid picture of these two boys. They’re in their late teens, and you would think them your average teenager. Jasper’s out and proud, but the relationships he’s had have burned him pretty bad. So much so that he’s gotten to the point of only doing one-nighters. He doesn’t allow himself to become involved with anyone, and only uses guys to get off. Mind, this is all done consensually, so you can’t exactly be upset with the boy.

Edward, on the other hand, has led a very different life. He’s out, and proud...but due to circumstances in his life, has never been with a boy. He’s never done more than kiss or an awkward hand job. And he’s most definitely not looking for anyone to get involved with. He has plans for his future, and they do not include anyone other than himself, and his kid sister, Jane. You might think this a little strange, but really it’s understandable. Why? Because Edward and Jane have been sent from foster home to foster home for years, and up until ending with Carlisle and Esme, they’ve all gone from bad to worse. Edward is determined to protect and care for his little sister.

So what happens when these two meet at the annual family reunion?
After introducing Bella as just a friend of Jasper's my breathing became shallow. Knowing that Jane would be safe and happy with Esme, for the time being, I decided to be selfish and spend some time with this stunning boy.

All throughout dinner I glimpsed at him. He seemed deep in thought. I hope he wasn't unhappy that I crashed his little party. He had that stray lock of hair on his forehead that I just wanted to touch. My heart expanded every time he looked at me, and gave me a small smile. Even the small intimacies threatened my heart to break loose from my chest. I didn't know what was happening to me.

My urge to wrap my arms around him, to take care of him, to kiss his lips and hold him tight was too strong and overwhelming, so as soon as it was prudent I made my fucking escape.

I could explain it away that I was a natural care-giver and protector, born by watching over Jane, but I never felt this way toward anyone besides her, and the thought scared me to death. I mumbled an excuse that I needed to find Jane and then high tailed it out of there. I spent the rest of the evening with Jane, Esme and Carlisle, thinking of Jasper the entire time.

TwistedforTwilight gives us both POVs, which is awesome, since it allows us to see what makes them both tick. It makes it so we connect with both of them. The urge to protect them, to keep them both from hurting again, is made stronger - at least, I think so. Read for yourselves, and see if you agree.


That's it for today. I hope you remembered to bring your towels, fresh panties, and some Kleenex. Be sure to give these wonderful ladies some love. Check back next week, when I'll be here with Aradi with more slashy goodness.