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Tuesday's Best 5-10-2011

Good morning, folks. Hope y'all are staying safe and dry out there (and cool). Aradi and I have found you another couple of goodies to share and enjoy, so let's have a look, shall we?


avioleta's FFn profile says that "mostly, she just loves Edward and Carlisle."

Be right back.  Must go think appreciative and inappropriate thoughts about a stranger...

... Okay, I'm back with a glow and her most recent E/C story, Exit Music.

Exit Music begins with Edward attending Bella's wedding to Jacob.  Awkward, since Bella was married to Edward first... until he came out.  (*fistpump*)

Of course, he should have expected him to be there. The hospital's Chief of Staff has always been on familiar terms with Bella's father. Still, he can't help the thud of his heart, or the rush of heat through his veins.

The man is alone, graceful fingers twisting the stem of an empty Champagne flute.

Those hands had touched him once.

Edward can't pull his eyes away.

A man appears at Carlisle's side, setting a fresh glass of Champagne on the tiny cocktail table. Edward watches as Carlisle smiles his appreciation. The other man trails a finger lightly between his shoulder blades.

Edward grimaces and looks down again, hating the twinge of jealousy he feels at the intimate gesture.

It's absurd, really. He hasn't seen or spoken to the man in nearly six years. But he can't help but feel…something in the pit of his stomach.

(Feels like... UST.)

(Oops, I mean love.)

Older-younger/professor-student situations are a worthy kink in my book, and avioleta seems to agree (based on the number of O/S she's written that way).  But these stories, like Exit Music, aren't roleplay or topical fluff.  One of avioleta's greatest gifts to us is a collection of characters (across all her stories) that are adults leading real, adult lives.  They have kids and responsibilities and insecurities.  They worry about regular things, and make stupid mistakes, and muddle through their lives, and fall in love.

Instead of them being older-younger and exploiting the situation for PWP, the story is exceptionally plotful.  It's easy to forget that Carlisle is old enough to be Edward's dad (barely), except when it's illustrated by their interactions with other people.

There's no sitting around lamenting "I'm too young/old for you" or "You should be with someone your own age" or "No I can't bend you over the desk because I'm your professor/boss/best-friend's-dad, damnit."  Sure those are valid arguments in a relationship like this, but it’s refreshing to have their problems be something else, and not the disparity.

Carlisle and Edward's problems in this tale are certainly not a lack of chemistry.

Edward doesn't finish because Carlisle is kissing him, his lips dry and soft. Edward gasps, opens his mouth, as Carlisle presses against him. The kiss is lovely, familiar but new. Carlisle's tongue flicks over his teeth, slides against his tongue. Edward hasn't kissed anyone like this (smooth and deliberate and slow) in a very long time. He shifts; the man's hands drop to his hips, pulling him closer.

He's missed this – the feel of Carlisle's body against his, (hard where Bella had been soft) and the smell, the taste of him (wine, garlic, and spice).

Edward closes his eyes; his fingers are in the man's hair, as Carlisle's hand slips between them.

"Shit," he gasps when Carlisle's palm brushes over his zip. The man chuckles.

Edward's hips buck. He can't stay still, can't not move against him. He wants, needs to feel the press of those fingers against him.

"You want this, don't you?" Carlisle asks, his voice rough and his breath warm against Edward's lips.

Yes.  Yes he does.  (And we want it for him.)

(So very badly.)

You'll have to read Exit Music to find out if Edward and Carlisle work things out.  Read avioleta's other stories too (such as Stay, which we've mentioned here before) because they are all so, so good.  (So much C&E... *fans self*)

I'll be in my bunk pondering Daddy Carlisle... with or without a desk.


It’s rare I’ll actually enlist y’all to beg for more from an author, but I am today. I can’t even give you the name of the fic I’m begging for more of, because alas, it is unnamed and currently only going by Tuesdaymidnight’s Inspiration. Bmango wrote this little diddy as a little push for Tuesdaymidnight to write a paper. Call it a bribe. Inspiration. Persuasion. Whatever. I call it delicious ;-)

Edward’s had a bit of a rough week, apparently, and has just come home from soccer practise. Mmm, that right there (though I’m by no means a soccer fan) is a lovely image. When he gets home, he finds a note from his partner, Jasper.

My boy,

Bedroom floor. Naked ass only.

Are you seeing it, too? *grins* Here’s a little taste of the scene that follows that short directive:

"Look at you," he growls above me. "You are mine, entirely mine."

He always knows the moment I give in. I groan in response, and I hear a small snap before two fingers are pressed into me, my ass rising almost of its own accord to encourage the penetration.

"You whore," he chastises, smacking my ass once more. "Beg me for it," he orders gruffly before changing his tone and reminding me. "Nicely."

"Please, sir. Oh, please fuck me," I beg, wanting him more than anything, wanting him to find his pleasure with me.

"I don't know. Have you been a good boy?" he asks quietly, his slick fingers still moving slowly in and out, bending to hit my prostate with almost every pass.

"I hope so, sir." And I can feel the building pressure in my body, in my balls. I start reciting states and capitols, knowing I need to calm myself down, but it's been too long since we've done this, since we've had time to play.

"I can almost hear the thoughts racing through your mind, Edward. Let it go for now." He runs his other hand under my shirt and over my spine as he begins scissoring his fingers. "Let me take care of you."

"Yes, sir," I repeat, feeling the emotion gripping my throat.

Yes, please, sir! Unf! I don’t know about you, but I’m sorely in need of more of those two. I’m pretty certain I won’t be alone in that, after you’ve had a chance to read for yourself. 

There you have it, folks, two wonderful stories to sink your teeth into. Be sure to check back next week to see what Conversed and Stolenxsanity have in store for you. In the mean time, leave these authors some love, and maybe check out The Real Love Contest and get us some realistic lemons. 

Also, The Twilight No Stress Love Fest, the Summer edition, kicked off last week. This time, they're looking for prompts before the actual writing starts, so head on over and share your plotbunnies. Think Summer, think Love - of all kinds.


Connie said...

Avioletta is my all time E&C Queen! I love her!

bmango said...

Thanks for the rec, Nae! I will have to ponder this continuation thing... :) -b

naelany said...

teehee yes please! Need some more inspiration! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh boy. Thanks for the kind comments and rec! *blushes* I'm flattered and always so pleased to hear that other enjoy what I do with Edward and Carlisle. Yes. My profile is correct: mostly, I just love those boys.