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Tuesday's Best 5-3-2011

Time got away from me today, so good afternoon, my lovelies! Hope you're having a great day. Let's just jump in feet first, shall we, and see what Aradi and Conversed have in store for us today?


Sometimes it sucks to be me (and not in the awesome BJ way either).

I read a tragic amount of fic.  (I know.  I know.  "Rough life," says you.)  While some of it is good, and some of it is great, a lot of it can be disappointing.  (A diatribe for another day.  I will title it "Why I Truly Wish I Could Rec Your Fic But Can't.  PS:  Get A Beta")

Because of this I end up going into fics half expecting the disappointment.  I size them up for premise and readability, then prepare for let-down.

I love when a fic surprises me.

180 Days Plus Weekends & Holidays shouldn't have surprised me, since I loved (and rec'd) Drizl's previous fic When the Night Comes.

But the premise?  "Bella and Jasper make a pact to lose their virginity" (within 180 days, or they'll lose it together... like, with each other) (ew ew ew) just left me shuddering.  (ew ew ew)

I really should have trusted.

Despite the presence of Bella, who is a good-yet-oblivious friend to Jasper, this story is an AH Edward & Jasper.  It's set in high school, and it’s sweetly angsty (angsty sweet?).

And funny.

Increasingly funny.

Like one of those days where just when you think nothing more can go wrong, something does.

Jasper isn't out yet, and Edward (and sister Alice) are new to the school.  Bella is clueless and determined.  Riley has a great supporting role as the only other person Jasper is vaguely sure is gay and interested in him.  

"Who was that," Edward asked, scowling.

"What," Jasper said.

"That guy. Who was he?"

"Um, Riley Biers. Some Freshman," Jasper answered, shrugging his shoulders.

Edward glared at him and Jasper wasn't sure what was going on. What the hell was Edward's problem? Did he have a problem? So, maybe talking to the cute freshman had been a good idea. It obviously got Edward's attention. This was too fucking confusing and Jasper didn't have time to analyze all this shit because the teacher came in and told everyone to sit down. Jasper ended up sitting in back of Edward with Bella to Edward's left.

He let his head fall to the desk with a loud thump. It was only the first day of school. Day one hundred and eighty and already Jasper didn't know what the fuck was going on. He couldn't read Edward at all. Bella was fawning all over the boy he wanted, but she was his best friend and that just made this situation more complicated. Now he had a freshman talking to him and Edward snapping at him for talking to this freshman. How was he supposed to concentrate on school things when his social life was so fucked up?

Someone poked him in the back of his head. Jasper slowly turned and was greeted by familiar deep green eyes. Alice Cullen grinned at him and winked, licking her lips suggestively. Fucking twins. They just had to have the same eyes.

Jasper was so fucked.

It's been a while since a fic left me giggling quite so much.  You know the type of fics I mean.  Ones like Said and Done or How to Turn a Straight Guy Gay.  So many of the stories I'm reading lately (I'm looking at you Seventeen Men and If On a Winter's Night) leave me needing a hug after each update, so it's nice to be able to laugh at this Jasper's never-ending dilemmas.

There's plenty of UST of course.  How could there not be when it's Edward Cullen, who may or may not be gay but is always hot?  And when there's Jasper, wanting Edward so very badly, but being utterly hopeless at reading his vague signals?

At first Jasper thought it was an accident and happened because Edward shifted in his seat, but Edward's knee stayed put, resting against Jasper's leg. The heat was almost unbearable and soon Jasper could feel sweat beading on his forehead.

Next Edward slid lower in his seat, creating more contact with Jasper's thigh. Surely, his jeans were on fire now. People were going to wonder why there was smoke billowing out from under their table. His fingers curled around the edge of the table, griping hard. It was all Jasper could do to stay in his chair. He wasn't sure how many minutes or hours he was frozen, but finally the class let out a collective sigh and the bell rang.

Edward starting packing up his things and moved his leg away from Jasper. An odd whining sound came out of Jasper's mouth and he felt the heat travel up to his face. He was probably beet red now and his fingers were fucking stiff from squeezing the life out of the table. He should check to see if he took any chunks out of the wood.

"Fuck," he hissed and shoved his Biology book into his bag.

"So, what's your next class," Edward asked. Apparently, the leg touching had no affect on Edward.

Go read Drizl's tale to learn how many more misadventures and misunderstandings Jasper can suffer through.  You'll have more fun than Jasper does.

Sometimes it sucks to be Jasper.  (Hopefully eventually in the awesome BJ way.)

I have three unhealthy obsessions.  Okay, I have a fuckton of unhealthy obsessions, but I’ll only confess to three today.

Firstly, I’m completely obsessed with checking the surf. It’s true.  My home page links to the webcam down at the Surf Club.  If I’m sitting at my desk I can waste hours looking at the ocean online.  If I stand up, I can look out of my window and see exactly the same thing.  I waste a lot of time looking at water.

The second thing I’m obsessive about is Emmett.  I’m not even going to explain.

Thirdly, I admit it, I’m overly partial to words.  Not gonna lie, I like messing with them and I love wordy fics that ebb and flow, letting me drift for a while.  So, when I read a story where Emmett said this:

“I fucking loved the ocean and her vista in every way she came. Grey and hazy, frozen and foggy, black with troubling racing clouds and bright silver lightning streaks over white-tipped breakers, sparkling and calm on a morning of full sunshine”

 I had myself a slow, secret smile.  Then I checked the surf.

In goldenmeadow’s one shot, Sour, Emmett is a lighthouse keeper.

“Not a thinker, but a doer, this occupation suited me.

Charged with maintaining one of the oldest working lighthouses in the United States, and with keeping sailors safe, he lives a monastic existence certain that he’s the only homosexual for miles and miles and miles, right up until his bath is disturbed one wicked-cold winter morning.

“Swearing and wrapping a threadbare pale blue towel over my hips, I opened the door and aimed for half-naked hospitality, instead of incensed wet nude pissed-off lighthouse keeper.

The fucking frigid December air puckered my nipples right up bright, made my short and curlies fearful against hypothermia as I ushered the troupe inside with a curt welcome and sodden chagrined, "I'll just get dressed."

A hushed mumble crawled like the melting drips of an icicle to my red wet ear, "I rather like you this way."

I would tell you about the rest of the story, but I need to stop for a moment to think about Emmett, dripping wet, wrapped in a too-tiny towel, goose bumped and gorgeous and YUM.

“ …he licked those goddamn fantastic lips, which spoke of all the dirty deeds he wanted to do to my body, "Yeah, I wanted to check out the promontory," the slick gorgeous devil winked at me! My cock knew what he was saying, but my brain had a hard time catching up.



I’ll leave you all thinking about a steamed-up-glasses wearing, dripping wet, rough-palmed Em; living alone and so lonely.  Will he get his man?  Will there be some of the wordiest, hottest, man-fucking ever written?

I can’t call it boy-secks, I just can’t.

I can say that it’s a fabulous pairing, a wordy read worth wallowing in, and I find myself drifting back to it, often.

goldenmeadow’s Emmetts are always worth a read; Sour just happens to be my favourite.


There you have it, folks. Some wonderful slashy stories to sink your teeth into. Be sure to leave these authors some love, and check back next week to see what Aradi and I have in store for you. 
Don't forget to write up a little somethin' somethin' for The Real Love Contest. C'mon, you know you've got some great tales ready and waiting to be told! You know... that one time Jasper's foot got stuck in the sheets and ended up tumbling out of bed rather than making his smooth move on Edward? Or the time that Alice ended up in gigglefits when Bella was having some...trouble? ;-)


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