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Tuesday's Best 5-24-2011

Good morning, y'all. Hope today finds you safe and sound. Seems the world's getting crazier by the minute, so why don't we see what we can do for you to give some much needed relief... errr... I mean, distraction. Yes, that's it ;-) Aradi and Conversed have found some slashy goodness they're dying to share, so let's get to it, shall we? Don't forget to bring some towels and fresh panties.


Awake Our Soul is the latest Jasper/Edward drabble fic.  It posts under Slashifyed, which is a collab between bbebar and UNF4Rob.  There are 26 chapters of paired drabbles (EPOV & JPOV).

And with my awesome (pure luck) timing, it just finished up yesterday in time for me to be able to rec it as a completed story.

Awake Our Soul is a fast, hot ride (yes, I went there), with a side order of mystery and baggage.  What's not to love?

What grabbed me from the start was the UST and attraction from the very first chapter.

I look out over the stage, and that's when I see him for the first time.

All at once, my voice wants to sing for him. Something about the way he moves calls to me, speaks my name.

The energy in the room is electrifying. However, I'm pretty fucking confident that he is the source of the crackling in the air around us.

I don't understand my reaction to him, but my body senses something before my brain is able to complete the puzzle.

It helps that our boys have a prior connection, which we learn tiny bits about as the story progresses.  Still, it’s never really crystal clear what exactly happened in the past, and its (wonderfully) hard to focus on putting the pieces together while punch-drunk on present-day lust and action.

"How about I fuck you instead?" The words are out before I consider the ramifications.

I lick my lips, slowly, already tasting him on my tongue.

He's right fucking there.

His eyes track the movement as his own tongue darts out, unconsciously mimicking the gesture. Ever so carefully, I tilt my head down towards him, our mouths now a whisper apart.

My entire body is vibrating with a need for him. He wants me, too, but he's too damn stubborn to admit it.

Maybe I should fucking show him.

So um... yeah.  What was I saying?  Oh yeah!  Baggage, pasts, yada yada.



Best news is that the Slashifyed gals plan a sequel so we can learn more about the boys, and see what else they get up to (yes I went there too).


 I found Magnetism by Buildmeapyramid the other day, and lost a morning to her teen A/H Jake and Edward WIP. I’ve told you how I feel about Jake. I’m sure I have. No?

I LOVE him.

I love, love, love, love, love him.

I LOVE him.

I’m drawn to stories about him. Compelled to read them.

“In freshman physics I was taught about magnetism. How it's created by opposite forces, positive and negative, working together and creating a spark.

It feels like that with him, with Edward.

A spark.

A magnetism.

And I don't want to deny it right now.”

Jake initially appears to be a Bad boy, with a capital B.  Edward appears restrained, watchful, perhaps even timid.  As the title suggests, the attract/repulse/attract thang that they have going on is the crux of the story. Bella is their catalyst.

“The girl who knew exactly how much I wanted her but still left me and my nine inches for Cullen and his nonexistent balls.

She knows just as well as I do that Cullen is a church-going, hymn-singing, old-fashioned kind of guy who won't even think of going past first base until they're married.”
Like many writers, Buildmeapyramid gets it all out there in the first chapter -- Jake is oh so terrible, Edward is oh so squeaky clean – only she does it with some skillz:

“...instead he just gives me that usual gentle, deep-down-I-know-you're-a-good-person, damned annoying smile, and I give him my usual gentle, talk-to-me-and-I'll-deck-you glare.

Unfortunately, it has absolutely no effect on him, which only makes me hate him more.”

So, that’s that.
Jake hates Edward.
Edward is too shy to say boo to a goose.
End of story, right?
After a fast-paced first chapter that had me side-eyeing the hamming up of canon characteristics, Buildmeapyramid carries on over the next several chapters to weave a detailed picture of exactly what it’s like to live inside Jacob’s skin.  He’s more than the sum of his parts and reading along as he reveals aspects of his past, as well as his fears for his future, make him rounded and very satisfying to read.
I could dwell on lots of details, because this story is packed with them, but perhaps I’ll just talk about the UST.

Magnetism is one of those stories where the canon detailing is evident, but then a brand new, yet still familiar character emerges. As Jacob’s perceptions change, the initial characterizations of Edward as timid and fragile get set aside.  This Edward appears charmed, otherworldly, and there’s absolutely no doubt about the attraction between them.
As it builds, it really is quiet delicious:

“I'm not calling him. Absolutely not. I climb onto my Harley and ignore the burning urge to dial his number, to hear his soothing voice on the other line.

I'm not calling him.

I'm not calling him.

I'm not calling him.”

Oh, Jacob, give in.

“My heart is pounding and I feel like my mattress should be soaked from all my sweat, and I think I might faint, because just the thought of his voice on the other end is making all the blood rush straight to my dick, leaving me light-headed and dizzy.


Don't answer.

Why isn't he answering?

Thank God, he's not answering. Now I can hang up and—


I’m looking forward to reading more because I’m certain Edward has secrets to share, and Jake just needs a break.  He really, really does.
The story is eight chapters in already, and updates quickly, so now is a great time to start reading Buildmeapyramid ‘s first Twi-slash story, Magnetism.
There you have it, folks. Two wonderful stories to sink your teeth into. Be sure to leave these authors some love, and check back next week to see what Aradi and I have in store for you. 

In the mean time, don't forget to hop over to The Twilight No Stress Love Fest, the Summer edition and scrounge up a prompt (or two, or three) and see what you can come up with. Fic or art, it's all welcome. Entries are accepted until June 30th, so plenty of time to give us some Summer Lovin'. ;-)

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