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Slash Author Guest Rec - Fiberkitty

When I was asked to offer my story recommendations for the blog, I'll admit I panicked a bit. I'm weaning myself off fanfic, and I think I was only reading around five stories at the time I was originally asked. Two new stories started recently, and both are quickly moving up the ranks of my favorites. Neither are slash, and both- ready yourselves for the shock- are primarily canon pairings.

The first, World of Sorrow, written by luvrofink is a very dark story. You can find it at:

In a world of sorrow there are only two possible outcomes: death at the hands of a killer vamp or become the property of one that has purchased you. In a rare moment of luck, one might find themselves mated, allowed to change and live forever. Follow our three favorite Twilight girls as they fight against fate and ultimately join the ruling ranks of the vamps in this AU tale of love and lust.

I was lovingly treated to an advance copy of the first two chapters a few weeks before posting. From luvrofink, formerly known as mrspacman, I would not have expected anything less than a stellar Darkward. She does not disappoint. While her After The Great War, remains my all time favorite Darkward, Sorroward is a close second.

“I can see your pulse thumping under the thin layer of skin. It calls to me, begs me, sings to me, Isabella,” he purred as his tongue traced over the throbbing point.

Yet even while surely a dark, blood-thirsty vampire, Edward also has his tender moments that allow Bella and the reader to fall for him.

“You will take a bath however often you would like, Isabella. I never want you to feel dirty again. You are a goddess and you should feel like one,” his sweet smile made me smile in return.

Even her Jasper is exquisite, starting off in chapter one with enough blood-lust to satisfy my own dark urges.

Before we walked in, my savior’s head snapped up and his fiery eyes locked with mine.

“You’ve kept me waiting a long time darlin’,” his southern drawl soothed my soul.

I was left with him then, my silver haired keeper leaving us be. I stood on shaky legs as Jasper, my love, slid his chair back from the ornate furniture and rose to greet me. He took slow deliberate steps towards me, my blood pulsing in my veins. A soft hum rippled through my body and I felt my arousal grow as he neared me.

“So responsive,” he mused as he stood in front of me.

“You’ve seen me, haven’t you darlin’?” he asked sweetly.

I nodded my head unable to speak.

“Then you know what happens next don’t you?” he asked before dipping his head and pressing his cold lips to the skin of my neck.

Emmett, while large and imposing, shows his true colors when with Rose, allowing the gentle warmth that he reserves for his loved ones to show through.

“It’s alright, Rosie. I’ll just start you a bath and give you some privacy,” he said smoothly as he turned to walk away.

“Thank you,” I whispered. Those were the first words I had spoken to him.

“You’re welcome,” he said with a small smile.

After a few moments he came out from the bathroom with a soft looking bathrobe in his hands. He walked towards me slowly, careful to not startle me. I felt my heart warm at his caring nature. Emmett held out the robe to me.

“You can put this on when you’re through. I have a dress for you. We’ll be meeting the rest of my family this evening, along with their new mates,” he explained as I took the robe.

“Go on,” he gestured toward the open door.

The vampires are dark, yet loving, a combination I find utterly irresistible. The writing is solid, and character development is going really well. Her women are not weaklings, but while still docile to the men's wishes, do show the promise of finding their own inner strength. With a promise of the ritual to be changed into a vampire hinted at in the end of chapter four, I cannot wait for more.


My second story recommendation is Where the Road Meets the Sun, by miztrezboo. It can be found here:

Summary: When everything turns to dust and falls apart at the seams, the only way out, may be the only way in. The path you know might not be the easiest, but it might also be the only one you need. AH

Given the prologue, I'm fairly certain that the heart fail is not over for Bella and Edward, Boo seems to have it out for them again. However, I know that she'll make the journey worth it, and give us enough love and warmth to cling to in the moments of pain and tears.

Chapter one starts us off with a Bella we all want to hate...

Bella, my Bella, has one hand on the doorknob and the other tangled in a mess of dirty blonde long hair. My Bella both legs wrapped around this other person’s jean clad waist and her lips… My Bella’s lips are bruised and dark rosy as she giggles and moans as he pushes her up against the door, not waiting to even enter the room before attacking her throat with his mouth.

But, we're given a small glimpse of her salvation in chapter two.

It wasn’t even that Maria’s head was on his lap. It wasn’t even that they looked so, perfect and couple-like all snuggled on the couch like they were when I walked in, breakfast treats in hand that I went out of my way and my pocket to buy. No, it was the fact that he looked at peace. Even in his respite, he looked happier, calmer than he had ever looked when he was with me.
That’s what hurt the most. That he could look like that without me. That he didn’t need me like I needed him.

No, no, no... Don't go running off. This is not the standard miscommunication story. I promise. Both characters have so much growing up to do, and I know that I can trust miztrezboo to help them on their journey to adulthood and finding out how to be whole on their own so they can complement one another as equals.

Along their way, they have some great friends to help. Except for James, he's an asshole. Let's start with James so we can move on to those I don't want to see crushed beneath a ton of steel bars.

"Don't move. It can wait." His fingers dug into my hip flesh again, pulling my body to his. I winced, there was definitely going to be bruising there now but at least it wasn't in a place where anyone was likely to see. That was going to be all sorts of helpful when I went back to the dorm tonight, I wouldn't have to worry about any blonde haired roommates shaking their head in my direction.

"Put your hands back where they were, Bella," James growled, his sculptured chest rising up and down in time with his ragged breaths. His eyes were changing again as the melody continued to repeat over and over from his phone's small speakers.

He started off so hot and ended up an ass. I can only hope that he gets what he deserves. In the meantime, we do get some lovely Spicolisper... If you haven't seen Fast Times at Ridgemont High to know of the amusing character Jeff Spicoli, I highly (yes, that is a bit punny) recommend watching it. The Jasper in this story has partied a little too much but he means well, and provides great comedic relief.

"If it isn't the Bellawan! Breaker of hearts and body parts everywhere!" he chuckled, pulling me up off the floor and into his lanky, beer and pot smelling embrace.

"JW, you sure do know how to greet a girl," I said as he finally put me back down, his hand still wrapped around my waist. "Though I'm not entirely sure what you meant with the breaker of body parts. As far as I know there has never been any form of broken appendage apart from my own." I chuckled, as his hands pulled me close, swaying out of time to the Ting Tings, instead like we were slow dancing to some romantic number.

"You say potato, I say tomato," he laughed, my head bouncing against his bare, sweaty chest. I laughed with him, well more at him and settled in for the ride.

It's Rosalie, however, who truly shines in this fic. Despite miztrezboo's love of Kellmett, she has fleshed out Rosalie into exactly how I think she should be. Warm, loving and loyal to her friends and family, while maintaining her cold edgy outward appearance as she puts her entire heart into protecting those of her loved ones. She doesn't mind telling Edward how things are:

“Well Ethel,” I rolled my eyes at her nickname, how we ended up with such random names to throw at each other was beyond me and fueled from one night of Jaeger bombs while I drowned my sorrows at Bella leaving me so few months ago, “You’re the one that sat there being sad panda all afternoon. How fucking long have you been out here? You should have come and found me.”

Rose is also the one to really lay into Bella about the whole mess.

"You think I should give him a chance. Is that what you're saying, Bella?"

"Y-y-yes," I stuttered, shocked at the absolute venom I could hear behind her words.

"Bella, are you fucking blind? He controls you, Bella. I see it every time you bring him around. How can you not?"

I shook my head, she was wrong. James didn't control me or anyone, he was a free spirit and he brought that out in me too.

Even with all the pain that the star-crossed lovers will be put through by my beloved Boo, two little lines give me hope that amid it all, she is still a romantic at heart.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her and I couldn’t for the life of me remember why I ever wanted to, either. She was still the earth that my moon orbited around, cosmically linked by something bigger than both of us.

Come hope with me and read this story.

I'll see you in the reviews for both of these gems, because really, any story worth reading, is worth reviewing.


Miztrezboo said...

Um, wow. Kitty.. wow. I may, or may not have actually teared up a lil. Only you could get away with reccing non slash on a slash site ;)

You words FLOOR ME.
and now for the hiding..

Thanks TwiSlash ladies!

KiyaRaven said...

I am in LOVE with WTRMTS. Boo's writing is dark and funny and easy and just fucking right. Your review was spot on.

EVERYONE should be reading this. NOW.

Mistress Boo Boo Kitty Fuck said...

Kitty only speaks the truth. I have much love for the stories I rec'd.

luvrofink said...

thanks for recc'ing WoS! I've been getting some great reviews from readers and they keep me going.