Friday, October 16, 2009

Twi Me Up Q&A - October 16th

Q: I have had several different variations of the same question this week – has a Dom ever made you hold his semen in your mouth until he told you to swallow?

Follow up question: If not, would you?

A: As I have stated a few times before, every relationship is different, so I can’t speak to absolutes. I have not personally seen this done, no. After I started getting emails about it, I asked about half a dozen Doms and subs that I know, and they had not done it either. That is not to say that it isn’t done, but it doesn’t seem to be very common.

In my experience, the submissive swallows as a sign of further submission. At least, that’s the consensus I get from the people I have spoken to.

If my Dom told me to do that, would I?

Without question.

PLEASE READ: With certain events that have happened in the fandom recently, I would like to add the following - any comments (either in agreement or disagreement of this post) that are inflammatory or derogatory to me, another author, a reader, a community of readers, another blog or the even little green men that watch you take a shower will be deleted without hesitation.

I do not subscribe to the abuse and hatred that has been flying around, and it will not happen here. Our job at Twi Me Up and at TwiSlash is to inform and entertain, anything else will simply be deleted.

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daria said...

it's reassuring that customs on the other side of the world seem to be the same as here!

And massive kudos to you for being so classy and adding the disclaimer.