Friday, October 23, 2009

Twi Me Up Q&A - October 23rd

Q: I am very curious about all the ropes and tying people up in those pretty pretty pictures.
What should you use?
Can you use anything?

A: The type, material, and style of rope that you use depend on your bondage objectives. If you are merely interested in restraint without the purpose of aesthetics, long term bondage, or suspension you can use any type of generic rope that does not irritate the skin. For longer term bondage, or more stressful forms such as suspension you’ll want to keep in mind tensile strength and comfort. For example rope made from hemp will give rope burns if the bound person struggles too much against them.

If you’re looking for aesthetics for something like Japanese rope bondage, you can use colored ropes, or twisted cotton or nylon ropes which leave marks in the submissive’s skin.

For more information on rope bondage and types of ropes – check out the following resources:

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