Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday's Best~Oct 20th, 2009

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled

Tuesday's are for the best slash stories we can find and this Tuesday is no different. The Master and I are normally here to present you with a few FUCKAWESOME tales that will get your heart to sing and your juices to flow. However, due to that fucker named "REAL LIFE" TwiSlash's Master aka our darling Val has had to take a brief hiatus. She will certainly be missed and I know we all wish her well and can't wait for her return.

With that said, I knew I couldn't carry on alone, so I've asked my good friend and beta, Naelany to join me in Tuesday's Best and bring to you our Picks of the Week. So, be sure to give her some love.


Whitlock's Girl brings you...

by Beautiful Figment

Naelany and I decided to highlight one of her favorite authors on her debut of Tuesday's best, the one, the only, the awesomeness that is Beautiful Figment.

For my pick of BF's work, I chose Need an Excuse. Edward is on a mission and closeted gay pal, Jasper - who just so happens to have the hots for his pal - has agreed to help. What happens when Bella forces Edward and Jasper into a tiny, tiny closet?

While the story's not overly long, it is fucking hot as hell and features a fabulous dry hump scene that rivals any DH I've read. If you don't have Need an Excuse on your already read list and Beautiful Figment on your alert list then you need to consult a professional, because you've lost your ever lovin mind.


Naelany brings you...

by beate73 & Beautiful Figment

So Whitlock's Girl calls me yesterday morning, asking if I could help out with the recommendations for a while, since life's taken a bit of a tailspin for her and The Master. So I say sure, why not. At first, she wasn't worried about today's post. But... my mind went running, as it's wont to do in these situations, and I just couldn't leave a week go by without a double rec for y'all. So I called her back, asking if certain stories had been brought up yet. Much to my delight, they had not! So without further ado, I bring you:

By Any Means Necessary by beate73 and Beautiful Figment

This story was written for the "For the Love of Jasper" contest. It's written in third person, and gives you Jasper, Edward, and a little bit of Bella (a very little). Jasper's a musician who's come back to his hometown to perform with his band. Edward was the closest thing to a friend he had and has come to watch the show. Bella... well, you'll have to read about her. Not going to waste words on her when I can quote you a little hot lovin'. ;) Eh, not even that, I'll let you savor that when you go read. But a little sweet, maybe??

“Sexy,” Edward sighed. To this, Jasper blushed as Edward reached up to tuck a wavy blond lock behind his ear. He regarded Jasper’s ear for a moment longer, reflecting on his words from just a few moments before. Edward enjoyed a good nibble behind the ear. A little too much, if he were to be honest. But would, Jasper?
One way to find out.

He leaned in quickly, scared of losing his nerve, before nudging the sweet spot behind Jasper’s ear with his nose. Jasper gasped at the contact. He hoped it was a good thing.

He pressed his lips to Jasper’s skin before gently grazing the flesh with his teeth. Jasper’s body jerked just before grabbing a fistful of Edward’s hair. He gave Jasper a gentle nip before sweeping his tongue across the newly bitten skin.

“Fuck, Edward,” Jasper whimpered.

Before Edward could get too pleased with himself, Jasper pushed him back slightly. His hands become a blur as they worked to unfasten the buttons of Edward’s shirt.

“This thing has got to go. I wanna see you.”

Now, y'all know what BF writes, and that it's fuck-hot (and really, if you don't know yet, where have you been hiding?), so believe me when I say that she makes good on her name ;). Beate and BF write seamlessly together. I loved their Edward and Jasper, I'm sure you will, too.


So, there you have it. Another Tuesday filled with TwiSlash Unveiled's picks of the week. Hope you remembered your towel. If not, don't send us the dry cleaning bill, we warned you.

I also want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to Naelany, not only for stepping up and helping out for a bit, but once she agreed to do so, she did something I've not had the time to do - she's created a list of all our recs and done it in record time, WITHOUT being asked. I can't thank her enough. I love ya chick!


Also, don't forget about TwiSlash Unveiled's Poly Slash One Shot contest that opened on Sept 15th. For information, click the link on the top right hand side of the page, or shoot us an email. We'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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