Monday, June 14, 2010

Please Pardon The Dust

Whitlock's Girl is working on revamping the site a little. While she's working on that, we would love to have some feedback from you. Tell us what you love about the site, what you don't like, what you would love to see in the future. Share your ideas, thoughts, comments, rants, whatever. We want to hear them.


Clairdeluneisgreat said...

No complaints over here. Love the new look. You know one thing that would be cool... is maybe a way to search through the blog archive.

Ylva said...

i'd LOVE if you actually did an archive, with categories like femslash, edward/jasper etc. so that you could find easier what you're looking for. maybe you already have it though, and i've just missed it, but otherwise that'd be great :)

Jacque said...

I honestly wish you'd create a form to fill out. I feel uncomfortable just using an email address. It's an invasion of privacy, and you have no way of knowing if the person sending the email is going to send a virus with it.

OnTheTurningAway said...

I love the new look, ladies! I second Ylva's suggestion for an easier to navigate archive, if possible. Perhaps a single page with a list of past Tuesday's Best and other story recs with links to the full blog posts? Just a thought.

Thank you again Whitlock's Girl and Naelany for keeping the blog alive and a belated (sorry!) welcome to Captain Jezebel and Lovely Penguin :)

Whitlock's Girl said...

Thanks all for the ideas and comments.

Clairdeluneisgreat...The search function is on it's way. Just hang tight.

Ylva...See my comments to Clairdeluneisgreat.

Jacque...Are you afraid that we'll send you aka our readers a virus or are you afraid one of the readers will send us a virus? I can assure you that with 4 email accts I scan everything incoming and outgoing with Vipre.

The reason we did the email instead of the form was for contest submissions. I'll look into form idea.

OnTheTurningWay...I'm working on that list of stories. Actually Nae has a google doc with them in it that we may be able to just share somehow. I started working on this idea early last fall but with Jen & Val having to leave the blog and the addition of Nae, DS and DA it got backburnered. I'm hoping to have it operational by the 4th. Be prepared for delays however cause my son is playing on 2 All-Star teams.

Janille said...
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