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Slash Guest Author Rec - FarDareisMai2

So, I have the dubious distinction of giving guest rec’s on TwiSlash Unveiled, and I say dubious not because the site is anything but pure win, but because I’m not sure what really qualifies me to do so. Why? Because I’m a lemon h00r, pure and simple. The fact that many of the lemons I love happen to be slash? Well, that’s just serendipity. I think well done sex, whether it’s a hot jackoff session, a beautiful het scene, a slick and slippery slash scene, or a juicy moresome, is just a sexy, sexy thing. Does that qualify me to recommend stories to you? Well, I guess the lovely ladies here at TwiSlash Unveiled think so, and I’m happy to share with you.

I have t
wo recommendations for you today. The first is a sweet little piece that showed up in my inbox a few days ago.

I honestly have no idea if this story is intended to be an o/s or is the first chapter of a longer story, although I truly hope it is
the latter, but I read it today and decided I had to add it to my recommendations.

Now, I have to back up and say that although Definately Staying paved the way to slash for me with
The Forbidden Room, starfish422 sucked me in hook, line and sinker with Over The Top. Until those two ladies got their hooks in me, the little bit of slash I’d read in other fandoms had nearly turned me off of slash altogether it was so badly written. Now, I know that almost all slash lovers are already familiar with the awesomesauce that is starfish422’s stories, and at first I was hesitant to recommend the story, if only because I wanted to recommend someone a little less known, someone who could use the “leg up” so to speak. However, since I had already planned to recommend a lesser known story, I let my guilt go and decided that I had to share the charm that is The Morning After The Night Before.

The story opens with something almost all of us have endured – the hangover. Shortly after, Edward discovers that in his drunken state the night before, he posted a revealing picture of himself on Guys with
iPhones. After some funny ribbing from his best friend (a twist which I won’t ruin here), Edward logs on to the site to discover that a very hot someone has commented on his picture and would like to meet.
By the time he got to the final comment, he was feeling pretty fucking good about himself, but he was unprepared for what awaited him in that final reply. The commenter, identified as jazzlovesjizz atgmail, stated, I came twice last night thinking about fucking your sweet ass. If you're in Seattle, I'm in heat. Not only did the Seattle reference make him catch his breath, but it was the only one that acknowledged Edward might be something other than a top. It also contained a link to another GWiP post. The link was in yellow, contrasting with the white of the regular comments.
"Well, well," Edward said aloud, and casually he let his finger wander across the touchpad. He had topped once or twice, and of course it felt good; but he far preferred being a bottom. Loved it, in fact, despite […’s] implication that he was wound too tight to fuck. His finger, having moved the cursor over the link, hovered in mid-air for just a moment before he lightly tapped the touchpad. The webpage responded immediately, beginning to load the picture ostensibly posted by jazzlovesjizz.
As always, starfish422’s writing leaves us squirming in our seats and wanting more. The playful tone of the story, coupled with two citrusy, zesty scenes, leaves you praying this isn’t just a one shot, and I know that I, for one, am hoping that she intends to continue this story.

My second recommendation (yes, you get two, two, two
rec’s for the price of one!) is a complete, multi-chapter story, that has been around for a while, yet does not have the readership that I’d expect. Acting Out, by eroticfan, is a – are you ready for this? – Bella/Edward/Jake story. It is, frankly, the first story I ever read that made Jake appealing to me in any way, and what a Jake he is.

What I really love about
Acting Out is that of all the threesome stories I’ve read (and I’ve read several very good ones) it is the only one that deals with the inequity that may lie in polyamorous relationships, with the complexities of a situation where not all the partners are on the same emotional page. Additionally, Acting Out is, of all things, a high school fic – which is also something I rarely gravitate to.

Now, I will say that the author’s British roots show quite often in the style and cadence of the writing. There are many places where it is clear that these
characters just don’t sound like typical American teens, both because of the British expressions and the overly mature manner of speech, yet the story eroticfan has woven transcends these glitches.

When we meet our threesome, Edward is a well known bisexual and, dare I say, slut, in Forks High, with family issues that would fit in
nicely on an episode of Jerry Springer. Bella is the new girl, recently moved from Phoenix, and clearly not like the other kids in the small town. Oh, and she has a bad, bad history that she’s running from. Jake too, is bisexual and far more mature than his years indicate, whether that’s a factor of working on the fishing boats, or helping to care for his diabetic father is irrelevant. The fact is that he’s a safe harbor for both Bella and Edward.

Edward is immediately drawn to Bella, and although her alarm bells go off
, she too is attracted to him. Of course, he also meets Jake around this time, and that is just . . . well, let’s say you need to bring along a towel or two. Jake and Bella become reacquainted, as they haven’t seen each other in years, and then eventually they all find their way together, but it isn’t a balanced tripod.

that is precisely what I love about the story. In all the other poly stories I’ve read, each participant is as equally invested in the other two (or more) partners they have. However, in Acting Out, not everyone feels the same and, in addition to the various deep and important issues each of the characters face (and trust me they’ve all got issues), this one facet of their relationship creates choppy waters for our crew to navigate. As Bella says:

I'm fine, Edward's fine,
Jacob's fine. Sort of. No teenagers were harmed in the making of this threesome. Mostly.

The story is told in alternating points of view, in the present tense, which lends an immediacy and intimacy to the sex scenes that, couple
d with the author’s writing, make them among some of the best I’ve read.
I've never been so aroused and I feel his excitement too, his breathing harsh in my ear as I press my ass back against his cock. I shift forward sliding my hands down a little behind me and cup his hard cock through his leather pants and feeling the leather, knowing he's in leather, turns me on even more as I hold him, my hands trapped between us.
I swivel my head and try to kiss the skin of his neck where his head's fallen forward beside me. His scent's strong in my nose and I can barely reach him but I lick his neck. He shivers so I squeeze his cock and lick him again, tasting his skin all salt and smoke and musk. I feel his deep groan vibrate under my mouth and in his chest where it's pressed hard against my back. I can't see his face at all, it's above me and the black wing of his hair shields him.
I need to lick him all over, take his cock into my mouth and suck him. My throat aches for him as I imagine it and my head drops back on his shoulder again, my mouth falling open as I lick my lips and feel him caress me. I'm whimpering now and I need to make him come for me and I need him to make me come. And I know we will and I'm filled with electric longing.
We move to the music locked together, each holding the other.
I want to get him away from the crowd and fuck him til we're incoherent.
I want to be held like this forever.

But, like I said, these kids are complicated . . .
His hands come down into my hair, and he pulls me gently onto his cock as my mouth opens and I take him in, holding the base of his shaft and gripping his muscular ass with my other hand to steady him. He gives a soft shuddering sigh and bucks a little into my mouth and I use my hard-won skills and take him all in, loosening my throat and my jaw, sucking and using my tongue as I slide him deeply in and out, holding and stroking his balls as he makes wordless noises of pleasure.
His hands leave my hair and I sense him gripping the shelves on each side as his legs shake and he strains forward into my mouth. He's on the edge, so close to coming as I grip him and massage his balls and suck him in harder and faster. Then he pumps erratically into my mouth, coming with a gasping shudder and I drink him in all salt and musk and Edward.
I set him to rights again as he did for me, then stand and he pulls me to him, holding me in his arms so tightly, rocking to and fro. He holds my face and kisses me and I feel wetness. I touch his cheek and feel the tracks of tears.
"Edward, you're…"
"Kiss me…" And I do. It's soft now, gentle and no tongues, and his lips are on my neck, and at my ear.
"Let me carry your books and hold your hand Bella."
"Yes." I whisper it into his mouth.
Oh Edward. What the fuck are we doing?

And Bella’s skills
are hard-won, and yes, what are they doing? Everyone in the school wants to know. This is no adult drama, where lawyers draft legal documents granting the triad rights, and where they are independently wealthy enough to tell whoever disapproves to fuck off. These are teens with deep and complicated feelings and desires, who have parents who don’t understand them and histories and lives that color everything they do, all of which is complicated by the desperate and angst filled nature of a hormonal, American teen.

Acting Out
is, frankly, one of my favorite Twi fics, period, and one of the few that I’ve read more than once. In fact, I’m currently reading it again because just looking through it for quotes for this review wasn’t enough.

So what are you still doing here? Go. Read. Enjoy. Frolic in the gardens of delight these authors have gifted us with. You won’t be disappointed.

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