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Tuesday's Best 6-22-2010

Good morning everybody! Hope y'all are having a good day so far. If not, then I hope that the stories the Captain and I have found will brighten your days a little. Grab a towel, get comfortable, and check it out!


Ciao, fellow lovers of all that is slashsational. Captain Jezebel here with something a little different from my usual Tuesday rec. I am trying to expand my horizons but still stay in my happy Jasper/Edward comfort zone, so what does this mean? This means that I went searching for some other pairings offered up by the fandoms talented slash writers. I'm already a fan of Charlie/Carlisle, so where could my little search take me?...somewhere new for me....somewhere I have never been before...have you guessed yet? Yep that's right femme-slash.
I started thinking about pairings that would interest me, and thought of one that might hold a very intriguing dynamic based on their canon selves, Rosalie and Leah. I went fic diving with these girls in mind, and dynamic is exactly what Nyx826 gave me with After Class: A RosaLeah Oneshot . This is a one-shot taken from her full length Alice/Bella fic, Summer Class, but you don't have to have read it to understand the sizzle between Rosalie and Leah.
Rosalie Hale is beautiful, intelligent, bisexual, bitchy, and bored as hell. While at the Cullens' BBQ she is tired of listening to her boyfriend Emmett yak on and on about football. She is tired of being eye fucked and harrassed by Carlisle's old perverted friends, and she is tired of waiting for the one face she has been dying to see all night, a face she has missed, a face that when she looks, makes her feel something 'strange and wonderful'.
Leah Clearwater seems to be able to do things to Rosalie that no one has ever been capable of. Leah makes her feel things that are beyond amazing, and touches more than just her body when they are together. Leah is sexy, beautful , special, and Leah just walked through the door looking 'slightly eager'.
  I note absently that Emmet has stopped talking and has followed my gaze to the gorgeous girl that is about ten feet too far away from me. He grins at me knowingly, and I lean up to whisper in his ear.

"Hey Babe, I'm going to go catch up with Leah, alright?" I whisper in as innocent a tone as I can muster, even though he knows exactly what the "catching up" will entail.

He nods without a word, looking like the cat that ate the canary, and I don't waste another second.

It's been too long.

She meets me halfway without my saying a word, and I take her hand.

I feel the familiar and powerful little sparks dancing over my skin where we touch, her warm, strong hand closing over mine, our fingers entwining together, almost in a promise of what was to come.
 For all the Emmett lovers...please don't worry...as you can see in the story 'he grinned knowingly'....yep I have been told by the author that Em is cool with Rosalie entertaining the ladies. He knows his girl is bi, and doesn't mind being in an open relationship with her. Now back to the regularly scheduled sexiness ...
Nyx826 paints a very sensual, and almost sweet picture for us. I know, I know...Rosalie? Leah? sweet? yep. There is a beautiful bond between these ladies and the author takes us there, I felt it in every word I read, that even though she was scared of the feeling Rose was excited that it was Leah making her feel so good inside and out. *snickers*
 She laughs softly, reaching up to brush a stray strand of hair away from my eyes before letting her hand rest on my cheek, cupping my jaw lightly. I reach and cover her hand with my own as she leans in to meet me.
Her scent washes over me as she moves, a delicious whirl of something that is distinctly hers, a spicy and sweet mix that has my knees feeling a little funny. Then her lips touch mine and every other thought flies out of my mind except of her, and me, and us together.

There's a slight hesitation that quickly disappears as we remember this feeling again, and I can feel the kiss slowly heating up.

It's been so long since I kissed her, and I'm regretting every moment that I let pass without this.
 And yes slash lovers things heat up ALOT more from there...ALOT, ALOT . Kissing, biting, licking, moaning, whimpering, grasping, gasping, pinning, squirming, friction, begging, fighting for dominance..the push the pull..the ...whoa *wipes forehead* is it hot in here or is that just me? , but I can't share everything with you, now can I? This oneshot is a quick yet arousingly pleasing read, and that's coming from someone that had never read femme-slash before. If you want to find out just how hot these two get you're going to have to check it out, don't forget to bring your towel and to leave the author some love if you do ;).
 You know how sometimes, it absolutely sucks when someone plays hard to get or even goes all ‘mystery man’ on you? Even if you’re only reading about them? Well, in Whisper, ahizelm managed to have it actually be fucking sexy as hell, and pulls you in completely with the mystery blond in Edward’s class.
Edward has just transferred schools, and in one of his classes his eye falls on a certain blond we all know and love. He knows absolutely nothing about him - not his name, his age, his orientation, what his major is - other than they share that one class. Over the course of a few weeks, Edward becomes obsessed with the boy. Especially after the boy appears to have caught Edward staring at him in class.

And then they run into each other at a frat party.

I wanted to pinch myself, to perhaps see if I was crazy and imagining things, but that would have required me pulling my hands away from their current position - my right knotted in his hair, my left placed securely on his hip under his shirt - and that shit just wasn't going to happen.

I could feel his hair tickling my forehead as we kissed, and he tasted like lime. I remembered there was tequila downstairs, and assumed he'd taken a shot or two. His weight pressing my body into the mattress felt good, and I realized that even though I didn't know a single thing about him - aside from the fact that he was blond, insanely gorgeous, tall and in my Monday/Wednesday Business class - I wanted him.

I moaned lightly as he bit my lip gently, and licked his way down my throat. "God," I breathed, and he chuckled against my skin before bringing his lips to my mouth again.

As he continued to kiss me, I slipped his hand under my shirt again and he slowly ran his fingers along the waist of my jeans. I wanted to shove his hand further down, but then I moved my hand and grazed his crotch. As I felt his erection press into my hip, I simply lost all coherent thought.

We made out. I had no concept of time, but when he pulled away, it seemed as though it had only been a few minutes.

I watched him stand up. He offered me a hand, and I took it, pulling myself up into a seated position. He ran a hand through his hair with a satisfied grin on his lips, peering at me through those damn sexy glasses. Somehow, it seemed that they hadn't even shifted as we kissed.

I wanted to ask him several simple questions. I wanted to know his name, for starters.
But before I could say a single word, he winked and moved toward the door. As he gripped the doorknob, he looked me in the eye and spoke.

"See you around, Edward," he said, and I felt my mouth fall open.

I could have followed him out, could have returned to the party, which was in full swing. Music thumped through the floorboards beneath my feet, and my beer was within reach, but I was absolutely frozen.

He knew my name.

He knew my name?

And still Edward doesn’t know the boy’s name. Will he find out? For that, you’ll have to read the story, but be sure to bring along a towel. You’re gonna need it ;-)
There you have it, folks! Be sure to show these wonderful authors some love after reading their stories. Be sure to check back again next week when we'll be back with more goodies. In the meantime, I hope you'll enjoy our offerings for this week.

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