Monday, September 26, 2011

Guest Rec - Drizl

Helloooo Slash lovers,
It’s totally awesome to be over here at TwiSlash Unveiled.  Thanks goes out to naelany for giving me the opportunity to let everyone know what I’m reading…I’m sure everyone is absolutely dying to know…rolls eyes…I have a few stories on alert right now…My drop everything I’ve got to read right at this precise moment is Sixty Five Hours by Owenic. The last update I read came when I was at work so I read it on my phone and let me tell you…I almost dropped my phone and fell off my chair. I know I gasped out loud…Really, if you aren’t reading that story… go now…it’s well worth it…Edward and Jasper work at Cullen Advertising. Jasper is out as a gay man and Edward is buried under a pile of clothes in the closet.  Hot Hot Hot!
The other Twilight story I have on alert is He Who Dares, Watches by Fr333bird. The beginning drew me in right away because in high school I was in sports and bus trips were always fun. Maybe not quite as fun as the boys had in this story, but we did get up to some crazy things…Check it out…it’s a coming of age story. All Human.  Jasper and Edward (my favorite Twi pairing)

As you can tell, my fanfic reading is all Slash. The first fic I read was Over the Top by starfish422… it took a few goes before I could read it…I always felt like someone was looking over my shoulder ready to tell me what a huge pervert I was for reading boy slash… now I don’t care.  Once I started reading TwiSlash I realized there wasn’t a huge amount out there…so…I wandered off into the Harry Potter fandom and discovered Drarry…That would be Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy for those who are not familiar with that fandom…the first story I read was One Harry Potter Please by faithwood (All Draco wants is Harry Potter’s friendship, just to make his new Auror job more bearable. However, after Harry stubbornly pays more attention to his secret admirer, Draco is forced to resort to drastic measures.) And I was hooked…There are so many stories and so many well-written stories that I was a Cloud f*cking Nine.  I can’t read any other pairings in the Potter World…It’s always Harry and Draco. I’m attracted to the stories where Draco is more in character… a little crabby, a little snobby and sarcastic but good underneath all the nastiness…I’ve read so many stories I now have a google doc with well over one hundred of my fav Drarry stories.  Just when I think I won’t find any more stories, I stumble across another.  I just finished reading Hate by  serene_cj (Draco Malfoy loves his job. Especially when it means being able to torture Potter ‘round the clock)

Oh and one of the most important things for me when reading fanfiction is that I am totally a HEA (Happily Ever After) h00r.  I’ve read a couple stories that ended badly and they haunted me for days.
So that’s my reading list in a nutshell. I have been an Epic Fail in keeping up with my Fanfic writing, but I have a really good excuse. I’ve been working hard on my original stuff. I’m doing a rewrite on my Young Adult Urban Fantasy novel, getting it ready to be critiqued at a Writer’s Conference at the end of this month. Also in the middle of another YA Urban Fantasy story with the main character being a boy.  AND finishing up a movie script…Now, if I could only find an agent or publisher or whatever…No matter what happens in my writing career, I will always be a reader of fanfic. My dream would be to have a published book and authors writing fanfic with my original characters…that would be so f*cking cool. Thanks again for letting me ramble…and for me, Once I went Slash…I never went Back! Xo Drizl

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