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Tuesday's Best 9-27-2011

Good morning, my lovelies. I trust that you're all in good health and spirits today. If not, then I hope you'll find a bright spot in today's recs from Aradi and MizzDee. Have those fresh undies and towels at the ready while we go check out what they've found for us this time.


Sometimes you need a dark little fic to warm (chill?) your dark little heart.

Bridges is a O/S that buildmeapyramid wrote for the Pimp My Bunnies contest.  The full plotbunny is in the A/N, but in short the prompt was "human Edward, vamp Jasper, angst. Picture a meth addict, but exchange the meth for Jaspers power."  Brilliant.

And buildmeapyramid did an amazing job with the prompt.  The story is told in JPOV with alternating past/present, flashing back through the course of his relationship with Edward.

It's grim even in the opening.

There's the muffled sound of breathing on the other line, a half-sigh that makes my chest tighten. For an endless stretch of time all I can hear is each slow drag of air crackling through the connection, and I wish I could be there, wish I could feel those warm breaths fan my frozen skin, feel his heartbeat thrum against my fingertips. No, I remind myself silently. I stare out the window at the darkness below, but all I can see is him. His eyes. His lips. His skin.

The awkward phone call painfully illustrates their present estrangement, contrasting sharply with the flashbacks of how quickly Jasper fell for the broken Edward.

And how quickly Edward came to need Jasper.

"Don't talk. Just—just please—" His voice is a desperate keen as his hands tug at my shirt.

"Wait—Edward—" Fiery kisses trail down my jaw, melting my frozen skin, breathing life into my veins. His scent fills the air around me.

"Jasper," he pleads softly. His fingers tremble as they trace my waistline. "I need you."

And I wish I had the strength to pull away.

But he needs me.

So I surrender.

It's one of those trainwrecks that is irresistable to watch.

It's also one of those situations that's so very human (even if Jasper is a vampire).  Just because one of them can identify the problem doesn't mean they are both willing (or strong enough) to try to fix it.

(Mmm... angst.)

Buildmeapyramid's Jasper is amazingly well-drawn for such a short fic.  As much as Jasper muses on dysfunctional, damaged Edward, Jasper himself is just shuffling through his un-life and is really no better.


I must have read too much fluff this week, because this fic was a welcome breath of fresh, unhappy air.  Leave buildmeapyramid a review if you agree!



I'll be the first to admit that when I first saw this story, I looked at the pairing and said to myself "Really?” But then it was a drabble fic by Conversed so how could it not be good, right?  I'm so glad I put that aside because White Water made me love Emmett and Jake as a pair. It’s no doubt that I already love these two guys but this made me love them even more.

Emmett is the type of guy to always take care of others before ever thinking about himself. He looks after his brother, Edward, and his best friend, Riley, like a father figure even though they have men in their lives that could do the job just as well. He also runs a successful business that doesn’t really leave time for anything else.

Mr. All-work-and-no-play saves his sanity by taking the tiniest of vacations every year, mixing a little business with the only pleasure he allows himself to have. A five-day trip to Seattle to do whatever his heart desires, a new experience every year.  Emmett would have never guessed that the new experience presenting itself this time around is just what his life had been missing all along.

Enter fun-loving and free-spirited Jake.

Day one – As Emmett handles his business at an annual trade show, he sees something that catches his eye. First, it’s a tattoo…then it’s Jake…then his artwork…then his eyes…then his smile. Emmett sees an easy going type of guy, nothing like every other vendor at the show. When Jake calls Emmett back to his table, they spend the rest of the day together talking and laughing without even realizing the time passing by.

Being the guy he is, Emmett helps Jake pack up and take his things to his trailer. As they continue with their conversation, Jake makes the first move to kiss him. Emmett says he’s sorry…Jake says he’s not and offers Emmett the one proposition that changes everything.

Jake says we're cool, then he carefully wraps my template and presents it with an ostentatious bow, taking any awkwardness right out of the situation.

He grins, then shakes my hand, saying I shouldn't blame a guy for trying. I let go slowly.

Jake jokes as he opens the door that if I really try something new every year, maybe he could be this year's new experience.

He's joking.

I laugh.

He laughs.

We both sound a little weird.

Thanking him for all the food and company, I leave, looking back from time to time until he shuts the door.


The next day, I go rock-wall climbing. It's not the first time I've done this, and it doesn't take long to recall the steady movement between slack rope and tight, the constant conversation with your partner to ease-off or take hold.

I climb higher than ever, hanging at one point by my fingers while my feet flail, looking for purchase, and I laugh. It's thrilling, just like I remembered.

Looking at my schedule, I have a free evening, then rafting tomorrow. Neither rafting or rock-climbing are new experiences.

I don't mean to, but I can't help thinking of Jake's offer.

Emmett has a big decision to make and as he thinks about his life and the people in it, he realizes that taking a chance to “hang by his fingers, flailing, with his heart pounding” may be just what his life needs.

As part of the Aged Gaps series, Emmett never really played a big part in the stories. I, for one, am glad that this loveable guy is finally getting his shot at happiness.  Until next time…much love to you - D


There you have it, folks, two great stories to dive into. Be sure to check back next week to see what Aradi and I have in store for you. In the mean time, leave these wonderful authors some love.

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