Friday, September 2, 2011

Slash/\Backslash 3.0 Weekly Round Up

Slash/Backslash...the best slash you can read.

Join co-hosts avioleta and Capricorn75 and our judges Conversed and theladyingrey42  in reading the entries of the week.

You’re down to your last weekend to submit your boy slash.  Submissions accepted until THIS Monday, September 5th.  We’ve got some great entries, but not enough. We need more slash!

Find the entries HERE.

Visit our ffn profile and archives for complete guidelines and inspiration.  We take all kinds, all genres, and any and all M/M twi pairings.  We want vamp, Canon, AU, wolf, and AH.  We want angst, romance, fluff, hurt/comfort, and horror.  We just want boys who want boys, and we want it by September 5!

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Have you slashed today? Check out this week’s submissions:
Title: The Drop In
Author: GracieBlack28
Pairing: Jacob/Embry, Jacob/ Seth
Rating and Warnings: Rated M for adult content, i.e. language, m/m sexual situations, and drug use.
Word Count: 8,250
Summary: Jake's ideal summer hovered on the horizon. His relationship with Embry was finally changing, but a visit from Embry's cousin threatens to throw everything out of balance. AH.

Title: “The Lost Ones
Author: Miss Dare
Pairing: Edward/Jasper
Rating  and Warnings: M for mature and sexual content, underage drinking & drug use
Word Count: 6,910
Summary: Do you ever wonder what happened to your high school friends and sweethearts? Do you ever think about the ones who were lost on the way and wonder if any of the things you did could have saved them? This is a story for those who cared.

Title: Last Night
Author: pange
Pairing: Jasper/Garrett
Ratings and Warnings: Rated M for mature situations and language
Word Count: 2,922
Summary: "I try to memorize it all; the feel of his hard body against mine, the scent of him all around me. I know that I'll need these memories in the long months to come."

Title: Crude Oil
Author: reve2weaver
Pairing: Jasper/Edward
Ratings and Warnings: Rated M, for language, sex, violence, sexual violence intimated, drug use, off season hunting.
Word Count: 9,981
Summary: Nitrosexual-top meets Roughneck-top at a Northern Alberta cabin: lust and rivalry, ancient history and modern art, oil-sands and sunburns, crime and punishment, bears and hunters, ice and oil, man-made disaster.

Title: Directors Cut
Author: SarahAH30
Pairing: Emmett/Jasper
Ratings and Warnings: Rated M for m/m situations
Word Count: 4,810
Summary: Emmett, young, naive and in need of cash thinks he has found the answer to his money worries. How wrong he is. Can Jasper step in and end Emmett's downward spiral into depression?

Title: Step
Author: Savannah-Vee
Pairing: Edward/Jasper
Ratings and Warnings: Rated M for mature content and language.
Word Count: 6,503
Summary: "I could finally admit to myself that I was attracted to him. That I was more than attracted to him. That, shit, I wanted him more than I'd ever wanted anybody in my life. But he was my stepbrother..."

Title: The Carnival
Author: KellanCougar
Pairing: Edward/Carlisle
Ratings and Warnings: Rated M for sexual content; hurt/comfort.
Word Count: 3,829
Summary: Two men, one road trip and a wedding. On the way to his wedding, Edward reminisces over his life with Carlisle. AH

Title: Behind the Curtain
Author: mw138
Pairing: Edward/Jasper
Ratings and Warnings: Rated M; hurt/comfort.
Word Count: 8,812
Summary: Edward is amped about starting his senior year in college. When he's paired with shy, quiet and reclusive Jasper for a school project, his views on humanity, survival and true beauty are forever changed.

Title: First Taste of Forever
Author: bmango
Pairing: Jasper/Edward
Rating and Warnings: Rated M for sexual content, rimming.  
Word Count: 8,788
Summary: Jasper escapes Maria's army and heads north, looking for a change. In Chicago, he meets an unusual vampire who teaches him a different way to live and, by a twist of fate, to finally feel. Vamp slash

Title: Ice Inside His Soul
Author: JustBoy-92
Pairing: Emmett/Jacob
Rating and Warnings: Rated M for foul language and m/m sex.
Word Count: 8,794
Summary: Emmett was burnt in a past relationship and has closed himself off from the idea of them ever since. Well that was until Jake started trying to defrost his icy demeanor.

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