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Tuesday's Best 9-6-2011

Good morning, y'all. Hope the day finds you safe, sound, and healthy. Today is the last day that Conversed joins us with a rec, I'm sad to say. Real Life called, and she's answering, so join me in wishing her well. Thank you, Conversed, for your wonderful contributions. I hope RL settles soon. I for one would love to see you back again. It's truly been a pleasure.

That said, I'd like to welcome MizzDee on board, who'll be taking over Conversed's spot. She'll be joining us with a rec in a couple of weeks, since Aradi and I'll be up next week. Wish her a warm welcome in the mean time, though.

For now, let's see what Aradi and Conversed have in store for us. Remember to bring a fresh pair of panties and some towels, and off we go!


The Eurofornication Contest held back in the spring was simple enough - write a O/S (lemon required - amen to that) involving Edward, Europe, and slash or a threesome. It ended up with a small, but quite good, group of entries that provided plenty of entertainment.

However, one of the nicest things the contest organizers did was provide an inspiration ficlet.

What Happens in Zurich is a collab between SadTomato (If Only) and SingleStrand (Hard). Sixteen short chapters of EPOV and BPOV tell the smutty tale of Edward and Bella's visit to Emmett (in Zurich, of course).

Admittedly, the story is very much "Edward/Bella... plus Emmett" but I think that's part of what made it so catchy for me. This Bella is just like many of us slash-reading ladies... we love our own man, but damn if two hot boys going at it isn't inexplicably hot to watch.

To watch... to encourage... maybe to participate...

The fact that the threesome happens isn't really a spoiler. I mean, it was a requirement of the contest so it's not rocket science it’ll turn up in the example story. It ends up being unexpected (though not unwanted) by Bella, and her discovery of Emmett's involvement in Edward's past is fun and sweet and UST-y.

"What?" he asks, sensing my lingering curiosity."

"You tell me what," I retort, lacing my fingers through his. I lift his hand to my mouth and kiss his knuckles one by one.

He breathes. Unfamiliar noises-quiet creaking, far-off footsteps, the low hum of Emmett's television-fill the silence.

"Em's just... he's..." Edward stumbles, squeezing my hand. "It's just that um... when he lived with us, he uh... well, we..."

Then it clicks. A memory surfaces, from a few years ago when my relationship with Edward was new. When we were in the confess-your-secrets, explore-your-fantasies phase. His reaction to the big, sexy Swiss stud down the hall makes sense.

"That's him isn't it? Emmett's the guy? The one you fooled around with before we met?"

I adore this Emmett. He's direct and fun and unapologetic, as any Emmett should be. He knows this is just one weekend that won’t likely happen again, but he is more than happy to take whatever is offered.

Edward is sweet. He avoids the cliche'd panic over orientation, and instead worries about how what “might happen” in Zurich will affect Bella and their relationship. (Awww... shmoopy.)

There ya go, some fluffy threesome fun with an irresistable Emmett. Don't say I never give you things.



Ever feel like you just need someone to cuddle? I know I do, and if I had to pick from all the Twi-boys, Emmett would be my go-to cuddle choice every single time. I love it when I find fics that play to his strengths. There’s only so many times that reading about a super-jock can remain appealing so it’s lovely when someone like CherBella takes the time to write an Emmett with a little extra.

In her entry for the No Stress Love Fest, Speed Demons and Ferris Wheels, CherBella sets the scene with Edward and Emmett going out on a mysterious date. The fact that there was a blindfold involved caught my attention right away.

He stood behind me now, his breath hot against my ear, his arms around me, as he reached for the blindfold.

"Are you ready, baby?"

Still a little unsure of what I was getting myself into, but trying to trust him, I nodded.

With a rush of air the blindfold was off. I blinked my eyes a few times to adjust to the bright sunlight and then looked up . . . and up . . . and up.”

It turns out that Emmett remembers their first date a little more fondly than Edward, who had…um…how can I put this delicately? Well, let me just say that Edward gave Emmett a first almost-date to remember. Any outing that ends with this last line was bound to be memorable:

“Oh for fuck's sake, God, just kill me now, please.”

Poor Edward.

Luckily, Emmett is made of tough stuff, and his canon caring side shines through this lovely little OS. He calls on Edward the next day and makes a somewhat unconventional entry.

“By the time he was inside and could straighten up, I finally let go, although it had to be pretty obvious I was holding onto him far longer than was really necessary. I jerked my hands away quickly. He stood there, in front of me, literally just staring.

His eyes widened and flicked to my bare chest. And his mouth opened and then closed without a sound coming out. He blinked a few times and then his eyes swept down the rest of my body, quickly coming back up to look into my eyes.

If it were anyone else, I would say they were definitely checking me out.

But not Emmett McCarty.”

The story is set right before graduation, and like many high school kids, Edward has only just got a handle on his own sexuality. He has absolutely no idea whether Emmett even bats for his team. Or catches. Or whatev. I’m certain you know what I mean.

Cue: Food Porn.

“I picked one up and stuck half of the entire thing in my mouth before even biting down. I may have also let out a loud moan the minute the heavenly parmesan-garlic taste hit my tongue.

And that's when my life changed forever.

"Je-sus . . . ." Emmett tried to be quiet, but I heard his muttering under his breath. And I also caught, in my peripheral vision, his hand on his crotch, trying to subtly adjust himself.

I was so shocked I paused mid-bite, the breadstick still in my mouth.”

It all hots up from there. CherBella’s Speed Demons and Ferris Wheels is a lovely story, sweet enough to make your teeth fall out. Read and enjoy!



There you have it, folks. Two awesome stories to dig into. Be sure to check back next week to see what Aradi and I have in store for you. In the mean time, why don't you leave these wonderful ladies some love.

Make sure you stop by the Slash/Backslash 3.0 contest to read up on all the latest entries. There's some great stuff up there, and voting'll happen soon.

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