Monday, September 12, 2011

Guest Rec - Owenic

First off, let me say a HUGE thanks to Naelany for asking me to do this. I went from squeeeing like a fan-girl to panic stations in three point eight seconds. I didn’t know what the hell I was going to rec. Nearly everything I read, or have read, has already been recommended on this here wonderful blog, because let’s face it...there are some fucking awesome stories out there.

So, I spent hours scouring my faves list, my yet-to-read list, even the favourite lists of my favourite authors, ending back at my list of faves...and I narrowed it down. To two.

One is epically popular. The other is basically unheard of.

One is Twilight fanfiction, the other is not.

The first story I almost didn’t want to rec. How can I give an in depth, impartial review of a story with over 640,000 words and 4400 reviews that has owned me since Chapter 1?

The truth is, I can’t. And not do it justice, anyway.

Mergers and Acquisitions by Touchstone 67 & Domward’s Mistress hardly needs an introduction.

It’s only recently completed, pending some out-takes, after being a WIP for almost two years. I started reading this story when the first chapter went up, and have read every chapter religiously ever since.

Needless to say, M&A’s boys have been a part of my life for two years. The story is told in alternating Jasper and Edward POV’s, giving us a great insight to both men as their lives intersect. The story is brutally honest, no details are spared and no heart left unbroken.

M&A revolves around Jasper, a man who is both perfect and damaged in equal measure. Raised by drug addicted parents, left in the foster system where he was abused terribly, he ends up a street kid, who hooks for money to live. From there, he lands a job as an escort where he meets Edward Cullen.

Edward has had a privileged life, a good family, who loves and protect him; the polar opposite of Jasper. Edward has his own struggles though, being successful professionally, but lacking in his personal life.

Jasper struggles throughout the story, to reconcile sex and emotion. Just as he struggles to reconcile love with the pull he feels toward Edward. Love is something Jasper’s never known, and we watch as he comes to term with finally having something in his life worth holding onto.

The story beautifully parallels with both Pretty Woman and the Wizard of Oz, the only one good memory Jasper has of his childhood. There are supporting characters, who are critical to the development and growth of Jasper. But it’s Edward, Riley and Peter (the Lion, Scarecrow and Tinman) who truly journey with him to bring him home.

The sex is hot and frequent (remember, Jasper is an escort), the plot is superb and the characters will own you. You will laugh, you will cry, you will want to throw your computer and then hug it.

If you’ve balked at starting this fic because of the word count, don’t. Yes, the chapters are long, the story is long. But it’s worth every word.

So now for something different...I have delved out of Twiland for beautiful boys to brag about for this one, and it couldn’t be any more different from M&A.

It’s called Egg Snogging by Liberty Sun.

It involves two of my most favourite boys ever. Sorry, Edward and Jasper...

I’m talking about Brian Kinney and Justin Taylor.

This is a Queer as Folk Christmas fic, and it’s so, so very funny.

This story starts with Brian who, believing his husband Justin won’t be home for Christmas, decides to wallow and drinks himself into oblivion.

Justin surprises Brian by coming home early, only to find his very drunk husband wearing a Santa Claus outfit, with stitches in his ass cheek, a bandage wrapped finger and absolutely NO recollection of the evening.

And so the story begins as the boys try and figure out what the hell dear Brian got up to.

The story involves a real-life carpet-munching reindeer, X-rated gingerbread men, a statue of baby Jesus and a reindeer harness for eight. It also involves a bar, a hospital, a church, a nudie run down Liberty Avenue, and karaoke.

The story is interspersed with snippets of Christmas rhyming carols, which move the crazy plot along and seriously make you laugh out loud.

The story is only 5 chapters long, complete, with only 55 reviews. Its fun, well written and I smiled, laughed and snorted the entire way through it. If you’re after something different and funny, that won’t fuck with your head or heart, or just something that’s quick and easy to read, give this a shot.

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