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Tuesday's Best 8-30-2011

Good morning, everyone. Hope y'all have made it through the past few days unscathed, or as near thereto as possible. Conversed and I have found a couple of stories to bring some escape, so bring your towels, fresh undies, and maybe a hanky or two and let's get to it, shall we?


I love tattoos, I love hearing the stories behind them because you know there always is one, and I love it when I find out that unexpected people have them. I’m that person--you know the type--the one with no social boundaries at all, who will lean right over you in a bar just to get a closer look at some random dude’s ink.  

It’s how I make friends.

So, I do enjoy a good ink-fic (I’m looking at you Marked) and I’ll lean all over the other fics in my to-be-read list if I see a glimpse of a tribal tat trailing over a flexed bicep.

Hell. Yes. I. Will.

Seattle Ink was justreadme’s first foray into slash, and she sets the scene for her E/J multi-chp succinctly.

“There it was; the past. The physical reminder of what I wanted so desperately to forget.

Down my spine and across my shoulders is a shield of ink. A design composed of Celtic knots spiraling and spreading across my back. Over each shoulder the knots morphed into the heads of predatory birds. They are of no specific bird species, just an abstract of beaks and fierce eyes, guarding; warning others to stay away.

I needed something to watch my back; to protect it. I needed this shield.

I needed it like air.”
justreadme’s Edward is an angry young man, and boy does he have issues. I read the first chapter quickly and made my own (un)professional diagnosis: This boy needs a good, hard fuck.

Or a cuddle.

Maybe both.

Cue Jasper.

"Straight lines are the hard lines. I will take curves and swirls over straight lines any day. When those go crazy you can always claim artistic freedom or label them organic. But if a line is meant to be straight there isn't much freedom."

He was still smiling.

I like his smile.”
You can almost see justreadme relax into the story. The chapters get longer as the plot twists and turns. What should be obvious to Edward simply isn’t, and he lurches from unhappy obliviousness to growing awareness with the help of his therapist’s, um, unorthodox approach.

"Okay Edward, I want you to look around and tell me what you find attractive about the first five girls you see.”

"Okay good, now do the same thing with the first five men you see."

"Edward, do you really need me to spell it out for you?"
Maybe if more psychiatrists were like Carlisle, and took their patients out to clubs for a little gay-spotting, the world would be a happier place. Just saying.
But you know that just like with new ink, before there can be pleasure there must be pain. Edward’s confusion runs deep. Very deep. In his quest to explore the side of himself that he previously repressed, he hurts the people who want to help him most:

"Edward, I want to be your friend, but you make it so hard sometimes.

You want me to set you free; innocent amongst the vultures. Edward those clubs are like meat markets. The moment you walk in you will be hit on and lusted after, and you want me to stand by and watch."

He backed me up against the wall.

"I wanted to be with you. I wanted to be your first.”
The story completed recently, so go and enjoy a little Seattle Ink while it’s still wet.


I’m so excited to be able to share this rec with you. When PolkaDotMama asked for someone to tell her if she was crazy for having this idea or not, I jumped at the chance to take a peek. Then I did some fangirling and happy-dancing and much enthusing and prodding for it to be finished and posted.

Lo and behold, a year later it’s finally up, and I can share it with you!

The Recruiter tells the story of Jasper, who’s trying to figure out whether he’s gay or not. He’s had a steady girl for almost two years, got as far as third base with her, but never any further. Not that he minded. Over time, he’d come to realize that Alice - or girls in general - just didn’t seem to do anything for him.

Enter Edward Cullen, who moved to town in freshman year, and has become a frequent star in Jasper’s fantasies - whether he wanted him to be or not.

During a lab (Edward’s his lab partner in biology), things become to much for our poor Jasper and he has to excuse himself in order to relieve himself... and by that I don’t mean he had to go potty ;-). As he’s getting down from an orgasm high, he sees the number for the Recruiter; a man who’s known to help guys figure out whether they’re straight, gay, bi, or merely curious.

Jasper contacts him, figuring this is the only way for him to find out what’s what without everyone in town knowing or judging him in any way.

Surely it’s safe, right?

Nothing could actually happen to him... right?

Despite the fact that my body was exposed to the room, I didn't feel a chill as he worked his hands down my buttocks and legs, ending at my feet. Time was spent on the soles of my feet before he moved up to my calves and thighs again.

When he massaged where my thighs met up with my buttocks, he slowed his movements. He spent time touching the sensitive skin below the rise of my ass before rounding the fullness of my muscles. With each pass on my ass he moved his hands closer to my center. He gently grabbed each leg and spread them further apart before he continued his teasing ministrations.

As he moved nearer and nearer to my sensitive flesh, my body seemed to melt into the table. Soon he abandoned the rise of my buttocks completely and focused all his attention in the valley. His hand moved up and down, before slowly circling my puckered skin. The closer he got, the more quickly my body responded, opening to him, aching for him to get closer.

I was responding to his touch, my erection growing beneath me. T must have been able to tell I was getting uncomfortable, because he moved to the small table where I heard him open a small door.

"Lift your hips," he said in his smooth, yet youthful voice. As I lifted, he place a rolled up towel beneath me, lifting me just enough so that my cock had some room to grow before he continued the touches I so desperately craved.

He started further away from my sensitive skin and gradually made his way closer with soothing circles. I was lost in the feeling of his hands on me, easily relaxing for him. A moan escaped my lips and my breathing started to increase as his fingers finally touched me where I ached.

"That's right, Angel. Don't hold back. If it feels good, I want to know," he encouraged me.

"It…feels…so…good. Please, don't stop," I begged.

Well, something happens, as you can see. What else comes from Jasper’s little journey of discovery you’ll have to read to find out.

Oh, and PolkaDotMama? I still want more ;-)


There you have it, folks, two great stories to sink your teeth into again. Be sure to check back next week to see what Aradi and Conversed have in store for you. In the mean time, leave these wonderful authors some lovin'.

Don't forget that tomorrow marks the last day to enter the Born This Way Contest. I have to correct myself from last week, where I erroneously wrote the ending of Slash/Backslash 3.0 was the 15th. It's not, it's the 5th. So that means you have six days left to enter something there.

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