Friday, August 19, 2011

Slash/\Backslash 3.0 Weekly Round Up

Slash/Backslash...the best slash you can read.

Join co-hosts avioleta and Capricorn75 and our judges Conversed and theladyingrey42  in reading the entries of the week.

We have some fantastic new submissions this week, but we still want more.  Give us your boys who want boys.  We need more slash!

Find the entries HERE.

Visit our ffn profile and archives for complete guidelines and inspiration.  Submissions accepted until September 5, so you have plenty of time to try your hand at slash.  We take all kinds, all genres, and any and all M/M twi pairings.

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Have you slashed today? Check out this week’s submissions:
Title: “Knock Knock
Author: Beans827
Pairing: Edward/Jasper
Rating  and Warnings: M for mature sexual themes and explicit m/m content
Word Count: 8,659
Summary: Edward & Jasper both play on the same baseball team. Jasper is a catcher and Edward a pitcher. But are those the positions they are most comfortable with? And can something as simple as a knock knock joke bring these two guys together?

Title: Random Thoughts
Author: Icetor
Pairing: Edward/Jasper
Rating  and Warnings: M for combustible lemons, AH powers, m/m slash
Word Count: 7,849
Summary: Random merging of two plot bunnies with a twist. I wanted to do an actor/director fic and decided to give the boys their powers in order to promote antics.

Title: Unexpected
Author: megsABD
Pairing: Edward/Jasper
Rating  and Warnings: M, AH, m/m slash
Word Count: 4,474
Summary: After a bad breakup, Edward tries to convince himself he is better off alone. However, if he just takes a chance, he may find that life can surprise him in the most unexpected ways. AH. Slash.

Title: Come As You Are
Author: MizzHyde and JasperLuver48 (collab)
Pairing: Emmett/Jasper
Rating  and Warnings: M, AH, explicit m/m sexual content and ‘extremely silly’
Word Count: 7,116
Summary: "My name is Jasper and I'm calling on behalf of SlenderFit USA about a new product we are offering called The Flex Pro Abdominal Muscle Toner. Tell me, Emmett, do you work out a lot?"

Title: Misapprehension
Author: ItsJustMe1217 and RPfangirlJR (collab)
Pairing: Edward/Jasper
Rating  and Warnings: Rated M for language, drug use, and boy/boy sex.
Word Count: 10,000
Summary: Edward and Jasper share an after prom experience that will change their lives.

Title: “If You Send For Me
Author: MizzHyde
Pairing: Seth/Carlisle
Rating  and Warnings: M, Slash and Angst
Word Count: 4,115
Summary: “And if you send for me I will feel and kiss and hold you. And if you send for me I will share my beating heart. Doing everything with you will be alright. And make sweet love until the morning.”

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