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Tuesday's Best 8-2-2011

Good morning, y'all, hope you're having a grand day today. There's lot's going on lately, so let's get straight to the point, shall we? So, grab your towels, fresh panties, and go see what Aradi and I have found for you this week.


While I wait for a bountiful crop of contest entries (Slash/Backslash 3.0 and Dirty Talking Jasper, if not more), I console myself with the gems of contests past.  I rediscovered this one while rummaging in my bookmarks for non-Edward/Jasper fics.

Hard as a Rock by chele681 was an entry in the "Me and Mr McCarty" contest.  Don't ask me how I found it the first time, as Emmett isn't one of my favorite characters, and Emmett/Rosalie is probably the snooziest of pairings for me.  No idea what I was doing looking at an Emmett contest (especially when there was a dire shortage of slash).

Regardless, Hard as a Rock is good fun.  It's an AH Emmett and Jasper story, set in the great outdoors.  (Mmm... boys outdoors.)  The guys have met online for a college course, and in this one-shot they finally meet face-to-face for a hiking trip.  (Mmm... boys in tents.)

One of my favorite things about this story is how thinks-he's-straight Emmett deals with realizing he's attracted to Jasper.  There's no panic or denial, and he doesn't flip like a switch.  

My fixation was getting seriously out of control. I had accepted my stargazing at him yesterday; he was obviously brilliant and well-traveled, with a wicked sense of humor. He was the kind of guy who could set anyone at ease in any situation. If the world were to end in a ball of flames, Jasper would be toasting marshmallows while everyone else ran around trying to right their wrongs. I tried to convince myself it was just hero-worship, but my body's reaction to him this morning, and the subtle tension I felt building in my chest now told me there was more going on and it was something I had no previous experience with.

I was attracted to my cool-as-ice-leaving-for-a-foreign-country-in-two-weeks lab partner, Jasper. Who was not a girl.

Along with Emmett's interesting personal journey, there’s also plenty of sweaty boys and half-naked boys in tidepools.  (Mmm... sweaty, half-naked boys... outdoors... in tents.)

Aside from Emmett's questionable orientation, the guys have plenty of obstacles in their way.  One of which is Emmett himself.

"Would you care to partake of a gourmet can of franks and beans?" I said, offering him half of the warmed can.

"I don't eat meat,' he said, shaking his head, but not looking up from his journal, where he seemed to be intently sketching a fucking plant.

Irritated, I spoke without thinking, "That's not the impression I got earlier." Even I cringed when the words escaped my mouth. I hadn't intended to be hurtful, but as they tumbled out, I felt the rejection they carried in the air.

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?" he asked, looking up at me, seething.

Yeah... smooth.  So totally Emmett.

Anyway.  Check it out if you want some outdoorsy boys, and especially if you're an Emmett fan.  (This Buddha-quoting Jasper is a keeper as well.)  

Dreamy boys in the great outdoors would be the only way to get me out of the A/C these days.

Send more ice.



I know most of us love a good coming out fic. Especially if it’s boys coming out to each other. I Just Want To Try One Thing by SmashedPumpkin01 is just such a story. It’s marked complete, but I’m desperately hoping she’ll write more of these boys, because there’s still so much ahead of them.

Edward’s come to the realization that he might just be in love with his best friend. Jasper has made no secret about liking both boys and girls, but hasn’t pushed the issue in any way shape or form. Edward, on the other hand, is eating himself up over the fact that he’s lusting after his best friend, because he isn’t at all sure the feeling’s mutual, or even if he’s really gay or what. He’s eighteen and confused, and you can’t really fault him for that.

After school, we went home to my place to do homework. Fucking homework. I'd been sitting by the desk in my room for the past two hours, trying to start my paper on Shakespeare's Sonnet 18, but my mind kept drifting. Drifting to thoughts of him. My best friend. On my bed. Beneath me. Naked. Fuck. Shit, I needed to stop that train of thought.

"Fuck," I sighed.

Said object of my affection was sitting indian style on the bed, across from my desk, as he looked up from the book he was currently reading.

"Can't handle some Shakespeare, Cullen?". He knew as well as I did that literature was my best subject.

"Shut up." I sounded pissed. I didn't actually mean to, but the words were sharp, cold. Ice.

"What's your problem?"

I wanted tell him. You. You are my fucking problem, Jasper.



"It's none of your business, Whitlock."

"Fuck you, I'm just trying to be a friend." Yes, Jasper, yes I want you to fuck me. And god-fucking-damn, do I want you to be more than a friend.

So fuck it. Here goes nothing.

*grins* Yes, I’m evil enough to leave you hanging. You’ll have to go read the story to see just what Edward is about to do.


There you have it, folks, two great stories to check out. Now if that wasn't enough for you, the guessing polls are still open for the Twilight No Stress Love Fest. I entered, think you can find me?

There are currently two contests going that have my slash-loving heart all tingly with anticipation. First, there's of course an oldie but a goodie: Slash / Backslash 3.0. They're accepting admissions until September 15th, so you've got plenty of time to come up with something to thrill us all with.

Then there's a newcomer to slashtown, as far as contests go, but one I'm excited for none the less. The Born This Way contest. Any pairing, so that includes femslash, m/m and any combination thereof. Deadline is August 31st, so you have all month (they still leave you time to enter S/BS 3.0, too. Just sayin').

Check them out, and dip your toes in the pond of slash-writing. There couldn't be a better time to do so.
See you there!

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