Friday, August 26, 2011

Slash/\Backslash 3.0 Weekly Round Up

Slash/Backslash...the best slash you can read.

Join co-hosts avioleta and Capricorn75 and our judges Conversed and theladyingrey42  in reading the entries of the week.

There is less than two weeks left to submit your boy slash.  Submissions accepted until September 5th.  We’ve got some great entries, but not enough. We need more slash!

Find the entries HERE.

Visit our ffn profile and archives for complete guidelines and inspiration.  Submissions accepted until September 5, so you have plenty of time to try your hand at slash.  We take all kinds, all genres, and any and all M/M twi pairings.

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Have you slashed today? Check out this week’s submissions:

Title: “Courage to Change
Author: mrsbeas
Pairing: Edward/Carlisle
Rating  and Warnings: M for mature sexual themes, drug use/addiction, AU/AH
Word Count: 9,842
Summary: Edward's destructive drinking finally catches up to him. Can Carlisle help him put his life back together?

Title: Boys of Summer
Author: amandac3
Pairing: Edward/James
Rating  and Warnings: M for mature sexual themes, AU/AH
Word Count: 10,000
Summary: Swimming and speedo's, diving and dancing, boys and bottle caps. A fable of finding and falling.

Title: Roomate Wanted
Author: Fr333bird
Pairing: Edward/Riley
Rating  and Warnings: Contains very explicit adult content. AH
Word Count: 6,145
Summary: Edward and Riley are roommates, but neither are very honest about their feelings... until Edward finally is.  

Title: Impediments
Author: Oh Jasper My Jasper
Pairing: Carlisle/Jake
Rating  and Warnings: M for mature sexual themes, AH
Word Count: 9,979
Summary: When a Seattle surgeon's car breaks down near Port Angeles, he meets a hot mechanic who salvages the trip. But will barriers prevent Carlisle & Jake from turning a fun weekend into a true relationship?

Title: Worst Party Ever
Author: TruceOver
Pairing: Emmett/Jacob
Rating  and Warnings: M for mature sexual themes, AH
Word Count: 5,952
Summary: Worst. Party. Ever.

Title: Crossing Paths
Author: vbfb1
Pairing: Charlie/Carlisle
Rating  and Warnings: M for mature sexual themes, AH
Word Count: 6,397
Summary: On the night of what would have been his fifteenth wedding anniversary Charlie decides it is finally time to face facts. What happens when he crosses paths with a friend in a very unlikely place?

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