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Tuesday's Best 8-23-2011

Happy Tuesday, folks! Hope you're all staying safe (just heard about the quakes hitting the East Coast, so hope ya'll are taking care). Would a little distraction help? If so, why don't we get right to it and see what Aradi and I have picked out for you today. 

Confession time again!  (I sense a recurring theme...)

I've been cheating on the fandom.  (gasp!)

I know.  It's terrible.  The reason I needed to share is because I've been reading Torchwood fanfic.  The slash is canon!  There's no need for photoshopped fan art when I can watch the boys kiss RIGHT THERE ON TV.  Sadly, that fandom peaked a few years ago (when the TV show did too  *cough*) so it's sort of like an archaeological expedition in a mostly-abandoned land.

But I can watch the boys kiss RIGHT THERE ON TV.

Okay, back to the program (before Nae starts throwing things at me again).

All this talk of the Slash/Backslash contest reminded me of one of my favorite contest entries.  It was mentioned in a When Fiction Comes to Life entry once, but technically wasn't recced, so I had to remedy that oversight.

The Kinsey Scale by Pastiche Pen (Yesternight, Red Geraniums), was an entry in the Intheclosetcontest last year.  It won second place for the open vote and judges’ vote in M/M stories.

This Edward/Jasper one-shot earned its place in my heart for its educational value and its stellar, snappy dialogue.  It's also hot, awkward, and hysterical in turns.

I know I love him because when I'm messing with my keyboard, humming or fiddling or what have you, he'll come in strumming his guitar with an orange bandanna that says "Paco's Tacos" on his brow, and the way my fingers are pressing on the keys it's like sad, public masturbation, like my fingers are dicks being jerked with pathetic, indeterminate squalls, because I can't relax. If I do, I look at him. I look at him. I stop playing, and I have to beg off. That's why I make myself stay now no matter what. I won't let myself hurt him. It's better to make the face smile, bury my melancholic notes with turgid finger jerks. Let him sing.

I'll cry later.

I know I love him because when I see him with her, I hate myself. She's beautiful, and not in a boring way either. She has porcelain skin; a sharp, quick nose; and... if I'm honest... amazing hair. It's short, but the angel-black curls somehow make her look like a sylvan princess. It makes you want to touch her face. Kiss the top of her head. This is why I hate this soft little woman. Alice.

This is also why I tell her, when she asks, that yes, I could fuck her.

It is Jasper's Alice who introduces Edward to the Kinsey scale, and to the possibility that his straight-and-has-a-girlfriend roommate (for whom he pines desperately) may not be completely straight.

Awkward, angsty comedy ensues, along with a cameo from a certain hot (and woefully straight) biology professor, before our boys can finally attempt to communicate properly.

Really, I could copy and paste chunks of this fic all day long (or until you had the entire content).  The banter is smart and funny, and Edward's inner voice is a juicy mess of crazydramaticsmittenpretentious.

Any fic that contains

"She came in an angry torrent of girl love?"

is a gem.


So, yes, "the elephant in the room" is what's in my pants and pressed up against my best friend.

Read, laugh, swoon, and give thanks for contests everywhere.  Leave Pastiche Pen some appreciation as well (and maybe she'll write us another Yesternight  *swoon*).



As some of you might have guessed by now, I’ve got a particular fondness for drabbles. Drabble arcs, specifically - especially well-told ones. It takes a certain amount of skill to convey a lot in very, very few words.

Ohtheseboys, a collab between owenic and Twistedbytwilight, manages to do just that. Granted, they go a little out of the drabble-style,  as some are a little longer than the normal 100 words per chapter, but still. It’s good.

So what story am I going on about, you ask? It’s Truly, Madly, Deeply. Every chapter (well, just about) you see both Edward and Jasper’s POVs as they meet and get to know each other.

Edward is a chef, and co-owner of a catering service. Due to unforeseen circumstances, he ends up delivering to one of the events himself and meets Jasper. He doesn’t know who he is, but the moment he sees him, he knows he’s it.

Jasper is a well-known photographer, and feels the same the moment he lays eyes on Edward.

Of course, you know that things don’t just go easily. And this is definitely not a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am (well, ‘sir’, in this case, of course) kind of fic. Suffice it to say, though, that these two boys are very sweet, and they work their way through everything. You’ll just have to read how they actually get out on the other end ;-)


It was news I'd been waiting for, for months. The shoot required calling in some major favors with friends in South America, plus getting clearance from the local officials. It was the project I'd put weeks of work into...before I met Edward. When I hadn't heard back from the officials, I had been disappointed, but moved on.

But then I saw Maria's note. My heart fluttered, and I immediately started making plans for my departure. I was in the zone. That lasted about 10 seconds.

I drove back to the apartment, not sure what to do. It would mean three weeks away from Edward. Could we manage being apart for that long? How would I sleep by myself? How would he sleep by himself? How could I think of leaving him? I depended on him, needed him, and for some beautiful and unknown reason he needed me, too. I would be just walking away for 21 days, for a job.

I stood for god knows how long in front of my window wall, staring out into my city. I couldn't look at him when he came in. I was still trying to figure out how to get the words out. When he asked me worriedly, "Jasper, is everything okay?" I turned to face him.

"Baby, I have to go away for a while."


There you have it, folks, two lovely stories to delve into. Be sure to check back next week to see what Conversed and I have in store for you. In the mean time, leave these wonderful authors some well-earned love.

Hey, don't forget about the Born This Way Contest, and the Slash/Backslash 3.0 contest. There's plenty of time left to enter, with the BtW accepting entries until the 31st of August, and S/BS 3.0 until September 15th. There's already a few entries to check out, but we'd all love to have more, so hop to and join in on the fun!

Oh! I Almost forgot! August 30th is Beta Appreciation Day. Those wonderful beta's who work so hard to make all the lovely stories we read so much better deserve to have some lovin' all their own.

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