Friday, August 12, 2011

Slash/\Backslash 3.0 Weekly Round Up

Slash/Backslash...the best slash you can read...

You know you want to... Join co-hosts avioleta and Capricorn75 and our judges Conversed and theladyingrey42  in reading the entries of the week.

Find the entries HERE.

Visit our ffn profile and archives for complete guidelines and inspiration.  Submissions accepted until September 5, so you have plenty of time to try your hand at slash.  We take all kinds, all genres, and any and all M/M twi pairings.

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Have you slashed today? Check out this week’s submissions:

Title: “Walking Away”
Author: PolkaDotMama
Pairing: Edward/?
Rating  and Warnings: AU, Mature
Word Count: 9938
Summary: A chance encounter pierces Edward, opening him to new knowledge about himself. He walks away, searching for comfort and a way to fill the void he feels. Will he find his way back to the only person who can truly fulfill him?

Title: “Tired of Sex”
Author: tuesdaymidnight
Pairing: Jasper/Edward
Rating and Warnings: AH. Rated M, for language and implied sex acts
Word Count: 5750
Summary: Jasper and Edward have a great relationship and a healthy sex life, or so Jasper thinks. When Edward tells him that he's grown tired of sex, Jasper tries to get to the bottom of it. Pun intended.

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