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Tuesday's Best... On Wednesday 8-10-2011

Oops! Looks like life ran away with me. My sincerest apologies for forgetting to post yesterday. But, I'm here today, and Conversed and I have wonderful tales to share with you. Hopefully you'll think they're worth the delay, but I'm sure you will ;-)

So, without further ado, let's check what we have in store for you this week.


My rec today comes from a story that started as a submission to the Fandom Fights Tsunami collection. I was blown away by this piece and was so excited to see it continue.
In this delicious Carlisle/Edward story, donnersun’s words take you directly to North Carolina. Her descriptions put you—beautifully, believably— right there with the characters:

“The moon was full and round, its beams dancing off the small waves of the Pamilco Sound as I crossed the two lane bridge and onto the barrier islands that hugged the coast of Northeastern North Carolina.

Scrub oaks and sandy dunes dotted the side of the road and the smell of blooming Russian olives permeated the air. Taking a deep breath, I filled my lungs with the salty air.”

Her descriptions are so vivid—from the bar that Edward plays in, to the house full of pack-rat debris, hinting at Edward’s state of mind—that you’ll want to read r-e-a-l-l-y slowly, just to wallow in them for a while.

Carlisle returns to his childhood home for the summer. For most of the year he lives away, teaching.  Edward seems a touch uptight about that:

"What the fuck, Carlisle," he breathed angrily into my ear, biting at it and shoving against me with his hips.

"Hey," I groaned back. This was looking good for me. He was speaking, at least. And biting. I could dig the biting.”

Yeah, baby. We all dig the biting. JS.

Carlisle soon discovers that he can’t spend so much time away from Edward without there being consequences. This Edward is fabulous—and I mean that in the strictest sense: he has an element of the mythical or other-worldly about him—but he is essentially a sometimes lonely man. His and Carlisle’s relationship mimics a tide that constantly ebbs and rises, but when Carlisle is away other people come down to the water’s edge to paddle from time to time:

“Riley sized me up before muttering a nice to meet you. That in itself was a testament to the fact that his mama had raised him with some manners, because I could tell by the look on his face that it was anything but nice for me to be standing there shoulder to shoulder with Edward.”

donnersun has set the story up neatly. We have a unique Carlisle (I’ve never read one like him, and I’m very much looking forward to reading more), and a fiercely independent yet almost needy Edward who says shit like this:

"See, that's where you're readin' me wrong. I know you've missed this. You can't help it. It's in your blood. You'll keep comin' back to this place just like those damn snow geese do every year. Just as sure as the tides and the moon, you'll be back. I know that.

But sometimes I just can't help but pray real hard to whatever fishtailed god is lookin' over this spit of land that this time, this time, you'll stay."

And then she goes and adds in dirty, dirty, sandy sex:

"Stop that and come," he said, smiling and thrusting into me slightly harder.”

It’s just so good. Get in right at the start. I’m crossing my fingers for a third chapter of On The Outskirts soon.

Conversed x


Who would’ve ever thought to pair up Alec and Jasper? I know it isn’t a pairing that immediately springs to my mind, but it did for upsidedownntwisted when he wrote Touchy, Feely. It’s vampfic, and he makes excellent use out of both boys’ powers.

I mean, think of it. Alec and Jasper are polar opposites in every way - yet somehow, they work. Boy, howdy, do they work!

"I do?" I ask reaching for him.

"Can you read me when you touch me?" He questions, dodging my touch. "Or was I blocking you then too?"

"I could." I frown and then ask. "Can you feel this?"

"Feel what?" he asks, raising an eyebrow.

I frown a little, apparently my projecting emotions only work with contact as well. Curious. "I was projecting happiness."

"So that needs touch as well." He frowns.

"Not normally, no." I shrug. "I can show you if you'd like, on the village."

"That won't be necessary. Does your gift have a large radius?" he asks.

"Depends on the emotion, fear is stronger than calm," I frown not sure of where this
questioning is leading.

"That has to be so overwhelming," he muses.

The boys have a few things in common that you or I might not have thought of at first. What, you’ll have to read to see. 

For the record, this story is on TwiWrite. You’ll need to sign up in order to read it, but it’s free, and there are a ton of stories available there. The skins are changeable, so don’t let the introduction skin deter you from using the site.


There you have it, folks. Two juicy tales to sink your teeth into. Enjoy!

Now, let's not forget that there're currently two contests happening - of the slash variety. Oh yes, ladies and gents. Slash, and only slash.

First, there's Slash / Backslash 3.0. They're accepting admissions until September 15th, so you've got plenty of time to come up with something to thrill us all with.

Then there's a newcomer to slashtown, as far as contests go, but one I'm excited for none the less. The Born This Way contest. Any pairing, so that includes femslash, m/m and any combination thereof. Deadline is August 31st, so you have all month (they still leave you time to enter S/BS 3.0, too. Just sayin').

Check them out, and dip your toes in the pond of slash-writing. There couldn't be a better time to do so.
Come on, hop into the slash-pond with us. The water's great, I promise ;-)

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