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Slash Guest Author Rec - wytchwmn75

How To Make A Fan Fic Sundae

It’s summer. It’s hot. It’s sticky. There’s nothing like an ice cream sundae to help cool
you off. And there’s nothing like these fics to get you hot again.

The Ice Cream: Chubby Hubby by Ben & Jerry
House of Cards by therunaway1

Angst. Pure, unadulterated angst is the driving force behind House of Cards. Why
compare it to Chubby Hubby, you may ask? Because it’s both sweet and salty.

Bella's in love with Edward, but she sets him up with her friend Kate. Both hit it off
and get married. Bella hurts but takes it in stride. But what happens when married
Edward tells Bella he's in love with her? Hurt so good affair, I think. hurt/romance

They’re the best of friends. Perfect on paper. If only they’d figured this out sooner. The
pain that they feel radiates off the computer screen The writing is so natural, you’re
pulled in at once. You won’t agree with their choices. You’ll probably want to scream
at them (and maybe even hit them). You’ll question practically everything they do. And
you’ll love every minute of it. If you need a good cathartic cleansing, House of Cards is
the perfect outlet.

"A lot of things have changed, Bella. They have become complicated."

My blood burns my skin. "Tell me what has changed, Edward. I need us to be on the same
page, here, because I'm lost. I'm starting to feel ashamed and guilty... but for what?"

"We always throw our questions back to each other, Edward. I'm so fucking sick of that. I hate how you walk around things, and you're never straight up. I'm not dealing with this anymore. I won't. I..." I try to find the words to say what I want correctly. "My stomach gets nauseous when I have to be around you. I hate not knowing what to expect from you. I'm nervous... and... and I hate that."

His eyes are void, his features angry. "What's that supposed to mean?" He recoils away from me-closes himself off. Puts up his shield. "You tell me."

We're in-sync.

The Hot Fudge

A Madness Most Discreet by vampireisthenewblack
I'm pretty sure Edward Cullen hates my guts. It's the way he looks at me, the way
he stares so intensely. If that were the extent of the problem it would be easy to
ignore, but it's not. Because I'm pretty sure I'm in love with him. AH E/J Slash NC-
17 WIP

I’m really enjoying this story. These boys are delicious, but that’s not the only reason.
They’re so real. They have the same problems as any high school teenager, plus the fact
that one’s in the closet, the other is out. Trying to navigate these new feelings and all the
what if’s that come along with growing up isn’t easy but they’re learning how to do it
together. Jasper so vulnerable, you’ll want to wrap in a big hug. Edward is the perfect yin
to his yang, normally cool and confident except when it comes to Jasper.

He's hot, and twitching, and wet at the tip. I stroke him like I would stroke myself, only
repositioning my hand once to compensate for the fact that I'm working the other way. I try to kiss him. He doesn't kiss back, but he stares into my eyes, breathing half words and soft groans. Slowly I realise that his hips are twitching; soon he's thrusting into my hand. His lips hang open, occasionally closing over his tongue as he wets them, and seeing him like this, flushed and aroused and fucking my hand makes me brave and I whisper, "I want to make you come."

His eyes snap closed and he groans loud, his face twisting in pleasure. He cries out, and I feel his cock swell in the circle of my fingers. He grunts and clenches his fist in my hair, and it hurts, but I don't care because his cock is pumping hot, wet spurts out over my hand and onto the duvet beneath us.

I made Edward Cullen come.

The Whip Cream

The Limits of Time by Peace.Love.Me

The one thing that Jasper hates the most in the world is his stepbrother Edward.
But every weekend he spends with him makes him feel differently. What if he was
wrong all along? What if he mistook hatred for desire? What will happen with this
new feeling?

There’s something so hot about stepbrothers being into each other. Especially when
Jasper’s being a jerk and Edward’s emo. The relationship between them is so strained,
I’m not sure you can even call it a relationship in the beginning. Jasper does his best to
put up walls and sweet Edward just wants to knock them down. But Jasper’s awakening
is beautiful, mostly because it doesn’t happen over night. It grows within him over time,
and for every two steps forward, he takes one back. I love it ─ the guilt over what he does
to Edward, the need he has to make things right, and the weight of the secrets he has to

Please, come with me. I need to talk to you. Please come with me.

I walked out the door and crossed my fingers. I waited on the sidewalk in front of the house. One minute, two minutes, three minutes. Nothing. Something dropped in my stomach and I felt devastated.

I started walking down the sidewalk. My eyes were pricking like I was going to cry. I fucking hated that he was the one to make me feel like that. I walked half a block before I heard my name.

"Jasper!" I heard him call as he sprinted towards me. The feeling that went through me was explainable. It was like my world was crashing again but this time it was in a good way. It was like something was lifted inside of me. Shit, I sounded like a fucking chick.

Edward finally reached me and he was catching his breath as he looked at me.

"You wanted me to come, didn't you?" he asked me.

The Cherry

Best of Both Worlds by owenic

I’ve recently fell in love with drabbles. It’s an amazing feat and show of talent that an
author can get so much emotion through in 100 words. Best of Both Worlds is one of the
best drabbles out there.

Edward, a tradesman by day, is transfixed by a blue eyed man he meets on the
dance floor every Friday night. Jasper has his reasons for hiding who he really is,
but Edward wants to show him he can have the best of both worlds. J&E Slash.

This is a beautiful story of two men ─ one broken and one that puts him back together.
Jasper is all man but still so fragile over things that have happened in his past. He doesn’t
trust easily, but Edward knows that he’s worth it and sets out to prove to him that there
could be great things in his life. Everything they go through makes them stronger even
when it doesn’t feel like it.

"What do we do on Monday?" he asks, his voice is so unsure. "At work, I..."

He nods, but he's not convinced. "Look Jasper, you don't have to tell me what happened,
what's got you so scared, but you can trust me."

"I will be me. You will be you," I say. "It doesn't have to be difficult."

He looks at me then with those sky-blue eyes.

I remind him, "We're keeping the same secret."

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