Monday, August 1, 2011

Slash Guest Author Rec - Evieeden

evieeden recommends In Public, I Call Her Sister by naelany

One of my favourite things to read in this fandom is femmeslash and unfortunately good femmeslash is often in short supply, which was why I was especially excited to be able to read In Public, I Call Her Sister by naelany. This period story is the tale of what would have happened if Rosalie and Vera weren’t just good friends, but in love as well, and the consequences of that relationship given that homosexuality wasn’t accepted in the 1930s. This one twist in character then changes our perceptions of everything in Rosalie’s history.

We agree that no one must know. No one can ever find out. If they did, they would surely separate us.

If Father ever discovered ...

I shudder at the thought. As ambitious as my parents are, he would not take kindly to find his daughter 
had been...spoiled.

Used goods.

I know that what I feel for Vera is improper, but I simply cannot help myself. I still can't believe she feels the same way about me.

So we keep our secret.

People always say we're as close as sisters, so that's what I call her.

My sister.

My love .

By contrasts, this story is both incredibly sweet and painfully heartbreaking. One of the things that I enjoy most in this story is that we do not see the bitter and angry Rosalie of Twilight and the rest of the Saga; instead, this pre-Royce fic allows us to see an innocent and much more happier Rose, in love for the first time. Yet despite all this there is also the sadness as it become apparent that she and Vera will never be able to be together publicly, and as the real world begins to intrude upon their romance, pulling them gradually apart, you begin to see Rosalie fall apart at the loss of her love.

Lloyd Henry Roche.

How I despise him.

Envy him.

He is free to court Vera - to hold her hand, touch her, caress her.

To steal a kiss from her.

He's been courting her for weeks and I cannot stand it.

Sitting behind my dressing table, I stare blankly at my reflection. I've claimed a headache in order to be left alone by Mother and my brothers.

In truth, I'm sulking,thinking about how things will never be the same again.

That I've lost her.

A sob threatens at the realization that I never truly had her to begin with.

What make this fic even more enjoyable is that it’s very easy to read and get into. Written in drabbles and updated every day, naelany has given us small snapshots into Rosalie’s life, thoughts and feelings towards Vera, without the point being laboured across for too long, and without having to wait too long for an update.

In Public, I Call Her Sister is a beautifully and sympathetically written story with a great twist on canon. At the moment, only about a third of the story has been posted, but as the beta for this fic (for which I was very grateful), I can guarantee that it’s well worth sticking around to see how events unfold. It might be wise to bring tissues with you when you read it; I bawled like a baby.

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