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Tuesday's Best 10-18-2011

Good morning, my lovelies! Hope y'all are enjoying the Fall weather and are gearing up - slowly - for the oncoming season. Now, what's better with the chill returning to the air than a sweet, hot bit of fiction? Not a hell of a lot, I say, so why don't we hurry along and see what Aradi and MizzDee have in store for you today. Remember to grab a towel and a fresh pair of panties!

Dirty talk is the goodest kind of being bad.  Either as the preview of things to come, or as a running commentary on action in progress, it can be its own form of sex and seduction.

In the case of Jasper in Want You to Want Me, by rhythm junkie, the dirty talk is all that and more.

Jasper's dirty, dirty mouth is so verybad-ly good that rhythmjunkie won First Place, Judges' Vote in the Dirty Talking Jasper contest.  She also won my thigh-rubbing admiration.  This fic is hot because of the smut, and even hotter for Jasper's pervy dialogue that just... never... stops.

Riley scrabbles in the dark for the piece of plastic shrilling him out of his sleep. His dream-lazy fingers finally curl around the casing and bring it clumsily to his ear.


"I woke you."

It's not a question and Riley's awake, half-sitting without registering the movement. Jasper's voice is low, a voice Riley has been trying not to think about.

"How did you get my number?" Riley can hear the grit of not enough rest in his own tone and he definitely feels the prickle in his thighs at the answering groan in his ear.

"Riley, you sound so fucking sexy when you're sleep mussed." Jasper laughs, slow and breathy. "I wonder, do you sound the same after a thorough fucking?"

Thus begins the indelicate seduction of Riley Biers, courtesy of Jasper.  This story is obviously AU/AH, and the single-minded Jasper and blushingly-clueless-and-resistant Riley are entertaining from start to finish.

Jasper likes to talk.  A lot.  He tells Riley what he wants to do.  He tells Riley what he's going to do.  Hell, Jasper doesn't even let doing things get in the way of telling Riley what he wants to do later.  He can multi-task the dirty talk.

That boy's mouth never stops.

It's beautiful.

A warning:  This O/S comes with a warning for "perceived dub/non-con."  It passed the squick test for me, but your mileage may vary.  Some took it differently, judging from the reviews, so it's something to consider.

I will agree with those who said that the lack of a condom was bothersome.  Not bothersome enough that I completely lost my buzz, but enough to niggle afterward.

Just sayin’.

You know all of us here at TwiSlash just want our boys happy, safe, and healthy.

(Clean, but with a dirty mouth.)

Go.  Read.  Melt at the talk and the action (and the action&talk).  Leave rhythm junkie adoring squees.



Good morning, lovelies. Who’s ready for a ride so intense that it has you squirming in your seat while you read? At least that was my reaction when I read Shifting Gears by TKegl . She is one amazing writer who made the decision to jump head first into the world of slash to write for the Carlward contest. What was created was an awesome one shot – and eventually... more – featuring the amazing Carlisle Cullen and an oh-so hot Edward.

First impressions can be a wonderful thing. When Carlisle Cullen slid out from underneath his beautifully restored 1969 GTO, his eyes fall upon a stranger with “long legs encased in denim, a ragged tear over one knee…tanned forearms dusted with golden hair…a white t-shirt over broad shoulders…a pile of messy brown hair, glinting red and gold in the sunlight…and finally dark sunglasses perched atop an angular nose and a pair of full lips lifted in a cocky smirk.”

His first thought… “Good God. He was delicious.”

Names are exchanged and Carlisle finds out that, other than his good looks and an ass that is “spectacular, round, firm, and absolutely bitable,” Edward seems to share Carlisle’s love for cars. The two talk about cars for a while but when Edward is ready to leave, Carlisle isn’t ready to let him go.

An offer to take the car for a drive turns into dinner. Casual conversation turns into a heated build up of sexual tension that ends with Carlisle being more turned on than he’s ever been. But sitting in the middle of a restaurant isn’t exactly the best place to take care of his problem. He has to get Edward home where they can be alone.

Edward, however, decides that their alone time begins in the car.

Edward shifted the car into fourth gear and his hand returned to my cock, rubbing lightly. I groaned, checking the speedometer, and fighting to keep my eyes on the road.

He continued to kiss and nip at my neck…throat…jaw…licking at the side of my mouth. I couldn't resist turning my head slightly so I could kiss him, our tongues twisting together erotically…the excitement heightened by the danger of the situation.

Edward was right. I got off on the adrenaline.

I felt him tug at the fly of my jeans, popping the buttons one by one until my cock sprung free.

Edward chuckled in surprise. "Commando, Doc? I didn't know you had it in you."

He didn't give me time to respond, instead, he licked his palm and slid his hand over my erection.

"Jesus," I moaned, my head falling back on the seat as I fought for breath.

"You like that?" Up and down he stroked, twisting his grip at the top and brushing his thumb over the tip.

"Fuck! God…oh God…yes."

He stroked me again, biting at my ear. "Then you're gonna love this."

If alone time in the car is like this, how good is it when they finally get home? The front door closes, clothes are left behind and they find the bed where Edward takes charge again, leaving Carlisle unable to think of anything but him.

Squirming yet? No? Then you need to run and read this story to see everything I left out that will leave you in need of a cold shower. TKegl does a fabulous job in her first slash story ever and I promise you, by the time you’re done reading this, you will be begging for more. So, join me and together we’ll wait for the rest of the story.

Until next time…much love to you - D


There you have it, folks, two great stories to warm yourselves up with. Be sure to check back next week to see what Aradi and I've got planned for you. In the mean time, why not leave these wonderful authors some love?

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