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Guest Rec - Avioleta

When I was first asked to write a guest rec for this week’s edition of TwiSlash Unveiled, I was excited.  How could I not be?

But my excitement quickly bled into concern.  Concern because I literally had absolutely no idea what I would rec.

For the last few months, I’ve been entirely absorbed with Slash/Backslash.  The contest produced 48 fantastic stories this year.  And, if you haven’t finished your SBS 3.0 reading, I encourage you to go now, run! What are you waiting for?

But I knew that, as a co-host and judge, I would have the opportunity to review my favorite entries on TU, leaving me with the same question of what to rec this week.

So I started thinking about what I want in good fic, and the answer was fairly obvious: well-written kink. And by well-written kink, I’m mean fics that are so much more than their particular kink.  Because ultimately, I’m greedy.  I don’t want kink for the sake of kink.  I want kink that flawlessly incorporated into equally well-told stories.

But our TwiSlash fandom simply doesn’t have much kink, well-written or otherwise.  Period.

A quick google search confirmed my suspicions.  The results: a defunct TwiKink Meme (circa 2009) and the lovely tuesdaymidnight’s TU guest rec from April 2011, where she laments the relative lack of kink in TwiSlash.  Clearly twisted minds think alike.  Tuesday, of course, has her own deliciously kinky fic, Raw and Rosy, but if you haven’t indulged in that delightful bit of reading, I’m going to assume that you live under a rock and are probably not reading this blog.

But back to my dilemma:

A similar kink search in the Harry Potter Slash Fandom (my other love) yielded an impressive array of comprehensive, meticulously organized, alphabetized lists.  From age-difference, autoeroticism, and awkward sex to virgins, voyeurism, and watersports (and everything in between) there is a fic for every conceivable kink (conveniently cross-referenced by pairing and genre).

And, apparently, I’ve read most of them.

Want crossdressing Snape/Draco? Try “Clean and Filthy” by entrenous88

How about a voyeuristic Drarry?  “The Potter Malfoy Problem” by who_la_hoop is all shades of win.

In the mood for some ‘snake assisted wanking’? (Yes, that’s the author’s warning.)  Read Dementor Delta’s Snarry: “Parseltongue-tied.”

Or perhaps you’re looking for a charming Harry/Neville watersports fic? Read “Lessons in Mastering Household Charms” by rinsbane.  (This story is friend locked, but the author is lovely about friending if you ask nicely and have an age statement on your profile.)

I could go on, but I’m not here to talk about HP.

Despite my personal preferences, however, my TwiSlash reading remains oddly vanilla (insofar as boys fucking pretty boys can be).  So I scoured my favorites for anything appropriately kinkworthy, and here’s what I found:

sadtomato: “Where you Belong

Pairing: Carlisle/Edward
Summary: Carlisle's new boyfriend is young, sweet, and sexy-but he's also incredibly shy. Can Carlisle draw him out of his shell?

This story is positively fantastic; I am entirely in love.  For one, it’s Carlisle/Edward (and everyone knows how I feel about C/E).  Then, it features a deliciously older Carlisle and a younger Edward (nothing untoward though, Edward is twenty-one).  And finally (oh god) sadtomato’s fic is the perfect daddy!kink.

Now, I’ll admit to having a bit of an age-difference fetish, but there is some invisible line that you cross from simply older/younger to daddy, and it does not always work for me.

This kink is incredibly difficult to write.  It can be crass and inappropriate.  It can be cringe worthy and squicky.  But sadtomato’s story is none of these.  It is exquisitely, precisely, and poignantly written.  She develops her characters with complete love and consideration for one another.  So much so, that your chest aches with Carlisle as he tries to determine what he can to do to meet his young lover’s needs.  The emotion is so clear, so lovely, and this story is about so much more than kink.   

‘What else, baby?’ I prompt, excited that he's finally talking. I don't know if it's the talk we had before bed, or the security that comes with middle-of-the-night closeness, but I feel like some of his walls are coming down.
‘You told me ... oh, Carlisle, fuck. I'm fucking ready,’ he whines, pushing back against the three fingers I'm using now. I usually like to stretch him more, but his impatience is turning me on. I need to be inside him.
‘Don't stop, Edward. Tell me,’ I demand, pulling my fingers away from him. I fumble with the condom a little before ripping the wrapper open and unrolling it down the length of my cock. I coat myself with more lube as Edward continues with the details of his dream.
‘God, you told me I was your good boy,’ he says, his hand tightening over his cock. ‘I love it when you ...’
‘I know, Edward,’ I tell him, settling between his knees again. I scoot closer and bat his hand away from his dick before I push his knees up towards his chest.
‘Carlisle,’ he chokes, his hands gripping his knees tightly to hold them up. I look up at his face, locking eyes with him in the dim light.
‘You're my good, sweet boy, aren't you, Edward?’ I ask, lining us up. He nods furiously, his expression needy and desperate. ‘Does my boy need to get fucked?’
‘Yes!’ he cries.  ‘Yes, Da—’
He stops himself, purses his lips together again. It hits me at that moment, what exactly he's holding back. What he's hiding, what he thinks is so dirty and wrong that I'll turn him away. I've engaged in my fair share of dirty talk over the years, but it was mostly playful and lighthearted. This seems like it's deeper for Edward, more important to him. More like something he needs to let out, rather than something fun and silly.
‘Say it, Edward,’ I urge…

Sadtomato’s story is sexy, sweet, and deliciously hot.  If you haven’t read, go now!

feckle: “Recrortus

Pairing: Carlisle/Edward
Summary: 2015, Carlisle and Edward Cullen live in domestic bliss. One day Edward vanishes, returning two months later with no memory of events. His return brings changes that neither could believe, along with a new threat from the Volturi.

Recrortus” is part of this year’s LJ VampireBigBang.  Aside from SBS, my recent attention has been rather entirely focused on my own VBB entry, so I was beyond pleased when I discovered this gem among the submissions.

Feckle’s fic is C/E, and it’s mpreg (male pregnancy). No, no! Don’t run: I promise, this fic is so much more than kink.

Honestly, mpreg has never appealed to me.  I rarely find it believable, and I usually find it awkward or just plain wrong.  But recently, I’ve found myself loving not one, but two mpreg fics.  ArcadianMaggie writes a beautiful Jacob/Edward mpreg story, “Legacy of the Spirit Warrior,” for SBS 3.0 that is at once convincing, heartbreaking, and hopeful.  And feckle’s “Recrortus” is original, ambitious, and positively brilliant science fiction.

Aro has been conducting genetic experiments for years in attempt to help vampires better blend into the human world (evidently sparkly skin is a dead giveaway...), and his research leads him to Carlisle and his mate, Edward.  Aro believes that their ‘vegetarian’ diet might provide the missing answer to his questions, so he has Edward abducted (praying on Edward’s mental instability – a believable consequence of his mindreading – to get what he wants).  Months later, Edward returns with no memory of the experiments Aro has conducted, the experiments that lead to the conception of his child.

Carlisle froze, not willing to hope and whispered, "Edward? Is that you?"
There was no response; he could, however, hear the faint movement of fabric…
"Carlisle?" The voice was soft and rough, but to Carlisle, it was the most beautiful sound in the world.
"Yes sweetheart, I'm here." He had so many questions to ask, so many things he wanted to say, but all that was forgotten as he tried to get Edward to speak to him. "Love…"
Edward spoke over him.  "Carlisle, I want to come home. Can I please come home?" The wail was pitiful, the sound of a broken and frightened creature.
Carlisle stood, "Darling, of course you can come home. Where are you? I will come and get you."
"Trieb, I think…on Lake Lucern."
Carlisle interrupted softly. "You think? You're not sure?"
The sob that came down the line tore at him. "I don't remember. I don't know how I got here…
On arrival he found his mate curled up at the water's edge, one finger dipping in and out of the clear fluid, his gaze fixed on the water droplets.
With a low cry, he swept Edward into his arms.
"I am so furious with you," however his tone was soft and loving. "Where have you been, love?"
Edward looked up with a golden -eyed gaze, "I don't know. I don't know what happened, where I was. I was at home, and then I was here.

I love the way feckle writes Carlisle and Edward together.  Though her fic is decidedly AU, she blends Canon elements into her character development, so that their relationship is natural, authentic, and completely realistic.  (After all, we all know Carlisle changed Edward in 1918 because he recognized him as his mate.) Carlisle is maddeningly, charmingly protective of his young lover (especially after the unexpected pregnancy), and the two vampires’ love for each other and their unborn child is palpable, intense, and heartwarming.

None of the other Cullens exist in this world, but feckle uses Eleazar and Carmen in a delightfully refreshing way, and she creates an original character that has really stuck with me.

Above all, this unique and gripping story is about family and protecting the ones you love. Feckle does a beautiful job.


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