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Tuesday's Best 10-25-2011

Good morning, my lovelies. I don't know about you, but we've had our first frost of the season this morning. Makes me want to make some hot cacao, and settle in under a blanket by the fire to read some wonderful fics. Plenty of ways to keep warm that way, right? ;-)

This week's Aradi's last time with us. I thank her for her wonderful contributions and support for the past year since she joined TwiSlash Unveiled. It's been a pleasure. Please leave her some love today. Connie79's going to be taking over for her in a couple of weeks, so bid her a warm welcome, as well. 

For now, why don't we see what goodies Aradi and I have found for you? Remember your towels and fresh panties, and let's get to it.


Il Sangre, by FarDeisMai2 (who we previously swooned over for stories such as Finger Painting), is a lovely little AU O/S.  Carlisle is a vampire (veggie, of course) and "Edoardo" is the latest in a line of young humans that Aro tempts him with.

The story does have some of my favorite things, such as vamps, the C/E pairing, and an older Carlisle/youngWard situation.  But what makes me adore it are the unusual aspects.  It's set in Volterra.  It takes place before Carlisle has turned a companion.  Most unusual is the fact that this Carlisle struggles with his control around Edoardo.  (Usually he's just so experienced that a human partner would seem to have nothing to fear, but that's a Carlisle with decades more practice than this one.)

"Carlisle, this is Edoardo."

"Buona sera, Signore." He takes another step forward and bows.

I take a breath to answer him, and stagger at the assault on my senses. The smell of him is incredible, and the ever present burn at the back of my throat becomes a furnace. I've never wanted to drink from a human as much as I want to from him, not even when I was first turned. I grip Aro's arm to steady myself.

"What have you done to me?" I ask, panic tingeing my voice.

Their introduction almost ends very badly, which is probably what Aro wanted anyway.

As a side note, the peanut gallery of Aro, Caius and Marcus is highly entertaining and their voices seem so in character from the books.  Aro especially is outwardly compassionate and hospitable, yet clearly loving pulling every string.

The relationship progresses with clear parallels to Edward and Bella in the book.  Edoardo is obviously Carlisle's singer.  They fall for each other immediately.  Edoardo, much like Bella, also fails to grasp just how dangerous the whole situation is (and, like Bella, is horny for his vamp).  

Or maybe he grasps it and just doesn't care?

Then, like a cat, he crawls into my lap, straddling me. The burn in my throat increases tenfold, and I'm sure that my eyes have gone black.

"I will share my poems with you," he repeats, leaning forward to whisper in my ear, "if you spend the night loving me the way we both want."

The tight control I've held on myself snaps at his words. With the speed my kind possesses, I have him beneath me on the bed. His green eyes go wide, but when my mouth descends on his, his lips part for me and my tongue delves in, and God, his taste is exquisite.

Here is where I confess the ending caught me completely by surprise.  

(And I confess that I love that.)

I also appreciate how there was so much story in such a short piece.

Go read Il Sangre and get lost for a while in Volterra and actual bite-y vampires.  Leave cookies and a review for FarDeisMai2.  (I often don’t, but I write recs instead and pretend that’s okay.)



You know you can always count on the lovely ICMezzo to provide some awesome crackfic, and Lithotripsy & Ballcocks:How Jasper Won the Lottery is no exception. The woman literally makes plumbing sound both sexy, and like utter crack, so if you’re in the mood for leaky hoses and perfect cracks, this is the story for you.

Jasper’s on his way out the door with his dog to go swim when things go south and he ends up with a mini-pool of his own in his bathroom. Who does he call but one Dr Cullen, Drain surgeon.

"My God! How bad is it?"

Jasper blinked, confused until he realized he was still absentmindedly rubbing his right butt cheek. "Huh? Oh, my ass? It's sore. I'm going to feel it tomorrow, that's for sure."

The plumber flushed, his pale face reddening. "No, I... uh... oh. Oh God. That's not what I meant...Oh. Did I interrupt? Oh. This is not good. Should I go? I didn't mean to inquire about your... oh God..."

"Huh?" Jasper asked, brow raised.

"You're um, well, wearing a bathing suit and you're all dripping and everything. I see crazy stuff, but the water isn't usually enough to swim in. And you thought I was asking about your um...oh. Oh God," he trailed off.

Jasper couldn't help but chuckle and watch, amused, as the (rather endearing) man took a few steps backward and pinched his nose, shutting his eyes and taking several deep breaths while muttering something about starting over.

How things progress from there, you’ll have to read for yourself.


There you have it, folks, some great stories to warm up with. Be sure to check back next week to see what MizzDee and I have in store for you, and leave some love for today's wonderful authors.

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