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Tuesday's Best 11-1-2011

Good morning, lovelies. Hope you're all keeping nice and warm, where ever you are. MizzDee and I have scrounged the net for something to heat you up from the inside, so why don't we get right to it and see what we've got?

Good morning, loves. I have been scouring the net for any Carlisle or Jacob stories I could find. Imagine my surprise when I found them both in the same story. Impediments by Oh Jasper My Jasper gives us another unexpected pairing and anyone who knows me knows that I love those odd pairings. In this story, Carlisle and Jacob are absolutely perfect together.

Carlisle, a thirty-something doctor, was on his way to a nice relaxing weekend when his car began giving him trouble. In desperate need of a mechanic, he pulled into the only garage he could find open. Unfortunately for him, it was near closing time and he was in danger of being left stranded.

Jake saw the car that needed work and jumped at the chance to stay and work on the car. However, when Jake broke the bad news to Carlisle that he couldn’t fix the car right away, he did the only thing he could. He offered to give the good doctor a ride back to Seattle…on the back of his motorcycle. Of course, Carlisle couldn’t accept such an offer because a three-hour drive with the evidence of his attraction to the HOT mechanic pressed between them was not something he wanted to do.

Jake wasn’t ready to take no for an answer, offering to keep Carlisle company while he followed through on his plans for the weekend before driving him back home the next day. It was an offer Carlisle couldn’t refuse.

A day spent getting to know each other brought them closer together and, by the end of the hike, neither was ready to let go. They found themselves in Carlisle’s hotel room cleaning up for dinner and got a little closer than Carlisle ever dreamed of.

"I brought soap and shampoo, if you prefer to use those over the motel stuff," he called. A moment later Jake walked out of the bathroom, wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist. The towel ends barely came together in Jake's hand, parting enticingly to reveal a large swath of his muscular thigh.

"I don't much care about the kind of soap or shampoo, but I'd love some company, if you're interested," he said rather shyly and tentatively considering his state of undress.

Carlisle looked at the mechanic with surprise, instantly hardening at the thought of a shared shower. The way Jake's towel was tenting made his thoughts obvious too. No additional words were needed. Carlisle stood and pulled his shirt off over his head. He hesitated, checking to see if Jake changed his mind, but the younger man looked at him with open hunger emphasized by the tip of his tongue moistening his lower lip. Gaining confidence, Carlisle opened the fly on his jeans, pulling down the zipper and revealing the blue fabric of his briefs. He walked up to within a foot of Jake and pulled his jeans down and off.

"No, let me," Jake interrupted when Carlisle reached up for the waistband of his underwear, ready to pull them down as well.

What started out as a nice weekend for Carlisle and Jake turned into something more and the two began a long distance relationship. But as Carlisle was losing his heart to the young man, his insecurities and the ghost of past relationships threatened to hurt his chance at real love. Would he let it happen or is Jake worth fighting for?
Oh Jasper My Jasper has definitely given us a story full of anticipation, insecurity, heartache, hope and love. Give these two a chance and see if there really is a future for Carlisle and Jake. Until next time…much love to you – D


Stolen Moments by EdwardsLove82 is one of those stories that kind of break my heart. Why? Because it’s two guys in love... and they’re having to hide it from everyone. Unfortunately, “everyone” also includes... their girlfriends.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. Cheat-fic is not everyone’s cup of tea, but you have to realize that their situation is a real one. One that happens all too often, even though I wish that it didn’t.

Neither Edward nor Jasper is out to anyone but each other. They’ve worked long and hard to keep their secret, relying on a few stolen moments here and there - a kiss here, a touch there. This weekend, however, will change everything, because this weekend will be the first time they’ll be all alone for any length of time.

"I think you know the answer to that, Edward." He set his cup down, flicked his cigarette butt into the street and brought his hand to my thigh, inching it up incredibly slow, to meet the juncture of my hip, never taking his eyes off mine.

"Fuck … Jasper, someone will see," I whispered as I caught sight of his lusty eyes. He licked his lips suggestively and raised an eyebrow.

"I don't care," he said. I believed his words. I wanted to attack his mouth right then and there but I couldn't abandon our efforts of the last few months. We had worked so hard to hide our affair. We didn't need a nosy neighbor to blow our cover. "I'm gonna make you feel better than you can even imagine. I've been waiting a long time for you, Edward. I intend to take my time with you. After all… we have the whole weekend." He flashed his crooked smile, which he knew went straight to my dick, and bit down on his bottom lip as he hungrily looked me up and down.

"Inside," I practically growled at him as I left my coffee and the bag sitting on the steps. I stood up and summoned him with my eyes. He followed as I opened his front door and stepped inside. As soon as he was inside, I slammed the door shut and pressed him up against it. Using my body to trap him, I leaned down and crushed my lips to his, fisting my hands in his hair. I surprised even myself, as Jasper was usually the one to lose control first.

Leave EdwardsLove82 some love, and if we’re lucky, maybe we can convince her to show us what happens next.


There you go, folks, two lovely stories to sink your teeth into. Be sure to check back next week to see what Connie and MizzDee will have in store for you then. In the mean time, leave these wonderful authors some love.

Also, you heard it here first! The Twilight No Stress Love Fest is back with a Holiday Edition! This time, the prompts will be visual, and you can give them from today up until the 10th of this month. Join in on the fun and let the love shine through.

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