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Tuesday's Best 11-15-2011

Good afternoon, folks! Time kind of went away from me today, so this post's a little later in the day than normal. Hope you're all having a good day. I figure by now y'all will be ready for a short break and we've got just the thing to enjoy it with. Let's see what Connie and I've found for you this time.


Hello again beautiful people, I’m back with a new story for you. I am an Edward & Jasper girl at heart; if Bella didn’t exist I’d be happy although I’d keep Alice because she is cool ;) But sometimes I go looking for unorthodox pairings and let me tell you everything that includes Emmett it is a MUST READ on my list.

Unavoidable is Emmett - Royce King II story, odd pairing if the is one but OMG vbfb1 writes  an amazing one shot for us. We meet Emmet who is still a bit confused about his feeling for Royce but knows there is something there.

“Growing up, I tried my best to ignore the way Royce made me feel. We were next door neighbors and our parents best of friends, so we spent a lot of time together. Before puberty I didn't really understand why I felt uncomfortable around him, only that I did. After puberty however, it was a whole other situation.”

Destiny brings them together in LA after freshman year. What Emmett didn’t expect was to end up with Royce as a roommate.

“ Everywhere I turned he was there: In the kitchen cooking when I wanted to make myself a sandwich, watching TV in the living room when I wanted to watch SportsCenter and worst of all walking out of the bathroom freshly showered looking all clean and innocent in boxers and a tee just as I was heading in.”

Their relationship is tense to say the least and the UST level is pretty intense, things are more complicated after an evening were Emmett hears Royce’s late night activities…

“when Royce said something I'd never forget, "Fuck, Emmett." That was followed by a long low groan and then it was quiet.”

Getting closer to Royce is not easy for Emmett who is still unsure of his roommate feelings and desires. A class project gives them the excuse to work together and get to know each other; will that be what they need to face their feelings? To acknowledge their need for each other?

Unavoidable is sexy, hot and well written as anything form vbfb1. Like I said you can’t go wrong with Emmett in slash and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really liked Royce too. It’s not a character that I was too fond of but the idea of pairing him with Emmett works really well on this story.

Take that breakfast/lunch break and go find out what happens when Royce has to complete his photography project “back to nature” with a nude Emmett as his subject.

Hope you like the story as much as I did, and don’t forget to leave vbfb1 some love.

Until next time.



Hot, sweet, with a touch of innocence. Sound like a good combo, doesn’t it? I think so. Bornonhalloween delivers all of the above and then some in After the Smoke Clears.

Jasper’s a firefighter, out on his first honest-to-goodness-real-life emergency call. He’s a third generation firefighter and feels more than ready to get the job done. When he finds out who his rescue is, things go one step beyond the call of duty for him, though. The person he has to save is none other than Jasper’s one-and-only crush: Edward Cullen - actor... and by all accounts straight.

A loud crash from the direction of the bathroom shakes me from my reverie, and I realize the smoke has worked its way into my system and made me drowsy.

"Edward? Still there?"

"Mmm," I answer quickly, so fucking relieved to hear his voice again. My firefighter's not dead. I'm not dead. We still have a chance.

"I think I'm close to you. Can you try yelling out or moving around?"

I take as deep a breath as I can muster before removing the apron from my face. "Here! Over here!" Even that brief outburst burns my throat and sends me into a new fit of coughing. I wave around the one arm that's free, but I can barely lift it off the ground. I must be a pathetic sight, a bug pinned cruelly to Styrofoam, part of some ninth-grader's biology project.

"Damn, it's too dark in here and so loud!" he says, sounding as if hope is sliding away. He quickly gets hold of himself and says, "Sorry about my outburst, I'm gonna find you. Don't worry, buddy."

Too late. I already know how you really feel. Filling my diaphragm with one final anxious breath, I give the performance of my life, projecting my voice in sheer desperation like never before. "OVER HERE! HELP! OVER HERE!" It's all I have left before the coughing fit takes over.

"Gotcha!" I hear, and the word is a miracle. The phone slips from my hand and I let my eyes close at last.

Do they make it out in time? Well, yeah, I suppose they do, or else there wouldn’t be much of a story now would there? What happens next, though? That, you’ll have to read to find out. I will give you this much. Edward’s life is in Jasper’s hands on more than one occasion, even if not at quite the same level as the first time.


There you have it, folks. I'm sure you'll enjoy these stories as much as we have. Be sure to check back next week to see what MizzDee and I have in store for you then. In the mean time, leave these wonderful authors some love.

Before I forget, today's the last day to submit picture prompts for the Twilight No Stress Love Fest; Holiday Edition. There're a lot of good ones already and we're looking forward to seeing what y'all will come up with. Come on, join in on the fun and spread the love.

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Thank you so much for the rec i'm so glad you liked my story. you can thank the lovely eifach_mich for th inspiration.