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Tuesday's Best 11-29-2011

Good morning, my lovelies! I trust y'all have survived Thanksgiving intact and are gearing up for the coming festivities. Connie and MizzDee have found a couple of stories to warm yourselves up with  (Connie went double or nothing, so you're in for a treat) and enjoy a breather, so why don't we go check them out? Be sure to bring some towels and a fresh pair of panties, just in case. 


Happy Thanksgiving …kind of…you are all probably full and maybe a bit hangover - crazy weekend with family and friends. Hope you all had a great time! Now, back to what we are all here for, some boy love.

This time I went digging for some of my old time favorites and because I couldn´t chose one of her beautiful one shots to share with you I picked two! I hope you don’t mind…

You are probably familiar with CherBella´s writing, Where the Road Leads You was CherBella ´s entry for In the Closet Contest.

You know I'm not good with words, so I decided to write this note to make sure I covered everything I wanted to say. Watching you walk out that door tomorrow is going to be hard enough. It was the words I didn't say that wasted so much time that we could have been together, and it was the words I did say that are making you leave.

Jasper describes himself as a free spirit, a gypsy, traveling from town to town, nothing and no one to tie him down. After a month in San Francisco, he starts feeling the need to move on. Where? Still doesn´t know but the Universe is apparently pointing in one direction and one direction only: Seattle.

Sitting at the local coffee shop and waiting for his ride, when one of the local truck drivers offers him a lift he doesn´t ask where to, just gets in the truck. Only to find out that the truck destination was Seattle.

All right travel Gods, I give up, he thought to himself

After a few weeks Jasper finds his way around the city and his routine again, his own spot outside a very busy coffee shop, where he can play his guitar. There is something that changes, one day someone is watching…

“And then on week three he felt it, he felt him, for the first time.”

Everyday around mid-morning he would feel it, the same sensation of being watched. And he felt the loss acutely when it was gone. This went on for two weeks and he began to welcome it, the feeling, the pull.

“Like clockwork, every day that week the same thing happened. He'd go inside for his break; he'd come out and find a sandwich waiting for him.”

"If you want, you can bring two sandwiches tomorrow and join me."

Edward is a very shy and reserved young man. Over their lunch dates you can see him reaching out to Jasper always asking questions.

"Where do you go at night?"

"So what made you give everything up and start traveling?"

Lunch became a new routine for the two. Edward would show every day, like clockwork, two bags in hand and they would sit and have lunch together.

They continue to get to know each other and grow close, so close that Jasper stops thinking about leaving Seattle. The only thing that is pushing Jaspers to move is the weather conditions. During one particular bad snow storm Edward comes to Jasper´s rescue.

"Edward? What the hell are you…."

"Come on, you can't stay out here like this." Edward started gathering up Jasper's stuff.

"But, where . . ."

"You're staying with me tonight."

And here is when it all begins. Jasper moves in with Edward and for all they have shared there is still a lot to learn from each other, especially form Edward. Apparently there are a few secrets he was keeping from Jasper.

"Why did you bring me sandwiches? Why did you join a homeless stranger like me every day, sitting on the dirty ground, and have lunch with me? When you have all this?" Jasper gestured around at…well, everything.

"Because I wanted to know you," was Edward's simple statement.

Living together is easy and comfortable. Jasper struggles with Edward generosity but again there is a need there, Edward needs the human contact, someone there for him. A moment of weakness is all it takes for them to face their feelings.

"Edward did you get upset when you saw me with Peter because you're…jealous?"

The only sound in the room was Jasper's heart; it was beating so hard, waiting for Edward's answer.


Jasper took a deep breath and moved closer to Edward. "Jealous in a 'friend' way…or jealous in…another way?"

Edward was looking at him now and the air between them was thick and crackling as they stared intently at each other.

Suddenly Jasper felt Edward's lips on his, pressing and moving against him, hard and needy and forceful. Jasper's lips parted in surprise and Edward's tongue was moving with his then, swirling and tasting and sucking greedily. Edward's hands were gripping Jasper's face as if it were a life preserver. Jasper reached for Edward's body, leaning forward as he did so, pushing Edward backward onto the small bench. Somehow Jasper was hovering over him, one foot on the floor and his other knee on the bench, between Edward's legs. Edward's legs were wrapped precariously around each of Jasper's.

They were clutching and grabbing at each other as best they could, their mouths still fused together. One of Edward's hands had snuck up into Jasper's hair, and he was fisting the silky curls tightly in his fingers.

Jasper moaned finally, breaking their kiss. "Jesus Christ, Edward." His body was on fire and it was hell to pull himself away, but he had to, the bench not nearly big enough or comfortable enough for what they both wanted. Edward reluctantly moved as well, so that Jasper could sit on the bench. The room was silent again, save for the sound of their accelerated breathing. Jasper looked over at Edward. "Why the hell didn't you say anything before now?"

Edward's mouth turned down. "Look at you, and then look at me. I'm just a geeky computer nerd and you…you're beautiful. I was sure I'd never have a chance."

Jasper scoffed. "I'm not beautiful, Edward. I play for pennies and I sleep on park benches. That's a far cry from all…this." He motioned to the room for emphasis. Now it was his turn to look sad.

Suddenly Edward was crawling over Jasper, straddling him on the bench, pressing his chest and his hips hard against Jasper.

"I thought you were beautiful from the first time I saw you outside the coffee shop."

Oh Boy! I know I’m evil but I’m going to leave it here…there is more, a lot more. What I really want you to know is, CherBella writes beautiful complex characters full of personality. Jasper and Edward are not different here. There is a nice twist in this particular story, there is a letter, one that we don’t know who is writing and it is split along the story in little pieces.

I can only tell you it will make sense, and once it does you will want to go back and re read it.

On to my second choice from her amazing list of stories is A Kiss in the Storm , you will want to grab some tissues for this one. A Kiss in the Storm is a story about a man that makes a mistake and his lover´s journey into forgiveness.

“We started with a kiss.

And we ended with a kiss.

Or maybe I should say he ended it with a kiss. Since it wasn't me he was kissing.”

I love this story because even when it is heartbreaking is about hope, love and forgiveness. You don’t want to miss out on CherBella´s playlist for this one…great effect if you listen while you are reading.

A Kiss in the Storm is built around flashbacks of Edward & Jasper´s life together.

There were so many good memories held within these walls . . . and now, sad ones as well. Seven years and all that was left? Bare spots on walls that had once held happy photographs, naked coat hangers hanging in a now-cavernous closet, indentations in carpet where a favorite chair had once been. And one naked finger that would always feel empty without his ring.

Two ex-lovers stuck in one room at some B&B between Chicago and Rockford on Christmas Eve. What do you talk about when you have nothing in common anymore? How do you face the one that broke your heart?

Jasper just frowned and shook his head, turning back to the woman.

"Mrs. Cope, didn't you say there was a pull-out sofa bed in my room? He can stay with me. No reason to cause you more work."

Oh like hell! I cleared my throat. "Um, excuse me? I will take the sofa, thank you, ma'am. I will not be bothering him."

The lady—Mrs. Cope, apparently—opened her mouth to say something but never got the chance.

Jasper was rubbing his face with his hands in agitation and exhaustion. "Oh for God's sake, Edward it's one fucking night. Can we not be adults about this and handle one night in the same room together? You can even have the bed, I'll take the damn pull-out."

"I don't think . . . ."

"Edward stop being such a stubborn ass." He was staring at me again, almost daring me to say no. The woman was looking back and forth between us again with her eyes wide and I hated that we were making such a scene in front of her. And I was cold and exhausted and obviously my options were limited.

"Fine," I uttered through clenched teeth.

With every bit of their past together we see from Edward´s POV from their first kiss 7 years ago to Jasper´s wedding proposal. All happy memories until the one that broke it all.

Edward was working his way through Med School, which left him less and less time to spend with Jasper. Their relationship was suffering.

He said I needed to find a balance, to have a life. But I did have a life. I had him and I had my work, and I loved them both. Sure, maybe we hadn't been going out quite as much as we used to but that's just life sometimes.

Several months passed and Jasper and I increasingly had trouble getting our schedules to coincide. We were hardly ever home at the same time. Many nights I was passed out from exhaustion after another long shift when Jasper would come in late from playing at the bar. He said he tried to be quiet but I always woke up. I would get pissed, we'd argue. The next day he'd be gone before I woke up.

When Edward finally decided to find a way to fix it all, Jasper made a mistake that will cause them everything they have built together.

I was in some kind of numb shock. I couldn't believe he . . . Jasper . . .with someone else . . . kissing someone else . . .

"Edward? Edward?" He was shouting and his footsteps were heavy as I heard him get closer.

Finally they stopped and all I heard was heavy breathing at the doorway. The smell of whiskey surrounded him as he spoke.

"Edward . . . Wait, are you okay? What are you doing in the bathroom? Are you sick?"

"Oh I'm just peachy," I said venomously.

"Edward, Jesus. Look it wasn't . . . ."

I found myself laughing bitterly. "'It wasn't what it looked like' right? God, Jasper, can't you even come up with an original excuse?"

"But it wasn't . . . ."

I held up my hand to stop him, as I finally looked him in the eye. "He was practically swallowing your whole face, it was pretty obvious what it 'looked like.'"

Jasper's jaw was clenched as he tried to excuse himself away. "Edward . . . ."

As I walked into the living room, Jasper was sitting upright on the couch, his elbows on his knees, staring straight ahead in the still-darkened room. His clothing was wrinkled and his shirt half-unbuttoned. There was a pillow and a twisted sheet thrown haphazardly over the couch.

I walked straight past him to the door but he saw me.

"Edward," he called out to me in a strangled, hoarse voice. I paused with my hand on the doorknob.

"We need to talk about this." His voice echoed in the stillness.

"No you need to talk about this, you feel guilty, you need to cleanse your soul. 'You're so sorry, you were drunk, it will never happen again' . . . Just pick A, B or C. Or perhaps D, all of the above? Which is it Jasper? I really don't have time to deal with this right now, so pick one. There are no words that will change the fact that you were kissing someone else."

Suddenly Jasper rubbed his hands over his face and let out a bitter, maniacal laugh. "You 'don't have time to deal with this right now.' Of course you don't." He leaned back and looked up at me, his hair wild, his face drawn, dark circles under his eyes. Those eyes that once were bright and could send shimmers over my body with just one look, were now dead and defeated.

"Then I guess that's it. If you don't have the time to hear me out, to let me explain, if you don't have time to deal with us, and to fix us, then I guess that says it all doesn't it?"

"I think that kiss said it all." I turned, opened the door and walked out. I took two steps and then at the sound of the lock clicking behind me my knees nearly buckled. I bent over at the waist to take a deep breath against the sharp pain still stabbing me.

After a few minutes I forced myself to straighten up. I forced my feet to move, one step in front of the other.

That night I moved into a hotel. Three days later I took off my ring.

And three months later I packed my stuff up, prepared to move into a place of my own after the holidays.

Can a kiss in the storm put them back together? Could it fix them? Go on, give Jasper a chance to explain what happened that night and see if Edward is able to find forgiveness in his heart.

All right I hope you enjoy both stories today and give them a try. Don’t forget to leave some love for CherBella; read and review, is the way we say thank you to the wonderful authors who share their words with us.

Until next time,


Hello, my loves. I’m digging into the old stuff today and bringing you a story of love, loss and heartbreak. Point of View by JasperLuver48 follows Jasper as he learns that love can only survive if you’re honest with yourself and the world. It’s a hard lesson to learn but it’s one that Jasper and Edward will never forget.
"I love you, but it's just too much. I can't do this; I have to go."
"Please... don't go. I love you, too. We're meant to be together, love. Don't do this to me; don't hurt me like this."

When you find your soul mate, they’re supposed to love you through anything, right?
That’s what Jasper believed before he watched Edward board a plane, leaving him forever.

They loved each other deeply but it was a love that couldn’t last unless there was complete honesty. That kind of honesty, though, was impossible to achieve because Jasper was too ashamed to be completely open with the most important people in his life.

Well, there was one thing I could do to salvage this, but I knew I didn't have that kind of strength. If I told my family, effectively outing myself, it could possibly be enough to make him come back, but I'd tried so many times and I was never able get the words out.

I'd stood in front of the mirror rehearsing countless times, I'd had my whole speech memorized and I'd gone to their house to talk to them. As soon as I saw my mother's eyes filled with love for me and my father's face radiating how proud he was of me, his only son, I knew I couldn't crush their world like that.

It was his fear and his silence that crushed both Jasper and Edward, ending their relationship before they could live their happily ever after. In his desperate need to get Edward back, he finally came clean with his family. His worst fears were realized and Jasper was left alone.

With Edward and his family gone, can Jasper pick up the pieces and move on alone? Could there ever be redemption, forgiveness and love in his future?

It’s a sad story that so many men and women face. JasperLuver48 did an amazing job of capturing the true emotion and heartbreak of losing the love of your life because you’re so afraid of being rejected by everyone you love. Check out this story and leave my girl some love. She is a wonderful author and deserves every praise she gets. Until next time…much love to you -  D


There you go, folks. Another two stories to sink your teeth into. Check back next week to see what Connie and I have in store for you then. In the mean time, be sure to leave these wonderful authors some love.

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