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Guest Rec - Luvrofink

TwiSlashUnvieled Rec: He Who Dares, Watches by Fr33bird

Summary: *Judges Vote: Best Slash in the Spanking the Monkey Contest* It starts with a dare on the bus but Edward's reaction to Jasper shocks him and results in a journey of self-discovery. AH, high school fic. Explicit adult content - lots of it.

When naelany asked me to do a rec for this site I was at a bit of a loss as what to choose. Luckily, sadtomato was ranting and raving about this little gem on twitter and sucked me in! Fr33bird has really taken the sexy slash and made it cute and sweet as well. This high school Edward and Jasper are so adorable in their self discovery and the discovery of each other. It’s beautiful and funny and so effing hot!

"Condoms huh?" he murmurs approvingly, and nips teasingly at my lower lip. He rummages a bit more in my pocket and chuckles. "How many did you bring exactly?"

"Two of them are actually lube," I explain, feeling a flush warm my cheeks. "Pocket packs." I kiss him again.

"You are such a boy scout," he laughs again. His breath is hot on my neck and he rolls me over onto my back and pins me down covering my face and neck with fierce kisses.

"So, do you want me to fuck you?" he whispers breathlessly. "Or do you want to fuck me this time?"

"I want you in me," I reply as I suck on his neck and grind up into him. "I want to be able to see what I'm doing the first time I top."

He groans and grinds back. "I hope we can do that soon, I can't wait to feel your cock in me."

"Me too," I murmur against his salty skin and my cock twitches at the thought.

This story also shows the beauty of having a strong and loving family that will support you no matter what. With the thought of coming out to their parents looming over their heads, we can see Edward and Jasper dealing with it together, head on and strong!

"I'm gay."

And just like that, it's out there. Those two little words that I've been so afraid of saying.
My eyes flicker back and forth between my parents. My dad is calm, unreadable as he looks back at me. My mom is smiling but there are tears in her eyes. Suddenly, unexpectedly she launches herself at me. She almost knocks me over, but the force of the hug that she folds me into keeps me upright. Her hair is warm under my nose and smells sweet – comforting and familiar, with a thousand associated childhood memories. My cheeks are wet and I realize that I'm crying.

She pulls back and holds my cheeks, smoothing the tears away with her fingers and thumbs and looks at me with fierce love in her eyes.

"Thank you for telling us." She's still smiling although her face is streaked with tears too. "I was almost sure, but I'm glad you came to us."

I glance over her shoulder at my dad and he's smiling too. "I was still skeptical," he says. "I thought that maybe your mom's women's intuition was on the blink, but she'd almost convinced me."

He moves forwards now and puts his arms around both of us and squeezes us in an uncomfortable, wonderful three-way hug and I'm half-crying, half-laughing as we cling to each other. Eventually I extract myself, brushing my tears away and we separate, moving to sit down. I sit on an armchair and they take the sofa across from me.

"There's more," I say, feeling calm now, ready to tell them everything. My mom is grinning at me and I know that she's expecting what's coming next. Her expression gives me the courage to continue. "I'm in a relationship… with Jasper." I feel my cheeks flush as I look at my Dad. This part is harder than I thought it would be, but he just smiles gently.

"Your mom warned me to expect this part of the announcement too," he grins. "Remind me to always listen to your mother."

She laughs and looks smug, then says. "Honestly, Edward. None of this is a problem for us… you knew it wouldn't be, right?"

"I hoped," I admit. "But it was still hard saying it."

"We love you, we just want you to be happy," she says and my dad nods in agreement. "And we like Jasper, he's a lovely boy." My lips quirk at her choice of words as I drift off for a moment, thinking about exactly how lovely he is. "I assume it's serious, given that you've decided to tell us about him?"

I nod. "Yeah, it's pretty serious. I really care about him."

"Do his parents know?" Dad asks.

I look at my watch and grin, knowing that his parents are due home soon. "Probably not yet, but they will very soon."

I think that’s my favorite part of the whole story, the supportive family who makes the effort to make their children feel loved and cared for when it could’ve gone a totally different route. Well, maybe second favorite, cos the smut is really fucking hot!

"Fuck," he groans again. "I'm so close, but I don't wanna cum yet."

I pull back. "Tell me what you want," I say, as I tug on his cock.

"I want you inside me," his voice is low and hungry.

He pulls away and moves around to face me, leaning over and reaching for the new bottle of lube and a condom. He slicks his fingers with the lube and grins, holding them up for me to admire. The light catches the glittery substance.

He sniffs his fingers. "It's flavored too," he reaches down behind his balls and smears the lube around. "My ass is gonna smell like Pina Colada."

I snort with laughter at that, but turn serious again pretty quickly as he starts to prepare himself with his fingers. His cock twitches as he slides his middle finger into his ass. I reach for my dick and stroke it slowly as I watch him pump it in and out a few times before adding another finger.

"Get a condom on," he says breathlessly, as he works his fingers inside himself. "I'm nearly ready."

He doesn't need to ask twice. I grab a condom and tear the wrapper eagerly, rolling it down efficiently. He pulls his fingers out and reaches for the lube, dribbling some over my erection and smearing it with his hand. My cock gleams as the light catches the gold glitter.

"Very pretty," he grins approvingly. "You look good with a sparkly dick."

"Hurry the fuck up and sit on my sparkly dick," I growl at him impatiently and he chuckles as he shifts into position.

Anyone who knows me, knows that the sentence right above is my favorite in the whole fic! FLOVE IT! Hope you enjoyed my guest rec. Come find me on twitter @luvrofink and say hi!

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