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Tuesday's Best 11-8-2011

Good morning, my lovelies! Hope you're all having a great day. As I mentioned a couple of weeks back, Connie's joining the TU staff today, so please give her a warm welcome. We've got some great stories lined up for you, so why don't we get right to it, shall we?

Hello there, my name is Connie and I am a slash addict. Yes, that sounded like an AA introduction, the main difference is that I am not looking for rehab thank you very much. LOL

So, after the initial panic attack when Nae asked me to write a rec for TwiSlash Unveiled I took a deep breath and went diving into my list of favs for the perfect story.

Do you believe in destiny? Well, I do. The Hostage update alert in my box was a sign and here we are.

Hostage is maryhell ´s first try at FanFiction and she is doing a great job so far.
Hostage Summary: Edward and Jasper are members of NYPD SWAT, and are in love. When they get involved in a rival gang war, a skeleton comes out of the closet that neither is prepared for. Will they survive?    

Edward (Psych) Cullen and Jasper (Chief) Whitlock – are both members of The Pack, AKA one of New York's finest SWAT teams. At first glance these two share their love and passion for the job and their parents, as Esme and Carlisle adopted Jasper when he was 14. There is something else they share and no one, not even The Pack knows.

Yup, Ed's my brother.

He was a fellow officer, family… and my lover, something nobody in New York but us knew.

The story has a nice pace, told in both Jasper and Edward’s POV sharing with the readers a bit of both. The relationship at work is very different from the one at home.

Edward lay there, mouth open panting. "Want me to do something with that mouth, beautiful?"

"After that, you can do what the hell you like with me."

"Gooooooood, cos as soon as you're ready, I want you inside me."

With half a puff, half a smile he announced, "Yes, Chief."

Jasper, the one that makes the decision at work, the one under constant pressure relies on his boy to take care of his needs at home.



"I need more. Take me, Edward, make me yours."

We are down to the main plot of the story when due to a Hostage situation The Pack has to attend maryhell shares with us Esme´s past. When Edward is required to enter the Bank as an exchange for Hostages, he does not hesitate. He lives for the adrenaline of the job.

"They've agreed to free some of the hostages in exchange for YOU."

My brain went blank.

"What? Why me?"

"Dunno… All they said was they would exchange hostages for the copper top they saw me talking to earlier."

Taking a deep breath, "Ooookay… Tell them we'll make the exchange in ten minutes."

From the moment he goes in we spend a few chapters on the edge of our seats while maryhell drops little bombs here and there.

"Mr. Cullen. Edward, welcome, such a bonus to have you with us. If, of course, Cullen is your real name."

"What the hell are you talking about? Of course it's my real name."

"Are you sure? Would you prefer Platt or Volturi perhaps?" the unknown voice chided.
Uh oh, insulting his name. Not good. Quickest route, to a pissed off Edward.

"Why in fuck's name would I want anything to do with the name Volturi? They're scum."

And so it begins… How is Esme related to the Volturi? Why did they ask for Edward? How is Jasper going to get him out of the bank alive without exposing his real feelings?

All the questions have their answers now, we are two chapters from the end so it is safe to go and read now if you don’t like to wait for updates.

I really enjoy the writing and the different sides of Jasper and Edward both on the job and out of it.
It is new and fresh and think it has great potential…a little bird told me there might be a sequel to it!
Well ladies and gents my first rec is over, hope you enjoy it. Don´t forget to read and review, leave maryhell  and her Pack some love.

Thank you mw138 for sharing the amazing banner with us.

See you all next time.


Good morning, loves. Today I’m bringing you one of my favorite pairs of all. Learning to Fly by KellanCougar tells us the story of Carlisle and Edward; two men with a connection so powerful it won’t allow them to be separated. But let me ask you…can lust at first sight turn into love with the first touch?

For Edward, a twenty year old bar manager, the attraction was undeniable.

Beautifully polished shoes, long, lean legs splayed casually, one foot rested on the stool strut, graceful hands and fingers that gripped the glass that he casually raised to his lips.

I watched his Adams apple bob as the liquid flowed down his throat before he placed the glass down, absentmindedly touching his mouth with his thumb.

Every week, the same routine. I wondered if he himself was even aware of the fact.

If I could, I always slipped out from behind the bar to clear some glasses so that I could check him out.

So elegant.

So refined.

So fucking hot I almost couldn't stand it.

And, just like that, I was hard as iron.

For Carlisle, a thirty-six year old doctor, the need was too intense to ignore.

Something about him appeared to be attuned to me. I watched him move around the bar, gracefully, smiling and nodding at patrons, but more than once I caught him gazing at me out of the corner of my eye.

He looked at me with an intense hunger.

And I knew then that he felt the same as I did.

I rarely approached men unless I was very sure that my advances were invited and that they would be discreet. But this time... this time I had to know him, to feel him in every way. It was a divine force that kept driving me back to this bar.

After finally giving in to their desires, Carlisle and Edward find that deeper issues soon eclipse the simple problem of a sixteen-year age difference. But after choosing to be together anyway, fate steps in and threatens to tear them apart again.

Is anything strong enough to keep two lovers apart when their connection is more intense than either has ever felt before? These two face their share of obstacles to be together, but neither one will be denied the love they’ve searched their whole lives for.

KellanCougar definitely gives us a story that proves you can’t help who you fall with and if that love is worth it, you will do anything to keep it. So, check out this little story and leave my girl some love. Until next time…much love to you - D
There you have it, folks. Two awesome stories to bunker down with, so make some tea or hot cocoa and settle in to read for a few hours. Be sure to leave these wonderful authors some love, and check back next week to see what Connie and I have in store for you then.

In the meantime, there are two days left to submit picture prompts for the Twilight No Stress Love Fest's Holiday Edition, so hurry on over. And while you're there, start thinking about what you can write, too. Have fun with it!

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