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Tuesday's Best 11-22-2011

Morning, lovelies! Hope you're all having a great day so far. If you're ready for a wee break, MizzDee and I've found you a couple of stories to check out, so why don't we get right down to it?

Hello, my loves. I’m coming back to you this week with my absolute favorite couple of all – the gorgeous Edward and Jasper – in an amazing story of self-discovery and longing. I’m not sure what caught my attention at first to make me read this story, but I’m glad I did. Sinners Island by TwistedforTwilight is one of those great stories that will hook you from the beginning and keep you coming back for more.

Edward Cullen has always felt like an outsider in his world. He’s never felt normal and has found himself pulling away from his family and friends. With life weighing on him, Edward decides it’s time for a break. Taking his sister’s advice, he books a summer long stay at Stormy Haven Inn in Bon Terre, Louisiana. The three-story Inn with its beautiful, picturesque landscape gives Edward the feeling of comfort that he’s been lacking and he intends to use that to take his life in a slightly different direction and try his hand at writing.

After he’s shown to his room by the owner, Rosalie McCarty, he steps to the window and notices that, among all its beauty, there is also something dark and mysterious about this place he’ll call home. It’s the mystery that fuels the idea for his novel and for the first time in a long time, he’s excited about life.

Finally able to relax, he heads down to dinner and comes face to face with another of Bon Terre’s mysteries in the form of Jasper Hale, Rosalie’s brother and resident handyman. Edward immediately feels an inexplicable pull towards Jasper, finding himself captivated by him.

When he speaks, his honeyed southern accent reverberates through me, leaving a pleasant buzz just underneath my skin.

I hadn't planned on admitting that, even to myself, but since it's out there, I look at Jasper and realize that it isn't just his accent that affects me.

Every time he smiles or laughs, my stomach clenches. His dimpled grin, rich laugh, and amused eyes seem so perfectly authentic. I suppose I'm envious that he's able to express his joy so easily. Whenever there's cause for a smile, I watch him surreptitiously, mesmerized by how a smile can light up someone's eyes so brightly.

God, I want that…

My body flushes with a burning heat.

I feel like I have to know him better.

Unlocking the mystery that is Jasper Hale won’t be easy and Edward finds himself obsessing over the man who has unknowingly found himself in Edward’s every thought.  But what will happen when Jasper finally stops hiding and takes Edward on a ride that will change his life forever.

TwistedforTwilight has created a wonderfully intriguing story full of yearning and personal awakenings that can, at times, leave you breathless. Take a minute and spend your day with the residents of Bon Terre. You’ll be glad you did. Until next time…much love to you - D


By now I’m sure y’all are well aware of the lovely Conversed, and her stories Twinned and Seventeen Men. She’s started posting a third part of that series, this time from Edward’s POV, called White Lines. It’s only a few chapters in, but as Conversed usually does, she draws you right in.

Something’s happened. Something big, and at first you don’t really get to see what, just the ramifications of it. It’s enough to break your heart - well, it’s enough to break mine, at least. Still, it also compels you to read on, just so you can find out what the hell happened and if things will end up alright. I really, really hope they will.

I feel my cheeks flame fiercely. My heart pound, pound, pounds. I'm fucking furious—FURIOUS—at this intrusion, livid with rage and almost undone with white-hot anger. My hand shakes as I press my fingers over my lips to keep my ferocious, worst-week words in.

The tidal wave of emotion leaches away as quickly as it came, leaving me breathless, broken, and battered. I'm numb inside and five years old all over again, standing at the bottom of the stairs, facing a real-life fucking nightmare.


I raise my eyes, taking in the wrinkles around my dad's tired, kind, red-rimmed eyes, so full of compassion, so perfectly humane. He pushes his hand through his still-thick, silver-streaked hair, mirroring my brother, who I glimpse—ashen faced, lips twisted—hanging onto Emmett in the hospital hallway. I want my brother. I need him in here with me. I can't face this on my own.

"Edward." Dad sighs, his own voice cracking.

When did my dad get old?



I shake my head.


Then I shake it again and swallow.

I blink as my face twists, feeling the sob that's been wedged under my ribs for the last few hours trying to rip its way out of me, right through my skin. Mom's hands are on my shoulders, her kiss soft on the back of my neck, and I hear her whisper clearly.

"We're all so sorry, baby."

*gulp* Yeah, I’m leaving you with that. You’ll have to read for yourself what, exactly, they’re all so very sorry about, and whether things will turn out okay in the end. They will, right, Conversed? Please?
There you have it, folks. Two awesome tales to sink your teeth in. Be sure to leave these wonderful authors some love, and check back next week to see what Connie and MizzDee have in store for you.

In the mean time, are you ready to spread some holiday cheer? If so, check out the Twilight No Stress Love Fest, pick out a prompt (or two, or three) and get to steppin'. Naughty, Nice, and everything in between is welcome. You know you want to ;-)

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