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Guest Rec - CherBella

I was so excited last week when Naelany asked me to do a guest rec for TU. I have to admit, I got an e-reader last year and I’ve gradually fallen down the rabbit hole of original M/M books, so I’m not reading as much Twi fic as I used to. Most of what I do read comes from whatever pops up in my box from my author alerts. But there’s been some great ones lately!

This first one is Gone Fishing by Milly3c. I think a friend rec’d it to me and it’s a fabulously fun idea. I know there are a lot of us Corbin Fisher fans, right ladies? Well, what if Edward and Jasper worked for Corbin Fisher? Even better, how about if Edward and Jasper worked for Corbin Fisher and are written to physically resemble Rob and Jackson? (I understand if everyone needs a minute to wipe that glazed look off your faces and the drool off the floor. I’ll be over there waiting ‘til you’ve pulled yourselves together.)

Okay, so before you get too excited, Edward is not actually a model for CF. When the story opens, Edward is a struggling videographer. Desperate for work and money, he had signed up for a video job in Vegas only to find out it was a sleazy porn outfit with probable illegal practices. Edward doesn’t like the looks of things and despite being broke, his conscience won’t let him stay. So he cuts out on the job and ends up stuck at the airport with no money and no way home. On top of everything, he has no place to stay when he gets home because his girlfriend, Tanya, just broke up with him (yes, Edward hasn’t quite discovered he’s gay yet):

So I had crawled away licking my wounds and reflected that it hadn't been that great a relationship any way. None of mine ever had been.
"It's like sleeping with a corpse, Edward!" she had screamed at me. "If it weren't for the rigor mortis, you'd have never got it up." Now I wouldn't have minded sitting down and having a serious conversation about what she obviously saw as my lack of well, anything, in bed, but I didn't much care for having it screamed at me through the window while she threw the last of my stuff out at me. In retrospect, I think it might have been a mistake to casually ask her if she had ever considered getting a breast reduction, while we were having sex.
What? Those things are just off-putting, jiggling and wobbling all over the place. I probably shouldn't have mentioned it though. Hence, the screaming, the throwing out, the breaking up and the subsequent homelessness.
I had to quote that cause it cracked me up–um, Edward if you don’t like “jiggling, wobbling” breasts, maybe it’s a sign?
Anyway, while sitting at the airport Mr. Corbin Fisher himself notices Edward’s camera bags and hires him on the spot to replace one of their videographers. Edward is happy to see Corbin’s operation is more on the up and up than the last porn company. But he is shocked when he discovers he will be filming guy-on-guy porn. And his world is rocked even more at how turned on he gets while watching two guys…um…well, you know.
The first scene Edward has to film? Jasper fucking Travis. Yep. I said Travis. (you all need another minute, I totally understand):
Travis and Jay came and stood next to each other at the foot of the bed. Travis made a grab for Jay's t-shirt, lifted it a few inches and scowled at the studded black leather belt, which was just about holding his jeans to his slim hips.
"Fuck, you know I can never undo this one," he muttered, with a lop-sided smile. "Are you going to do this scene with your jeans on?" To my stunned amazement, he pulled Jay close with a rough jerk on the belt and slid the palm of his hand down the front of Jay's jeans, cupping and rubbing what, even from where I was standing, looked like something large and hard.
Oh my God, they were touching each other.
Well, no shit, idiot.
Panicking, I tore my eyes away and wiped the sweat from my hands. Had they started the scene already? I hadn't been ready, the camera wasn't even pointing at them. I scrambled to bring the viewfinder up as Corbin murmured next to me, "Relax, they're just warming up a little." But I flicked the power button to on anyway.
Framing the two men up in the viewfinder, I stepped back to get them full length as Jay cupped the front of Travis's board shorts in response. The two of them were facing each other, two dark heads bent together watching the other's hand rub and cup their straining erections. Travis hummed and bit his bottom lip as Jay said hoarsely, "Can't wait to see this again."

(sigh) Yep, neither can we Jay.

That’s all I’m giving you, just trust me it’s hot. Add in an Edward that is instantly attracted to Jasper and the hotness is just exploding all over the place.

Jasper is insanely attracted to Edward as well and trying to figure out the mixed signals from Edward, and well… I’ll leave the rest for you to read. It’s a WIP, only eight chapters in, so it’s quick to get caught up on. So far there is lots of UST and only one kiss…but oh, what a kiss it was.

Okay, I know this is getting long, but I have a bunch more to mention quickly that are really awesome, so stay with me.

Notes on the Fridge by LyricalKris. Another new fic, only four chaps in. Gamer Jasper and Outgoing Emmett. They have similar pasts that draw them together. I love all of Kris’s slash but this summary in particular really made me melt:

Roommates Emmett Cullen and Jasper Whitlock had nothing in common save for one thing: they both knew what it was like to be the 'other' child. College is not just about discovering yourself but finding the people who will make you who you're meant to be.

Finding the people who will make you who you’re meant to be. Gah, love that.

I’m a big fan of the TV show Bones and I squeed when the first chapter of this fic appeared. (No it’s not a Bones fic but the characters’ jobs made me think of Bones) Got Your Back, another fic by LyricalKris. Riley is the nerdy, nervous lab squint who is in love/lust with Jasper the hero FBI agent. (sigh) It’s complete and rumor is, there may be a sequel.

Meant To Be by Fr333bird. Riley/Seth, such sweet teenage boys discovering their attraction for each other. This is AU vamp/wolf . Sort of canon and that was what kept me reading. It was obvious early on that Seth would become a wolf but I kept wondering how canon she was going to go with this…every chapter I was waiting to find out “Is Riley going to become a vampire?” It’s still in progress, go read and find out.

I was thrilled to see something from SubtlePen in my box last week. She updated a O/S she wrote last year for the Charlie contest–Love and Charlie Swan–with a second chapter/epilogue. In the first chapter, Charlie laments over lost opportunity with his best friend Harry, realizing too late that his friendship with the man was really love. In the second chapter, Emmett enters the story, and the slow building relationship between the two men is so wonderfully written. And yay for Charlie finding love!

Domward’s Mistress posted a short O/S recently, called, Listen to the Rain. Vamp, Edward/Jasper. This one is a little dark and twisty and heartbreaking as Edward’s real feelings are revealed and as we see Jasper hopelessly desperate for Edward’s love. Very well done.

I’d never read any fanfic before Twilight, so after falling so deep into Twi Fic, I’ve been very resolute about not reading/getting involved in any other fandoms (if I did, I’d never leave my computer!). However, a friend has been taunting me recently with gifs and video clips of Agron and Nasir from Spartacus. Ironically, two days later, a Nasir/Agron O/S dropped into my box from one of my Twi author alerts, einfach_mich, The Solace of Day Break. I’ve not watched much of the show but you don’t need to, in fact her O/S actually explains a lot. She does a wonderful job of writing in the period and words of the show.

And just as I was finishing this rec up today, I discovered another non-Twi fic, also by Fr333bird. Tell Me How, Arthur/Merlin. I don’t watch this one either, know nothing about the show or the story, but you don’t need to for this fic. She mentions in her A/N that it’s basically a PWP, but really that’s not completely true. It’s an adorably tender depiction of two young boys learning sex and discovering their feelings for each other.

Okay I’m done…I swear. Now go forth and read! I hope you’ll enjoy these fics as much as I did!


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