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Tuesday's Best 3-6-2012

Good morning, my lovelies! Hope today finds you well and rearing to go. I don't know where you're at, but it's a little chilly here, so why don't we see if MizzDee and I can heat things up a bit with a couple of recs?


Hello my loves. I hope you’re ready because today I’m going to bring you a little bit of everything. Randoms by Lou-La is a collection of one-shots featuring different pairs of our favorite men, some in various compromising positions.


Let’s start out with the hottest two men ever as we invade Edward and Jasper’s privacy as they take a bath together to end a really long and hard day.

"You have no idea how hard it's been for me all day," he whispers.

"I think I have an idea.

"Eager are we?" he teases.

"For you, always," I answer honestly.

If that’s not enough for you, let’s take a peek at Peter and Alec as they get ‘acquainted’ in the woods.

"Are you sure you wanna do this? We don't have to," I say. But I want to, so fucking much, I scream internally, hoping he will agree.

He grips my shoulders and urges me down to him, planting his lips firmly on mine then shoving his tongue deep into my mouth.

Fuck, I hope that's his answer. I hope he wants my cock as deep into his ass as his tongue is in my mouth.

He pulls back from me enough that his lips are just barely brushing mine when he says, "Fuck me."

Still not enough…maybe Edward and Riley can give you what you need while they have some fun before visiting the family for Christmas.

I released my hold on one of his hips and brought my hand back, slapping him firmly on the ass. He flinched, clenched, and squeaked, falling forward onto his hands on my chest.

His eyes were wide and dark as I looked up at him. I gripped his ass in my hands and pulled him up, before shoving him back down again, cocking an eyebrow when he shivered and his breath caught.

"Thought you were too tired for fucking," he asked.

"I'm wide awake now and need to fuck," I replied.

Needing More? How about a little Carlisle and Riley action for those of you who need a little kink fix?

"Wait, wait," Riley says, a hint of desperation in his voice, a frantic edge.

He gets a hold on Carlisle's wrist and stops him from walking away, pulls him back. Carlisle goes too easily, lets Riley turn him right back around ― upside down and inside out and everything backwards and tilted, stilted, can't-make-sense-of-it sideways.

Riley takes his hand and holds it for a second, looking up at Carlisle before he presses Carlisle's palm flat against the fly of his jeans, over the bulge there, curling their fingers together over the thickened length beneath the denim.

Carlisle clenches his jaw against the urge to groan, breathes out calmly through his nose. He doesn't pull back, not yet, not meanly or sharply; he waits, wants to give it just a second and then he'll firmly tell Riley no.

Riley talks first. "I think about you all the time," he says. It's not wistful, he doesn't sound like he's in love or heartbroken or in any way slighted, he just sounds frustrated. He sounds like Carlisle feels, like they've already waited so long, why should they keep having to wait, like he knows how good it'll be, how good they'll be, if only they didn't have to wait any longer.

What? Still not satisfied? How about we throw in some three-way action and take a peek at Edward, Jasper and Riley. That should be enough to get you all hot and bothered.

"Oh, oh god," he whimpers as I crook my fingers up.

Jasper brings his hand around Riley's cock, gripping him tightly at the base. "Don't let him come yet," he breathes against my mouth.

He kisses me and slides Riley's cock between our lips, right in the middle so both of our tongues and lips are wrapped around it.

I'm fucking jealous, it's got to feel so good. And it must, because he's fucking himself down on my fingers, practically mindless with it already. He clutches at my hair, pulling sharply just like Jasper showed him, and Jasper smacks my ass sharply when I rut down against the bed, rubbing my needy erection against the mattress.

Let’s top this all off with a little action from Peter and Jasper as Peter works to keep Jasper warm in the snow.

Grinning, Peter plants both of his hands on Jasper's hips and pushes him down, holding him in place. He pins Jasper with a stare before he quickly yanks his fly open and pushes his jeans low enough to work his hand inside.

Jasper squeaks and knees Peter in the side when his ice cold fingers wrap around Jasper's dick. Jasper tries to roll away, but Peter easily pushes him flat on his back with his free hand, while the other hand stays where it is in Jasper's pants.


Now, don’t think I’ve given away all of Lou-La ’s secrets. There are plenty of other chapters to get you all hot and bothered and keep you happy for the rest of the day. Or you can read them again and again to keep yourself happy for many days to come. However you wish to keep yourself busy, don’t forget to leave our author some love for giving us such pretty, pretty boys to play with.  Until next time…much love to you – D


Solostintwilight is a very sneaky little writer. So sneaky, that it took me a while before I figured out who the person talking was.


Such a powerful word, isn’t it? So many different connotations to it, that it can be hard to pinpoint, at times, right?

Edward is the one who’s in control in this story, on more ways than one. So far, he’s set the pace, determined the actions, and who knows about the relationship. Our mystery friend is more than happy to relinquish control to him, too.

Except... wouldn’t it be absolutely grand to see Edward lose control? Even just once? Still, it’s simply too good to have Edward be in control for that to be something to really push... for now.

I blinked again as the history film flickered on the screen. Glancing at the clock, I realized I had wasted most of History class fantasizing again about Edward Cullen. I tried to concentrate on the last of the film, something about fighter pilots over Japan. But really the only thing I could visualize was Edward Cullen as he hovered over me, lips asking, "Storage room, free period."

I felt the shiver of anticipation at his voice near my ear as he bumped past me in the hall, never looking back as he slipped past the freshman and the cheerleaders who gawked at him. They had no chance with him, but he cast a cocky smirk their way, sure to make me burn with jealousy. But I knew him better than that.

He had particular tastes.

And Lindsey and Christie and Bethany didn't have it in them to offer him what he liked. Hell, I barely did that first time. But I was tuned to him; after several weeks of quick rendezvous and heated fumblings in the woods behind the baseball field, I knew just what he liked. And my body was always willing and ready for him.

All he had to do was say where and when.

And I was there.


Will our friend give up everything again, or will Edward be able to turn things on their head? You’ll have to read and see for yourselves.


There you have it, folks, two great stories to sink those teeth into. Be sure to check back next week to see what Connie and MizzDee have in store for you. In the mean time, why don't you leave these wonderful authors some love. 

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