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Tuesday's Best 3-20-2012

Good morning, my lovelies, and happy Spring! Not that I'm seeing much evidence of it yet, where I'm at. We can hope, though, right? ;-)
Anyway, this week Connie and I have found you another couple of stories that we'd love to share so why won't we just get to it. 


Hi girls, welcome back to another edition of TU.

The beautiful rhythm_junkie wrote The Valley Of Your Heart Hostess Pick in the LoveLikeFire2011 contest.

Edward is seven years old and victim of bullying at school. Jasper is only seven too, but he a little more bad ass and stands up for Edward in the playground. One event that will set their friendship.

So I'm standing there, the new kid in a jeering mass of best friends and old allies, trying not to cry when someone says, "Leave him alone."

When at twelve Edward’s father is offer a job in Washington, Edward and Jasper’s relationship takes a step back.

"I'm not meant to be away from you Jasper," I tell him. He smiles and squeezes my shoulder.

"I know."

At fourteen, Jasper’s mom passes and Carlisle and Esme decide to bring Jasper home and into their family as their own.

When he's clean, I pull him up the bed and lay him down. I lie beside him and wait. I know Jasper. I know him well enough not to push him. We lay there, not speaking, staring at the ceiling. After an eternity, he rolls on his side and presses into me. I roll towards him and let him push closer, like he's trying to hide under my skin.

When Jasper is taken back by social services Edward is left with the hope to be in touch with his only friend in the world. Four months without contact with Jasper are taking its stroll on Edward.

Months go by, without contact. One night Jasper is back but is only half the boy Edward loves…

"Jas?" I try to pull back so I can look at him but he clings tighter, face buried in my shoulder, body quivering against mine. I stay, holding him, and this time I whisper comfort into his dirty, matted hair because this is a broken version of my Jasper and I can feel that he needs it. He's mumbling and I can't understand what he's saying so I pull him back a little and tilt my head.

"…couldn't take it…so much pain…fucking bitches…so fucking scared E…really hurt me…killed her…"

My stomach drops into my knees and, shit, because I suddenly recognize that smell, the one hidden under the dirt and the grime and the tears.


The boys have been through so much. When Jasper starts school with Edward, the roles are reversed - Edward’s the one that has to stick up for Jasper when people call him a freak. That’s not the only obstacle for the boys; Bella and Alice are there too. The tension between them pushes Jasper to acknowledge his feelings as well as his fears.

"I thought you were mine E," he whispers, his breath caressing my lips, "I thought I was yours." His eyes are brighter than I've ever seen them and my whole body is vibrating to the chord of his sadness. "I thought you loved me."

"I do love you Jas…" I manage before his mouth is on mine, scorchingly insistent. 

Two broken boys, a friendship that needs to make room for a different feeling. Confusion and decisions to be made.

Can Edward’s love fix Jasper’s broken heart? Can Jasper accept his feelings for his best friend and trust Edward will never betray him? Or worse, leave him?

The song prompt for this story is The Cave by Mumford and Sons, personally I love the song and the story does justice to the lyrics.

The writing is heartbreaking; rhythm_junkie creates amazing characters and gets you involved with their feelings.

Have your tissues handy. The story is a short read and it’s now complete.

You can talk to the amazing rhythm_junkie on twitter @Im_not_a_lizard, and don’t forget to leave some love for her while reading.

Have a great week, see you all next time.



I know, I know. Valentine’s Day was over a month ago, but trust me. Moving Violation is well worth it, and hell, who doesn’t enjoy some smutty love? I mean, that’s kind of why we’re all here, right?


Moving Violation is a Valentine’s Day future take of the story After the Smoke Clears, by Bornonhalloween. You remember me telling you about that one, I’m sure. Actor Edward Cullen gets rescued out of a burning building by smoking hot (hehe, I made a punny) Jasper Whitlock.


It’s Valentine’s Day and Jasper’s on his way to meet Edward for a nice dinner when he gets pulled over for speeding - in Edward’s car. Edward’s been out for a few months now, but Jasper is mortified at the thought of Edward’s name being sullied by something as stupid as a speeding ticket incurred by his boyfriend.

Now, most of us know the drill when you get pulled over, right? Yeah, thought so (don’t know about you, but I hate getting pulled over). So Jasper, while nervous, isn’t expecting things to go horrible wrong.

Until they do.
He stalks back to me and opens my door. "Sir, step out of the car please."

Panic spikes.

"Officer? Is something wrong?"

"Sir, I asked you to step out of the vehicle. Shall I assume you're resisting?"

"No, no, of course not." I put my hands up where he can see them, just like in the movies, even though he didn't ask. I am Joe Model Citizen here, except for the insane speeding, of course.

"Hands against the roof."

OH MY GOD! What is happening? This is beyond a speeding ticket and a belated arrival. Should I be thinking about a lawyer?

"Have you been drinking, firefighter?"

"God no, sir," I angle my head so he can read my sincerity.

"EYES FORWARD! HANDS ON THE ROOF!" I feel his hand at my back, and I hold as still as I possibly can, though every inch of my body pulsates with fear.

"Yes, sir. I haven't had a drop to drink. I swear."

"Just so you understand what's happening here, I am about to search your car for illegal substances. My partner is going to frisk and cuff you."

"CUFF ME?" And now I'm getting a little hysterical. "Why? What did I do? What do you THINK I did?"

Poor, panicking Jasper (really, can you blame the guy?). So what does the officer think he did? Will Jasper make it to dinner on time, or will he be spending Valentine’s Day (umm, night) behind bars? You’ll have to read to find out.


There you have it, folks. Two great stories to sink your teeth into. Be sure to check back next week to see what MizzDee and I have in store for you. In the mean time, why don't you leave these two wonderful authors some love.

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