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Guest Rec - TruceOver

Hey there, it’s me, TruceOver and I’m honored to be here at TwiSlash Unveiled doing a
Guest Rec. There is a hell of a lot of amazing Twific out there, so it was difficult to think
of which ones to rec. In the end I decided to bring the spotlight on a couple of great one
shots that I’ve read—one kind of angsty and one funny one.

The first story has to do with something that most people have thought about it. Some
may have even experienced it. What would happen if you had a second chance with an
old crush?

Faite-comme-moi and Sweetp-1 collaborated (under the collab account SweetMoi) on Never Who You Think You Are, a wonderful Edward/Seth one shot. Personally, I love many Twilight pairings, but for those
of you who don’t usually read Edward and Seth, I really hope you give this a try.

Seth is a senior in college, returning home during a school break with a friend—
sometimes with benefits—Riley. Seth figures that he’ll spend the weekend showing
Riley around the small town, dodging his kind of annoying mother, and exchanging
some steamy friends-with-benefits favors. Not too bad of a weekend, right?

The last person Seth expects to see is Edward Cullen. It seemed much more likely that
he'd see Edward's face on a billboard than when he walks into the small town tavern.
Edward was an old friend and a local talent, one who packed bars with his singing and
guitar skills. When Seth last saw him, Edward had a record deal and was leaving the
small town behind. But there he is, wiping tables and taking orders.

Seth can’t get over his luck, and stumbles along his conversation with Edward like

a smitten teenager. Seth’s enthusiasm is adorable, even while Edward’s reaction is
lukewarm. It doesn’t help that Riley is sitting there, watching the whole thing. Um, yeah.
Riley doesn't make things less complicated.

Seth clearly idolizes Edward, and I love how the canon qualities of their relationship
shine through Seth’s loyalty and eagerness. But for as good as Edward makes Seth
feel, he can pull Seth down too.


The disappointment is crushing.

Seth tries to tell himself it's no big deal, but it hurts. Edward always was a free spirit,
though, notoriously fickle and Seth wants to kick himself for being so naive and trusting.
He'll always be Leah's kid brother to Edward - he even said it himself at the tavern
last night. He clearly read way too much into Edward's offhand remark, and wishes he
hadn't been so stupid to believe that Edward Cullen wanted to hang out with him. Their
relationship is the same as it was at fourteen; he's been left at home again while the
cool kids go out and party. Small and insignificant.


What I love about this story is the way it brought me back in time. Just like Seth, I
clearly remember the feeling of being fourteen and hoping that the cool older kids would
ask me to hang out. I remember feeling butterflies when my crush paid me even a little
bit of attention. Faite-comme-moi and Sweetp-1 hit on every emotion someone in
Seth’s position would feel, and pulled me right in. Just like Seth, I badly wanted Edward
to fulfill Seth’s dreams, for him to be the man that Seth clearly thinks he is. However as
the story progresses though it’s obvious that Edward isn’t really up for reminiscing about
the good ‘ol days.

Slowly, he pulls up the lid of the guitar case, only to find the guitar has a busted string.

There won't be any song tonight.

Seth closes the lid with a sharp bang, which echoes in the tiny room. Edward doesn't
say anything, just stares intently at his fingernails as if to say, "I told you so." Seth
returns the case to it's forgotten spot against the wall and reluctantly takes his seat next
to Edward on the futon.

"What happened?" he asks. It's a two-fold question, really - what happened to Edward
the King of Cool, the brightest music star the West Coast had seen in decades? What
happened to the music?

"Busted strings happen all the time, you know." Edward replies. "Just haven't gotten
around to fixing it yet."

Seth frowns. He's not sure if Edward deliberately misunderstood him or if he doesn't
want to talk about it, but either way Seth feels both sad and disillusioned to realize
Edward isn't making music these days.

"No. What you?"

It's easy to hate Edward for not being who Seth has imaged he’d be and disappointing
him. But put yourself in Edward’s shoes, and damn, life sure has disappointed him too.

Give this story a read and I promise that you won’t regret it. Seth’s weekend home
is packed with much more than some home-cooked food and friends with benefits
blowjobs. More importantly, Seth leaves home again with a lesson.

Before I tell you about the second story I want to rec, let me ask you something. Do you
like to smile? Good. Me too. Come as You Are, by MizzHyde and JasperLuver48 is a
Emmett/Jasper one shot that made me smile like an idiot.

This story starts off with Emmett getting an annoying phone call from a telemarketer
for a piece of exercise equipment, but in typical Emmett fashion it quickly turns into a
conversation full of hilarious innuendos.


Emmett: Jasper?

Jasper: Yes?

Emmett: Could you just repeat the words "strong, deep, comfortable contractions" to me
again please?

Jasper: Excuse me?

Emmett: Well, first you're talking about a strap-on, and then we're straight into the deep
contractions; I just wanna make sure I know exactly what you're selling here.


Wait, did Jasper just say “Strap on”? Um, yes. Yes he did.

Keep reading and this story goes from funny to sweet, with Jasper and Emmett
reminiscing about their first date—laser tag. Throw in a first kiss with two hot, hilarious
guys holding on to their BIG guns, and I’m sold.


"I thought I told you to watch your back," Emmett whispered, running his nose along
Jasper's jaw until the two men came face to face, just inches apart.

"I thought you wanted to date me, not humiliate me," Jasper pouted, trying to remember
why he had even considered ending the game early.

"This from the man who I had to pay a hundred bucks to get a date with?" Emmett
chuckled, resuming his exploration of Jasper's jaw, this time with his lips.

"You didn't pay me the hundred bucks," Jasper protested weakly, arching his neck
slightly to allow Emmett room to suck and lick at the skin just below his ear. "I don't get
to see even half of that money."

"Hundred bucks is a hundred bucks," Emmett muttered, abandoning his laser gun on
the floor with a clatter and tangling his hand in Jasper's hair. "Had to get my own back

Jasper just moaned and dropped his gun too, twisting in Emmett's grip to bring their
faces together again, launching himself into a fierce kiss.


These two are hot, sweet, and hilarious. Enough said.

That’s it for now. TwiSlash Unveiled had provided me with plenty of awesome recs in
the past, and it’s nice to be able to return the favor. Enjoy!

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