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Tuesday's Best 3-13-2012

Good morning, my lovelies! Spring is trying so hard to arrive, but winter's still got its claws in us, I'm afraid. But never fear! Connie and MizzDee have found a couple of stories to warm yourselves by. So, make yourselves comfortable, grab those towels and fresh panties and lets get to it, shall we?


Happy Tuesday ladies, welcome back to TU.

The truth is that with my little sister´s wedding fast approaching my reading time has been considerably reduced. So when I faced my laptop to write today´s recommendation my mind went blank LOL

But here is the thing - being the slash h00r that I am it took me less than five minutes to pick up a great story I read a few weeks back and because I had so much going on I forgot to share with you all.

All the ramblings aside let me introduce you to Solar Flare by Siavahda an imprinting fic with a twist, the kind of twist we like, where the imprinting occurs between our favorite males Edward and Jacob.

There is no “stop, turn, imprint” thing going on here especially for Edward who fights what in the end will be inevitable.

"Alice? What do you see?"

None of them breathed as they waited.

Alice's mind was a whirlwind of shapes, colours, and sounds. That was normal; every decision one of her family made altered those pictures and they changed from moment to moment. But now something bright and clear was emerging from that storm, crystal-sharp and perfect; something that punched Edward in the stomach hard enough to hurt.

Edward does not remember the name of the boy that appears in Alice's mind, and Alice does not know it, but he recognises the face. It is the boy that had approached Bella at the prom half a year ago, the Quileute with the long hair and a history with the Swan family. But in the vision he is no longer a boy. He stands straight and tall and massive, dark hair shorn short, eyes deep and black like forest shadows and his skin a rich, earthy, natural colour. Sun-kissed.

And Edward. Cradled between the trunk of a tree and the Quileute's body. Kissing him.
Edward recoiled, and the others looked at him, curious and worried by his reaction, but he couldn't even look at them. Only at Alice – Alice, who was staring back at him in wide-eyed amazement.

"No," Edward said fiercely in response to that look. "No. It will never happen!" The boy was a stranger, a Quileute teenager from Bella's past. Edward didn't even know him. He said so. "He is not even an acquaintance, Alice. I swear to you, I don't even know his name!"

'You saw how clear my vision was, Edward,' Alice said silently. Even her mental voice was full of shock. 'It will happen.'

There is something that I have always loved about Jakeward fics. It has to do with the fact that they are both strong alpha males in canon and most of the fics written about them maintain that fact.

Is not about turning one of them “gay” (if that is even possible) is about two strong, masculine men falling in love with each other.

In Solar Flare ´s case the additional of having the wolf and the vamp imprinting takes that to a new level.

Jared nodded slowly. "Yeah," he said solemnly, "I guess it must be kind of confusing for you too, huh?"

They were both silent for a while before Jake got up the courage to say what he wanted to say.

"No, not really," he murmured. "It's not confusing at all. It's actually more like everything makes sense now."

He looked up. "It's just him," he said quietly. "Edward. It's just him. There's no one else in the world who –" He struggled to find the words. "I'm not gay," he said finally. "It's just him."

He finally understood what Sam had said about imprinting making life simple. It really, really did.

Solar Flare has all the Twilight components, a walk down memory lane if you wish. Starting with New Moon brokenhearted Bella, Edward is still gone after her disastrous birthday party. But the game changes before Edward comes back to Forks, Bella become an obstacle for Jacob´s happiness.

"I wanted her to die," he admitted finally, when the silence stretched too long. "My wolf… She… Edward…" His hands fisted helplessly. "I want to…go over there and break her neck, right now. I can't stand it – Her. She's my friend, my best friend, and I love her, but…"
Sam's dark eyes were full of understanding. "But she's in the way," he said softly.
Jake nodded jerkily.

Here is when it gets interesting. Trust me, Bella is on the way and she turns out to be the crazy one in the story. This is not the only surprise, are you ready for Jacob to be the one to save the life of our beloved Edward?

Seth shook his head. Sam sent me. Here. He padded over and dropped the back at Jacob's paws. You're heading to Italy, right? You're gonna need your passport, man.

All right that´s enough for a glimpse I don´t want to ruin it for you; I really want you to get a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and enjoy reading Solar Flare that it is complete. I sat and read it all in one evening I honestly couldn´t put it down.

Let me know what you think and don´t forget to leave some love for Siavahda

See you all next week


Hello my loves. Today I’m bringing you a story from a good friend of mine who’s taking her first full trip into the world of slash. Elvirina given us a beautiful story that shows how to find hope in the face of sadness. Life in Flashbacks is Jasper’s tale of loss and what direction his life takes after he loses his truest love.


Have you ever wondered what you would do if you lost the love of your life?

Could you go on without them?

Could you live a normal life without them in it?

After Jasper lost the love of his life, it was like his soul died and he couldn’t go on anymore. He closed himself off, didn’t talk to friends, didn’t take care of himself. He hid in his home with only his memories of Edward to keep him company.

A visit from Emmett, Edward’s best friend and business partner, showed Jasper that he didn’t have to go through his grief alone. But Emmett’s visit wasn’t just for moral support. He came with a gift.
"What is it?" Jasper asked warily.

Emmett's smile was warm, but a hint in his usual teasing nature was just in the layers below. "Something of a private matter. Think about it and you'll figure it out. Just know that this is the only copy, and the file has been deleted at the company."

Jasper's face suddenly turned bright red and his breath faltered. He knew exactly what this was. He knew it existed, but never had never seen it or thought about it since the day that it was made.

"I see you figured it out. In my line of business, I have seen a lot with the production company. I have seen Edward do a lot, but I assure you I have never seen him or it being done with this much love."

Jasper felt his face burning. "Since when have you become so delicate? You can say the word. It's just sex."

"No, it's not. That's not what's on that DVD."

Emmett gave Edward back to Jasper that day, but was it enough to heal his heart and soul? Was it enough to help him move on?


Sadness and love sometimes go hand in hand and Elvirina has shown us that even if you lose it…you cannot lose yourself. Lessons can be learned but the people we love will never be forgotten. Do me a favor and check out this beautiful story and leave my girl some love. She definitely deserves it.  Until next time…much love to you – D


There you have it, folks. Two great stories to sink your teeth into. Be sure to check back next week to see what Connie and I have in store for you then. In the mean time, why don't you leave these wonderful ladies some love.

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