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Guest Rec - evilgiraffe82

When naelany asked if I'd be interested in writing a rec for TU, I was immediately enthusiastic, and
volunteered myself without really thinking about it. It was only a few days later when I realised
that I'd not read much Twific at all recently, and had to embark on a hunt for good stories. I think
the one I chose deserves to be pointed out to a wider audience, and I hope you enjoy it! The reason
I've not been reading much Twific lately is because I've become what a friend recently described
as “a total slashwhore!”. As an nod to this aspect of my character, I've snuck in a couple of non-
Twi slashfics, in the hope of corrupting some more people... These three stories are all well-written
and highly enjoyable, and are on something of a sliding scale from angst to fluff. Thank you so
much to TU for letting me flag them up for other people to read! To begin with, the most angsty of
the three:

Twilight (Carlisle/Edward)
Aberration – shoefreak37


In canon, Carlisle and Edward have an interesting backstory – they live without other
companionship for a good long while, just the two of them. Carlisle's reasons for changing Edward
have never been entirely convincing to me – surely other parents begged him to save their children,
too, so what was so special, so different, about Edward? The prologue of this story introduces us
to an Edward that we're familiar with from canon, on the morning of his wedding to Bella, full of
sadness, longing, and love.

The reality is, Edward does everything with the singular purpose of pleasing him -
nothing is out of the question if it garners his approval, even if it be temporary. A few
words, a pat on the back, a firm embrace are all Edward needs to sustain him, to feel
content. Again, Edward tries to turn his thoughts away but wars with himself.

Despair, hope, lust, disgust, love, contentment...regret.

Edward cannot afford to regret. To one who lives forever and never sleeps, regret is a
dangerous thing.

The rest of the story jumps back in time to before Edward becomes a vampire at all, and follows
his and Carlisle's relationship from then until the present day. Carlisle is a strongly Christian man,
fighting the conflict between his faith and his heart, which rings so true – any man born when and
where he was would be likely to be religious, and his struggles are painful to witness. Edward,
on the other hand, is much more straightforward – at least at the beginning. Finding out how and
why he goes from a youthful hotheadedness to the apparently resigned and faintly tragic man we
see at the very start drove me through this story, wanting to find out what had happened to the two
of them. Aberration is a desperately sad and stark story of emotional conflict, fierce love, and
unyielding morals. It is written clearly and well, and as far as I can tell, is pretty faithful to canon.
If you can read this without aching inside for them all, you must have a heart of stone. It's been a
long time since I read any Twilight story that was anything other than AU, but shoefreak37 may
have lured me back to the vampires at long last.

And now, a little bit of science and magic.

Harry Potter (Harry/Draco)
Four Seasons of Light – Omi-Omi


On LJ:

I've become something of a Potterphile over the last few months. I always used to think that
slashing up Harry Potter was a Step Too Far, but having taken that step, I can now see just how
fabulous the H/D pairing really is. There are hundreds of good fics out there, some ancient ones,
some new, and lots of good list/rec pages too. This one is fairly new, and is a short and lovely
tale told in a faintly bittersweet manner. It's easy to imagine the boys living their lives as this
story suggests, and Omi makes it a beautiful experience to share with them. The layout of this fic
follows the seasons of their relationship, and given that Winter is the second instalment, Spring and
Summer are left with a gentle tinge of melancholy running through them which adds a depth to this
short story that is both unexpected and hugely enjoyable.

Malfoy inhaled deeply and carefully held his hands together, twisting his fingers up
as he started to talk. "I don't care. I do care... I care how you are, I don't care why.
But I do know that it has to stop now, Potter. I'm selfish, work is a nightmare without
you, and... you... you've been... balancing out my life since I was eleven years old, and
I might not hate you any more but I still need you to stand against me," he blurted out,
all in a rush. At this he gave Harry a particularly fierce look. "I need you to be there."

This is epilogue-compliant, but never fear, it is also very firmly an H/D story. There are a couple of
companion stories that follow the events of Spring in greater detail, and are also well worth a read.

Star Trek (Kirk/McCoy)
Run (I'm a natural disaster) – canis_takahari

Part one:
Part two:

Ok, I'll admit it, once I fell for Potter, it was easy to find myself diving with gay (ha) abandon into
the glorious world that is Star Trek slash. I felt vaguely ashamed of myself, but not for long, as
I'm spending so much time reading there isn't space (haha) for much else. canis_takahari is an
enormously prolific author, with seemingly hundreds of fics on her masterlist. This one is a longish
AU two-shot, so even if you're not a geeky lover of slashyspaceboys (yet), then you'll probably get
along with it just fine. Bones falls into a ditch, Jim helps him out of it, and a gloriously fluffy and
silly story flows from there. I promise, you'll fall in love with McCoy's grouchiness, and if you
haven't already fallen hard for Chris Pine's version of Jim Kirk, then this might just convert you.

“Oh, I’m just on a spontaneously-planned vacation.” Leonard waves an irritable
hand. “You know. In a ditch. My hands are shaking and my leg is broken, so you can
make yourself useful and call an ambulance.” He thrusts his cell phone at the other man
and tries very hard not to blink because if he does, tears will roll down his cheeks and
his badass bastard fa├žade will be shattered.
“That sounds like a good idea. I approve of that idea.” Blue-eyed blond man takes
Leonard’s phone and Leonard combats the pain and nausea of his situation by admiring
how unfairly good-looking his saviour is. He’s also frustratingly calm and helpful and
competent during the call, giving a cohesive description of events, succinct directions,
and conveying Leonard’s angry additions to the 911 operator with aplomb.

In the five minutes that they’re waiting for the ambulance, he sits down on the filthy
bank of kicked up grass and says, “Hey, I’m Jim. Jim Kirk.”

You will smile fondly, you will laugh helplessly, you will be unaccountably turned on by two
men genially bitching at each other, and then you will read Trek fic until the end of time. It's

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