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Guest Rec - TwistedforTwilight

Hey, TwistedforTwilight here. Thrilled to be reccing for TwiSlash Unveiled today, but
nervous all the same. If you don’t have any idea who I am, I’ve written a few Ed/Jas
slash stories – some one-shots and a couple of multi-chaptered fics that are still in
progress. When I’m in the midst of writing I have very little time for anything else,
including reading. Thankfully, there are a few fics that I’m in love with that no one has
recced yet.

I’ve selected a completed fic, a WIP and a one-shot for your consideration. (How
thoughtful of me – what can I say? That’s just how I play my game.)

Even though I’m slowly starting to branch out, I’ll admit that I’m forever an E/J whore,
and so that’s where all my rec’s will be coming from today.

Let’s start with Tell Me What You Want by Musicmovesmypen. Seriously, how this
hasn’t been recced yet is beyond me. I checked the list at least three times because I
couldn’t believe it. Anyway, I’m glad you left it for me.

I’m not gonna lie, this fic scared me. Jasper’s a bi-sexual, erotic fiction writer, who
usually bases his writing on his own sexual exploits. He’s a certifiable whore, and proud
of it. Terrified of commitment, and everything Edward seems to represent, Jasper wants
him…badly. He doesn’t want ‘relationship Edward’; he only craves the sexual beast he
envisions Edward to be.

He looked into my eyes for a long time. The expression on his face was so adorable. He
was attracted me. That was plain to see. He was conflicted though. The head in his pants
was telling him something different from the one on his shoulders. I licked my lips trying
to hold the attention of his dick since that was what I wanted.

"You don't want to cheat on that guy, right?" I asked. He nodded his head but seemed
unable to actually speak. His loss of brain function meant I was doing my job well. "He
can have you, darlin," I said, reaching my hand up to run my fingers through that sex
hair of his. It was so fucking soft. It was like silk, and I couldn't resist doing it a second
time. I imagined myself clutching his bronze hair in my fist, while I fucked him from
behind, yanking his head back to kiss those full lips. "All I want to do is make you cum," I
told him bluntly. "Your boy doesn't have to know what happens between us. I just want
to make you feel good. Is that so bad?"

I closed the space between us and let him feel my arousal. His mouth fell open as his
eyes fluttered shut. A tiny whimper fell from his lips and fuck if it wasn't the sexiest thing
I'd ever heard. I wanted to hear and evoke all his little noises. My mind filled with all
sorts of images and ideas of what I could and would do to this man. I was achingly hard,
and with my body pressed against Edward, I could feel that he was too. I could have
sworn victory was within my reach but then...

"We go by European measures here," Edward said breathlessly as he pushed me away
and turned back to the rack of pants. "If I'm guessing correct, you'll be a size 48."

Edward’s take:

"Who the fuck was that, and why the hell were you turning him down!" Alice demanded
the instant Jasper left the store.

I groaned in frustration, taking my hair in my fist for the millionth time that day. "He's
Rosalie's brother, and I'm not interested. I'm going to the back again. Let me know if
you guys need me, alright?' I said, not giving her a chance to respond before I fled. In
the stockroom, I sat down and dropped my head down on the desk. It was bad enough
that Jasper was so beautiful. He was also a shameless and relentless flirt. On top that,
he seemed to be focusing all his efforts on me. When he came on to me the first time
and I turned him down, I'd thought that would be the end of it. There had to be teems
of people waiting for their chance with him. I'd assumed he'd just move on to easy prey
when I resisted. Wrong. All throughout the time he'd spent in the store he'd worked an
innuendo into every single conversation. He had to have some special talent to come up
with so many suggestive remarks.

Worse than his flirting was my reaction to it. Everything about him turned me on:, his
lips, eyes, jaw, smile, and hair. His voice was molten chocolate dripping from his tongue
and his body was amazing. He'd left the curtain of his dressing room open and stripped
down for all, but mostly just for me, to see. I knew that I shouldn't have, but I couldn't
stop myself from looking. He was all sinuous muscle, hard planes, smooth skin, and
strong man. His earlier mention of the size of his cock had drawn my attention to his
black boxer briefs. I couldn't know the exact measurement, but I could definitely tell he
was carting around quite the package.

My mind was pulled away from Jasper as my cell vibrated in my pocket. I looked at the
I.D. screen and felt a twinge of irritation as I read Royce's name. I'd told him time and
time again not to call during my shift, but he always did it anyway. I tried to temper my
tone knowing that it was probably just Jasper's harassment that had me on edge rather
than my boyfriend wanting to talk to me.

Things change after Edward has a horrifying experience, and together, they decide to
jump into a casual sex arrangement. The rest of the story becomes a battle of wills to
maintain their respective facades. This 38-chapter journey will lead you through denial
and self-discovery, mixed with chapters of hotness that will leave you panting.

Like me, you now have the advantage of reading this fic straight through. Waiting
between updates would have killed me. I’ll have to admit it’s frustrating at times…
Edward and Jasper make mistakes, but its way worth the read. I’ll even ease those

squeamish slashy minds, and reveal that while Jas has a tiny tryst with a woman the
author spares us the deets of their encounter.


Next up is my WIP rec, One Night Alone by Layne Faire. I know this author well. She’s
not only a great writer, but she’s also my fabulous beta.

Who’s ready for a rock-n-roll fic? Hell yeah!

One night, Jasper ends up in the right place – at the right time. Not only does he have
the pleasure of meeting the beautiful rocker, Edward Masen, but he also bumps into
Aro, a VP of Sun Records. Jasper’s honesty with Aro earns him the opportunity to
present his own CD showcasing all of his rock star ability.

While Edward’s circumstances force him to be regrettably stuck in the closet, that night
him and Jasper share one kiss…

"You don't…," he began, before I interrupted.

"I don't what? I don't understand? I understand plenty. I didn't imagine the eye-fucks at
the amphitheater, or the ones inside either. You want this too, Edward. You want it just
as much as I do. I'm not a fucking toy, though. You can deny it all you want to yourself,
but deny it while remembering this."

Fisting my hands in the denim of his jacket, I jerked him against me, my lips clashing
with his in a rush of anger. Brutal, punishing, I claimed his mouth, forcing his lips back
against his teeth, until with a moaning whimper, he opened for me. My tongue swept
the inside of his mouth, gliding across the rough edges of his teeth, delving deeper to
taste the acrid smoke and bitter tang of beer that coated his tongue. When he accepted
the invasion, his tongue joining in the questing depths of the kiss, I pushed him back
against the hood of my car, my body still molded against his. Edward's mouth moved
under mine, pulling on my lips, suckling one then the other. Easing my thigh between
his splayed legs, I ground my throbbing dick into his hip, groaning at the biting pressure
of the zipper between us. His answering undulation against my leg spurred me on.
Releasing my grip on the jacket, I tangled one hand in the back of his hair, unrelenting in
the passion I poured into him. The other hand twisted in the bandana wrapped around
his lean hips, tugging him closer, the blazing need that ate at me begging to crawl inside
of him. While our mouths mauled each other, I felt long tapered fingers dig into my hips.
My shirt was tugged free of my waistband, cold air sending shivers up my spine, causing
me to push even more into the warmth that engulfed the front of my body.

We both struggled to breathe through our noses, neither of us willing to concede to
the need for air. Of their own volition, my questing fingers slid inside his waistband,

seeking the silken steel of the washboard abdomen that the tight fabric had only served
to accentuate all night long. Ragged groans were muffled deep in our throats, each of
us fighting for control. Control of what, though? Ourselves, each other, or our own lives?
None of it mattered, not when I felt his restraint snap. My fumbling fingers brushed
against the knot of fabric over the button of his fly. Desperation dismissed all rational
thought when I palmed him through the skin-tight denim. His teeth sunk into my lip, the
pressure a delicious pain accompanying the tightening coil that had centered around my

The intrusive, mournful wail of a distant freight train whistle brought us back to reality.
Suddenly shoving me off him, Edward punched his hand down against the front quarter
panel of the Camaro, the metal immovable under the force of the blow.

Motherfucking…son of a bitch!" Cradling his hand, he kicked out at the tire. When I tried
to step closer to him, he glared at me, anger, anguish, and pain haunting the emerald
depths of his eyes, stopping me in my tracks.

"No!" He backed away, sidling around the hood of the car. "I'm not doing this. You're
not worth risking it all, Jazz; no one is." Taking two halting steps, he broke into a run,
barreling toward the front of the club.

"Go ahead, run, you fucking coward!" I yelled after him. "You can't escape who you
are, though, no matter how much you want to ignore it. Every time you try, I'll be there,
haunting you, reminding you what a fucking pathetic life you chose!"

Will Jasper follow in Edward’s footsteps, and sell his soul for a contract? Or will he set
out to prove Edward wrong?

This story is only 8 chapters in, to what’s expected to be a 20-25 chapter fic. While the
direction of the story, and numerous questions, remain unanswered at this point - I’m
all in – excited to see what’s in store for Jasper on his road to rock stardom, and what
I’m expecting to be an explosive reunion with Edward.

Lemon warning - If you’re looking for some quick citrus this isn’t the fic for that. It’s
definitely a slow burn while the story sets up, but Laura’s a talented girl, and her words
will draw you into the characters and story.

Last – but never least – my one-shot rec, Healing Hands of Hale by mkmmsm. What’s
just as hot as rocksper…uh…massagesper?

Holy! Hell!

Can you picture it? Edward lying on a crisp white sheet, another one draped
precariously over his supple backside - ready to slip off at the slightest invitation. The

music’s so soft that he hears a melody but the words are indiscernible, and the lights –
they’re dimmed so low that he can’t make sense of the scene on the picture just a few
feet away. He feels heat beside him – it’s him - Jasper, the most beautiful man Edward’s
ever seen. The shock of being introduced to his massage therapist only moments before
he entered the room doesn’t compare to the feeling of those strong hands as they make
contact with his naked skin…

Fuck ME! Jesus…yeah, my imagination gets away from me with this one. I can’t help it
when Maureen’s painted such a lovely picture.

I groan in frustration and feel Jasper's hands pause for half a second, then continue
on. He's steadily moving to my feet. I can't decide if this is Heaven or Hell. I know
reflexology. I know he does, too. He picks up one leg, resting the heel of my foot in his
palm, then rubs the arch with his thumb. He works his way up to my toes rubbing and
pulling on each digit. He then rubs and caresses my heels. It's like a direct line to my
cock! Oh, my God!

I feel like I've been doing deep breathing for hours now. I've never been in a state of such
extreme excitement and extreme relaxation at the same time; it's a very odd feeling, but
not at all unpleasant.

After he works over my other foot and working me into a complete mess, he walks up my
side while moving his hands over my skin the whole time. He hasn't broken contact once
since he first touched me.

Picking up my arm, he starts rubbing it at the shoulders and works his way down my
arm to my hand. Once he reaches my hand, he holds one in both of his and uses both
his thumbs to work over my palm. His hands slide down and his thumbs push and slide
around my wrists. He's pushing and rubbing, and again I feel a shot of electricity fly to
my cock. Fucking reflexology! I mutter to myself.

His fingers then pull and rub my fingers; he wraps his fingers around one of mine and
turns and pulls up the length of each. He increases the pressure when he gets closer to
the tip of my finger; he does this with each finger. I can't help but picture him wrapping
his hand around my cock and doing that... fuck it would feel so good!

I've never had a man touch me so much before but not touch me where I so desperately
want it. I need to stop thinking like this. He's straight, and I'm just a client.

Jasper gently lays my hand down and drags his hand up my arm and across my clavicle
to my other arm. After doing the same with that arm, I'm a bundle of sexual tension
worse than before. I've never been so turned on or so hard in all my life.

He then slides his hands under my shoulders and massages my neck. I can imagine him
standing behind my head while he does this. His fingers gently, but firmly, move up
and down my spine, and he cradles my head. There is nothing sexual about what's he's
doing, but his touch and the heat I feel is incredible.

Dear God, what would it feel like if he was trying to turn me on? Fucking hell. Before I'm
able to stop, I whimper softly. Jasper's motions again pause before he continues on.

This was an awesome concept for a one-shot. I’ve asked Maureen if she plans on doing
any sort of continuation – a future-take perhaps, and she said she’d think about it.

I planted the seed people – that’s all I can do!

I’m going to take a few short seconds to mention a contest I’m co-hosting with Layne
Faire. Yes, I’m doing some shameless pimping, but it’s only for the love of slash that I
do so. We’ve been fortunate to read some fantastic multi-chaptered stories generated
from one-shot contest entries.

Can anyone say McFearless? Hello… Bring IT ON!

It’s “The Summer It All Began” contest - all Twi-slash and completely anonymous. We
start accepting entries May 1st, but you have until June 15th to get your entry in. There
are lots of prizes for the winners.

If you’re not writing for it remember to put the contest on “Author Alert” so you don’t
miss any of the entries. Voting begins June 16th.

Thanks for having me, Nae.


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