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Tuesday's Best 4-17-2012

Good morning, my lovelies! Hope today finds you all happy, healthy, and safe. It's sure been a week, hasn't it? Well, MizzDee and I have found a couple of stories to help take your mind of things a little. Also, there's a new contest that might pique your interest, but more on that after the recs. Let's get to it, shall we?


Hello my loves. I’ve got another great story for you today. Can You Hear Me by Jasper1863Hale is a wonderful story about fitting in and finding your way in life. Edward shows Jasper that it’s possible as long as you have the right people around you.


It’s hard enough being the new kid in a new school.

It’s even harder when you’re the new kid in a new school in a very small town.

You know there are going to be stares and whispers behind your back. You expect the gossip to run wild from people who think they know your story. And you know everything you say and do is going to be in the spotlight.

For Jasper Whitlock, though, the spotlight is going to be extra bright because he can’t say anything.

A horrible accident left him scarred and unable to speak. It left him self-conscious, scared and alone with no friends to cling to and no one but his Pa around for support.

Jasper doesn’t expect to be accepted as he walks into his new school. He knows he’s different which will earn him the sympathy of the staff and suspicious looks from the students. He doesn’t expect anyone to treat him as normal.

Then he meets the boy chosen to guide him around the school.

Edward Cullen walks into the office and into Jasper’s life, knowing a little something about what it means to be different. Because of circumstances in his own life, he’s able to relate to Jasper and see him as just another guy and the two form a quick bond.

Edward is quick to come to his defense when another student begins to question Jasper, making him feel uncomfortable. Knowing he’s upset, Edward offers to take Jasper somewhere to hang out while he composes himself again. Jasper agrees and the two find themselves in Edward’s car.

Alone in the car, Edward encourages Jasper to talk.  He releases all his pent up frustrations to his new friend and in the process makes a confession that he never intended to share.

*I got upset and he told me it would be ok. One day I would marry a nice girl and raise a family and he'd live in an old RV in the back yard…I don't know why I chose that moment to break his dreams, it just came out.*

'What came out?'

*I did…I came out…*

'You mean, you're gay, Jasper?'

I raised my free hand, a little clumsier signing with it but I managed to get out a 'yes.' Then Edward's face lit up. His eyes lightened a shade as the smile spread on his face.

'It's ok. So am I…maybe that's why it's been so easier for you to open up to me. I admit I had my suspicions the way you were eye fucking me in the office.'

With Jasper’s frustrations out of the way and the ‘ice’ sufficiently broken, Edward felt bold enough to take their time alone in a different direction.

Edward had moved to join me on the passenger seat, he sat straddling me, his knees on each side of me and his ass resting on my legs. As I raised my gaze higher I could see the form of his muscular chest through his shirt. When my eyes met his, a smile came to his lips.

One of his hands rested to the headrest above my shoulder. His free hand raised to continue lightly brushing strands of hair from my face. With my head now tilted up, the hair stayed to where he pushed it and he smiled.

'That's better. You don't have to be embarrassed. You don't have to hide from me.'

I swallowed nervously and raised a hand to sign to him but he caught my hand and moved it to his chest instead. I could feel the tight muscles beneath my palm and fingers, and with a mind of it's own, my hand began to stroke its way down towards his stomach. I could feel each abdomen muscle as my fingers trailed over them. A shiver ran down his spine then he moved down closer to me until his lips crashed into mine.

Finally finding someone he can connect to, someone he believes could be a real friend gives Jasper a little more confidence as he makes his way through his days. But, as it always is in high school, something or someone will always be lurking around the corner to make things worse. Will Edward and Jasper’s new friendship be enough to get him through?


So many times we forget how our actions or words can make someone feel like they don’t belong. Jasper1863Hale does an excellent job with this story showing how having even one person treat you like your normal and that you fit in can make all the difference. It may not always be pretty, but having true friends around can help get us through anything. Give this story a chance. You definitely won’t regret it. And don’t forget to leave some love. It is definitely well deserved. Until next time…much love to you – D


Y’all should know by now the wondrous way ICMezzo weaves her words. Be the story one of eloquence, or a love of blueberries, she’s your gal. No more so than with How could it not have been. It’s vamp-Carlisle and Edward, and takes place shortly after Edward’s been changed.

The story is quite short (but no less rich for it), so there’s really not much that I can tell you about it without giving everything away.

This story, is one about temptation.

I...I'm sorry, Edward. I should have better prepared you. Indeed, how could you have known?

And yet, how could it not have been so?

What choice had the young woman in the presence of one such as you?

Did you not also notice her widened pupils? The slight catch in her breath as she first caught the pallor of your flesh, the breadth of your shoulders? Her cheeks staining crimson as she observed the red of your lips, the exceeding strength of your jaw, the narrowness of your waist?

Certainly, it was to be expected, the way her heart would sputter then race in your presence, the organ announcing itself, unaware that drawing the attention of one so new to this life was a foolhardy aim indeed.

Edward, I was foolish not to have cautioned you to the reaction the woman—any woman, and truly, any honest man—would have in light of your new-found grace and eternal beauty. Such physical glory is bestowed upon any pressed into the ranks of immortal death, but yours...Well, it transcends any I have yet encountered. How could she not have reacted as such?

Temptation. Who gives in and what will the consequences be? You’ll have to read for yourself to find out.


There you have it, folks, two great stories to sink your teeth into. Check back next week to see what Connie and MizzDee have in store for you. In the mean time, be sure to leave these wonderful authors some love.

Now, I do believe I said something a little earlier about a new contest. What's this all about, you say? Well, it's slash, of course. The Summer it All Began is slash (or femmeslash) only, and they'll start accepting entries on May 1st! There's even real prizes! So if your love of all things slash wasn't enough of an incentive to join in on the fun, maybe that will be. The contest is anonymous, so what better time to dip those toes into your first writing endeavor than now.

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